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Aloha flowers gifts - Corn flower plant - Flower design courses.

Aloha Flowers Gifts

aloha flowers gifts

  • Be in or reach an optimum stage of development; develop fully and richly

  • (flower) a plant cultivated for its blooms or blossoms

  • (flower) reproductive organ of angiosperm plants especially one having showy or colorful parts

  • Induce (a plant) to produce flowers

  • (of a plant) Produce flowers; bloom

  • (flower) bloom: produce or yield flowers; "The cherry tree bloomed"

  • Hawaiian word used when greeting or parting from someone

  • an acknowledgment that can be used to say hello or goodbye (aloha is Hawaiian and ciao is Italian)

  • Aloha in the Hawaiian language means affection, love, peace, compassion and mercy. Since the middle of the 19th century, it also has come to be used as an English greeting to say [goodbye] and hello. Currently, it is mostly used in the sense of hello; however, it is used as the above.

  • ALOHAnet, also known as the ALOHA System , or simply ALOHA, was a pioneering computer networking system developed at the University of Hawaii . ALOHAnet became operational in June, 1971, providing the first demonstration of a wireless data network .

  • An act of giving something as a present

  • A thing given willingly to someone without payment; a present

  • A very easy task or unmissable opportunity

  • (gift) endow: give qualities or abilities to

  • (gift) something acquired without compensation

  • (gift) give: give as a present; make a gift of; "What will you give her for her birthday?"

aloha flowers gifts - The Last

The Last Aloha

The Last Aloha

2010 BAIPA Award Winner: Best Historical Fiction.
How did Hawaii become part of America? This story, inspired by true events suppressed for nearly 100 years, is the one James Michener never wrote. In 1886, Laura Jennings travels to Hawaii to live with missionary relatives. She imagines she'll live in a grass hut, ministering to savages. When she arrives in Honolulu, she's surprised to find her relatives are among the wealthy elite plotting to overthrow the Hawaiian monarchy. And, far from being savages, the Hawaiians have developed a charming and prosperous Victorian kingdom. To avoid her conniving uncle's control, Laura leaves to work for the royal family and learns her family's prejudices against them are false. The last Queen, Lili-uokalani, wages a tragic strle to save the Kingdom. Through choices she makes when every avenue is blocked, Laura sees the power that can restore the spirit of a people caught in a turbulent world and discovers how long-hidden secrets of her own family lead the way to reunion.

78% (7)



and irises, plural :) .. the iris that is an adored flower and the iris of one's eye

because ...

do you see at the center top, the soulful eye?
no idea how it is there .. just joyfully awed that it is

feels like the loving, protective eye of Holy Spirit
or of a guardian angel ..
or bodhisattva
(my lululight*)


solstice is monday june 21st at 11:28 a.m. UT

and the full moon is june 26th


fifteen years ago ~ on summer solstice morning ~ lulu came to me
it is SO lulu to have arrived on the day of most light.. on the brightest most golden day of the year :)

wrote this a few years ago on her birthday post ..

the day i met her she was 8 weeks old. she was a birthday gift to me from my brother and mother.
she came from australia on an airplane and when i first saw her, i swear... the whole room and everything & everyone in it turned golden

? have a very happy solstice dear hearts ?

let Your Light shine :)


a long time ago i promised friends here to sometime try to get lulu's puppy pictures postable..
finally took the film negatives in of her first 2 months with me, for this to be done
so will post some of the earliest ones all during this week ..
hope they bring you a smile.. xox

below are 3 from her very first day here :*)
these are extremely dorky snapshots (not mom's fault nor her camera's! .. its me! :)

though lulita is pure preciousness *


Pua Hibiscus Ho‘omau, May through August ‘08

Pua Hibiscus Ho‘omau, May through August ‘08

Since I have had my camera, this hibiscus has emerged as one of my most frequent photographic subjects on the mornings and early evenings I am blessed to be at home (thus the dark background to all the photos). It is a survivor I have named Ho‘omau (persistence), for to me it has become a visible manifestation of strength despite all adversity.

I have yet to take a picture of the entire plant for it looks so ragged in total; I have no idea how it has lived and continues to flower. It is one of the first plants we had in our yard, so it is now about 18 years old, yet still a small plant, transplanted twice to escape mysterious diseases (though it still bears the scars of them), and managing to grow in very rocky, unfertilized and ant-infested soil, tangled within and below the shade of another red, domineering hibiscus.

As I sorted through my pictures via Picasa this morning, I realized that it is high time I start ‘listening’ better to what this delicately beautiful survivor may be trying to teach me, thus this set, The Mana‘o of Pua Ho‘omau.

I think she may emerge as a creative exercise for me: When you take photo after photo of the very same thing, though a new blossom each time on a new day, what do you title them all? How do you give each flower (pua) the gift of acknowledgement and appreciation on the one and only day they will live?

aloha flowers gifts

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