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Behind The Wheel Driving School : Molded Plastic Wheels.

Behind The Wheel Driving School

behind the wheel driving school

Never Before Seen Six-wheel Alfa Project - April 1,1970

Never Before Seen Six-wheel Alfa Project - April 1,1970

In secret testing almost two weeks (April 1 to be exact) after the 1970 Sebring race Alfa Romeo arrived at Sebring with their one-of-a-kind six-wheeled, twelve cylinder Alfa-Romeo T33/6/12. It sported a 5-liter V12/60 degrees/4v engine. It was designed to give the Porsche 917 a run for its money. The six-wheel Alfa project was cancelled abruptly after teens from a local high school snuck onto the raceway at night and stole the car from its hanger/garage. The chassis was found two weeks later in a nearby orange grove minus the engine. For several years after this incident rumors circulated about a V12 hot rod that was blowing away all comers in the Sebring area. Not to be outdone by Alfa, other race constructors jumped on the six-wheel bandwagon. Ferrari had their 312/T6, Tyrrell had the P34, March had the 2-4-0 and Williams had the FW08B. In both the WSC and Formula 1 these cars were soon outlawed. How did I get the photo? I worked the 1970 Sebring race and left a piece of camera equipment behind. I drove down two weeks later and made my way onto the course without anyone knowing. As I was looking for my equipment the car came by for several runs and I managed to get this photo. I had a feeling I wasn't supposed to do this so I hightailed it out of there.

20100611-DSC 9369

20100611-DSC 9369

With prom season back again many high schools in the area stage mock crash scenarios to bring home the message of the dangers and consequences of driving while impaired. Naugatuck Fire, EMS, and Police participated in such an event this morning for the senior class of the Naugatuck High School.

The scene was set for a two car accident involving students from the class traveling from the prom. The accident occurred due to one of the drivers being impaired and the consequences of his poor judgment were which included several major injuries, the need for extrication, his arrest for driving impaired, and the death of one of their classmates prior to her graduation.

The students who participated in the scenario and emergency service personnel did a great job in portraying the situation and it appeared to be well received by the students. Even if this mock incident keeps only one teenager from getting behind the wheel while impaired it is a success.

I try to photograph at least one incident like this per year in hopes that the pictures might speak for themselves and help discourage underage drinking and operating a motor vehicle while impaired. Many thanks to NFD Chief Doback for giving me free access to the event to take these photographs.

behind the wheel driving school

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