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Investing Credit

investing credit

Oak Bank Credit Union Digital Signage

Oak Bank Credit Union Digital Signage

OBCU's marketing team will use their EyeMedia digital signage to promote the credit union's services, communicate timely, useful information to it's members and staff, as well as promote local community services and events.

Along with creating a custom screen template branded to OBCU, EyeMedia also created the first round of digital content which will be used to promote such things such as mortgage information, lines of credit options, investing options, Credit Union news, community events, etc.

EyMedia will be working closely with OBCU to continue to create effective content, playlists and measurement strategies to guage the effectiveness of particular content pieces.

We wish Oak Bank Credit Union the best of luck with their new digital signage and look forward to being a part of their continued success going forward.

"The system we invest in, which was and remains the envy of the world, is an honor system. Our capital markets work because the basic theory of full disclosure by public companies of material information and financial statements provide an efficient market, the capacity to price and value the worth of the enterprise and allow us all to participate in the system by buying shares of public companies. We don't have government audits of public companies. We have a system that relies on a rule of law, standards, some liability in terms of private and class-action litigation in the event somebody breaks the rules. Reality, obviously on some level did not match the theory or we wouldn't be where we are today in terms of the succession of scandals."

investing credit

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