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Major Supplier Of Funds For Investment

major supplier of funds for investment

MAJOR IS FOUND - But still needs prayers!!!

MAJOR IS FOUND - But still needs prayers!!!

Major was found shortly before 8:00 this morning. He had apparently been moving around the property and was curled up next to a ravine that had been thoroughly searched earlier. He looked awful, was acting strangely, and his abdomen was huge, so I rushed him to the vet on my way to work. In addition to being in serious atrial fibrillation from his lack of meds, he was bloating! Quite serious as with his DCM he could not survive a surgery. Luckily, there appears to have been no torsion (fingers crossed on this, mild torsion is still possible), and he has responded to a gastric tube which released the air from his stomach. He's resting quietly now, getting fluids and we're hoping there has been no further damage to his heart.

I will be picking him up from my vet and transporting him to our local emergency animal hospital for observation tonight, as well as continued supportive care (IV fluids & EKGs mostly).

Everyone please keep Major in your thoughts and send all the positive healing energy you can. He will not likely survive surgery if it is required, so we are hoping that what we have seen will the the extent of this episode.

Thanks all, for your help! :)



Major is a dalmatian brown spot. This is my neighbour's dog, she was kind enough to let me punish him with my nifty fifty lens for a good 2 hours :)

Blown out at the back, 'tis a shame but I thought it would be worth something after I put it through some post, I'm happy with the results :)

major supplier of funds for investment

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