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Property investment jobs : What is the best company to invest in right now

Property Investment Jobs

property investment jobs

The Crew Property Developer

The Crew Property Developer

The Crew:- A modern British gangster flick relocates from its usual East End stomping ground to Liverpool in this adaptation of Kevin Sampson's 2001 book 'Outlaws'
In the early 1970s, UK filmmakers looking to turn a box office profit had three major choices: blood curdling horror, limp sex farce or big screen sitcom spin-off. Three decades on and the Brit gangster flick tends to combine all of the above with the lucrative formula of violence, gags and knockers coining it in as a surely as a re-imagined Scarface with Benny Hill.

The Crew deserves some credit for attempting to distance itself from the glut of similar movies; the Liverpool setting immediately marks it out visually, while a lack of screwy antics ensures that we're never asked to regard lead characters as cheeky rascals. Sadly, it's this lack of humour that makes the film so hard to enjoy, leaving one wondering why we're supposed to care what happens to a bunch of vicious criminals who in this instance don't even look after their own.

The plot has a familiar set up with Ged (Scott Williams) heading a successful criminal gang and hoping to go legit, planning to sink his nest egg into a local property redevelopment scheme organised by a couple with whom his wife Deb (Cordelia Bugeja) has recently become friendly. This of course requires Ged to do one last job which bizarrely involves knocking over a delivery of PlayStations. Things are complicated by the murder of a bent copper, Eastern Europeans muscling in on the action and kid brother Ratter (Kenny Doughty) ready to betray Ged with some empire building of his own.
"A brutal, unsentimental thriller"

Big J, Property Owner

Big J, Property Owner

James, or Big J as his friends call him, is working hard to revitalize New Orleans and turn some profit through revitalization. He currently owns five properties and is looking to buy more. Living on the other side of Lake Pontchartrain during the Hurricane, his house escaped the majority of the damage. Soon after the Hurricane he began investing into houses in New Orleans and renovating them. His work has paid off, as his shiny new red Ford pickup truck shows. His friend also invests in houses and his Mercedes also shows off his tough work. James doesn't believe that there is a lack of jobs, but rather a lack of housing. He is excited for Donald Trump's Tower to begin construction and believes that Trump's investment to the city will mean more investors. Another area that is hurting development is the local government, Big J says. Ray Nagin and others are not using the money properly. While optimistic about the future of New Orleans, he acknowledges that another storm the size of Hurricane Katrina would wipe out the city and no one would rebuild. For the time being though, he is happy with the work he is doing and is going to continue buying, renovating, and renting properties as long as it's profitable.

property investment jobs

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