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All Pro Heater Parts

all pro heater parts

Pro-choice Activists Interface With Pro Life Rally ( Rally For Life)

Pro-choice Activists Interface With Pro Life Rally ( Rally For Life)

As I had not carried out any research in advance I was a bit surprised by this rally as many (if not the majority) of the people that took part were from Northern Ireland or from the Philippines. On the other hand the counter-demonstrators appeared to be local to Dublin.

As they made their way their way along O'Connell Street they encountered a counter-demonstration chanting "Don't put your rosaries on our ovaries". Some counter-protesters referred to the marchers as bin the "Irish Taliban".

In general the event was good humored but there were some strong heated verbal exchanges that required intervention by the police.

Speaking in advance of a counter-demo planned for Saturday 2nd July,
spokesperson for a group of Dublin-based pro-choice activists, Sinead Kennedy
called upon all pro-choice people to join the demonstration.

Commenting Sinead Kennedy said;

“We have come together as a broad group of pro-choice activists to demonstrate
against the so-called ‘Rally for Life’ at 2pm this Saturday at the Spire on O’Connell
St. We wish to counter the notion that the organisers of the ‘Rally for Life’ represent
the sum total of public opinion in Ireland. The right of a woman to control over her
own body is a right still denied to women in Ireland. It is a hangover of Catholic
guilt and successive governments who have refused to legislate for abortion, a
fundamental reproductive and health right, has left women in a powerless
position – stigmatised and ignored.

“On Saturday the 2nd of July a rally of ‘pro-life’ lobbyists will take to the streets. We
will show that they do not represent the majority view. Consistent opinion polls have
shown that the majority of people in Ireland favour a women’s right to choose in most
circumstances. In reality they are not ‘pro-life’, but anti-choice.

“We are now calling on the Government to legislate for the X case as a matter of
urgency and introduce free, safe and legal abortion on demand. They must also
immediately close the ‘rogue’ crisis pregnancy agencies currently operating in
Ireland and ensure people have access to affordable contraception and other related
sexual services. We are further calling on the Minister for Education to ensure there
is a comprehensive system of relationship and sexuality education in all schools
across Ireland. Finally, the Government must ensure that there are equal rights for
all families, be they ‘traditional’, single-parent, LGBT or any other type.

365-2011 Day 17

365-2011 Day 17

17 January, 2011 17/365

Participation: Do you have a favorite sport or otherwise physical activity? (And post/link pics of you have em! I like to see others too!)

A little more "free" time today! Went to play racquetball with my roommate/friend Taylor. (Actually was over 30min late, because I forgot I had scheduled an audition for 5:20, and we were supposed to meet at 5.) Fortunately, nobody came to play in the court at 6, so we got to play for quite a while longer.

Also worth noting from today, the hot water heater went out AGAIN. That's twice, in as many months, but a trip to Lowe's for (another) new thermal coupler and a bit over an hour on the floor wrestling with the parts, it was up and running again! I'm starting to feel like a pro at basic home repair.

strobist: 430ex and 430ex II @1/1, stofen, subjects rear left and right

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all pro heater parts

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