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Knock off modern furniture - Vintage victorian furniture.

Knock Off Modern Furniture

knock off modern furniture

    modern furniture
  • Modern furniture refers to furniture produced from the late 19th century through the present that is influenced by modernism. It was a tremendous departure from all furniture design that had gone before it.

    knock off
  • A copy or imitation, esp. of an expensive or designer product

  • neutralize: get rid of (someone who may be a threat) by killing; "The mafia liquidated the informer"; "the double agent was neutralized"

  • hook: take by theft; "Someone snitched my wallet!"

  • shave: cut the price of

knock off modern furniture - Knock Off

Knock Off

Knock Off

No Description Available.
Genre: Feature Film-Action/Adventure
Rating: R
Release Date: 1-MAR-2005
Media Type: DVD

Having based so much of his career on the films from the region, Jean Claude Van Damme heads to Hong Kong itself for Knock Off. Set in the 72 hours running up to the British handover to China (and released a mere year after the actual event), the film's action centers around the colony's thriving bootleg business, tied in with a rather convoluted plot concerning the CIA, Russian Mafia, and an attempt to hold the United States ransom through covert attacks. The opening section unwisely tries Van Damme's hand at knockabout humor with partner Rob Schneider but merely proves that the star is severely lacking the sort of humorous touch that Arnold Schwarzenegger has so successfully utilized. Once Knock Off descends into more familiar Van Damme territory, the film--and its leading man--are on surer ground. There are a good deal of spectacular fight sequences, some amazing stunts, and a feisty female sparring partner in the form of Lela Rochen. Even the always-reliable Paul Sorvino pops up. Director Tsui Hark hits upon some interesting and initially invigorating visual effects but soon overdoes them, actually highlighting the lack of decent story rather than enhancing it. There is an incredible film to be made about this period in history but this isn't it. Knock Off is merely another undemanding, high-kicking, high-octane vehicle for Van Damme. --Phil Udell

82% (8)

Haunted Lamb Inn Bristol BS2

Haunted Lamb Inn Bristol BS2

Poltergeist at the Lamb Inn

The Lamb Inn once stood in West Street Old Market between Lawford Street and Gloucester Lane built 1651 demolished 1905.

Because of their position in the community and superior education generally, it was inevitable that clergy became involved in some of the major events, even when these were not directly concerned with ecclesiastical matters. This was so in the incident concerning the White Witch of Bedminster.

In 1761 it was alleged that supernatural disturbances were occurring at the Lamb Inn, near Lawford’s Gate, the landlord of which was Mr Richard Giles. The latter had, at the time, only just begun a haulage business between Bristol and London with his ‘Flying Wagons’.

It was said that two of his children, Molly and Dobby, aged thirteen and eight, were tormented each night by an unknown power which bit them on the neck and arms, pricked them with pins and threw articles of furniture about the room.

A report of these proceedings was written by Mr Henry Durbin, a wealthy drist of Redcliff Street. In addition to the above, the writer stated that he had personally witnessed a wine glass rising perpendicularly a foot in the air - then fling itself, with a loud report, against a nurse several feet distant. The child Molly’s cap flew four feet off her head, followed by something beating a tattoo on the bed-ticking like a drummer. During the time that the children were apparently being bitten, Mr Durbin and others thumped the bed. There was a sound like that of a rat, but the phenomena continued.

Henry Durbin and the other witnesses present were not only convinced of the presence of an evil spirit but are actually said to have contacted it by means of a system of knocks, so many being required by the interrogator for an affirmative reply.

This, of course, can only be done when the interrogator has a pre-determined idea. In this case it was suspected that the spirit had been instigated by an old witch living in Mangotsfield; she having been paid ten guineas, by a rival carrier, to bewitch Giles’ family and wagons. This knowledge was said to be confirmed by the fact that one of Giles’ wagons became suddenly stuck fast in the road, near Hanham, and eighteen horses had been required to move it. Another wagon was said to have "had a tembling fit in Giles’ yard".

When these facts were generally known there was, quite naturally, considerable discussion and speculation in the neighbourhood. Meanwhile, Mr Durbin had been joined in his visits to the Lamb Inn by several clergymen.

Amongst them was the Rev J. Camplin, precentor of the Cathedral; the vicar of St Nicholas; the Rev Seyer Headmaster of the Grammar School; the Rev R Symes of St Werburgh’s; the Rev J. Price of Temple, the Rev Brown and the Rev Shepherd. These gentlemen questioned the spirit in Latin, Greek and Hebrew and Mr Durbin records that the questions were correctly answered by knocks. In addition, Mr Camplin asked several questions mentally and received correct answers to them.

On another occasion the children were thrown violently out of bed and Major Drax, a relative of the Countess of Berkeley and a powerfully built man, told Mr Durbin that he, a footman and a coachman, were unable to prevent the girls from being flung to the floor. And, again, four men could scarce restrain one child who was borne towards the ceiling. Pins flew about the room. The Major marked several of the pins and laid them in a distant corner of the room. Almost instantly they were thrown back into his hand.

There was also trouble with Giles’ wagons. One took sixteen hours to get from the Lamb Inn to Bath, while yet another seems to have its iron chain twisted into knots. After the incidents Giles voiced an opinion that this was simply the trickery of his servants.

Meanwhile, the children had been removed to the houses of friends. As long as they remained together the phenomena continued to take place; when they were separated there was a noted diminution of these effects.

Several months after the events began Giles was taken ill. He had ridden to Bath in a gig and on the return journey, at the spot where his wagons had several times been "Affected", the harness broke. In the immediate vicinity he saw an old woman standing near a wheel but, in view of the circumstances, he had not the courage to speak to her. Giles died four days later and Henry Durbin made it known that, in his personal opinion, Giles had been the victim of witchcraft He says that the ‘demon’ told him this.

When the eldest girl, Molly, was sent to stay at Swansea, the disturbances at the Lamb Inn ceased. for about two months when the younger girl, Dobby, was once more tormented. At the time of Temple Fair, those who had in previous years put up at the inn, declined to stay in what was considered a witch stricken house. When the children were again united, the old phenomena began once more and Mr Durbin states that, upon questioning the s

living room

living room

Oh so cozy :) Of course, this is while the li'l lady was out with daddy-o. She will surely destroy the tranquility in 2 seconds flat. It looks pretty now though! And I'm loving the additions from this past week of awesome thrifting: atomic tapered leg corner table (Children's Lighthouse Thrift Store, $5), smoke bubble chrome table lamp (Salvation Army, $7.50), Hans Wegner Yugoslavian made knock-off (Children's Lighthouse Thrift Store, $25), chrome arc lamp (garage sale, $60 - I know, I know! But I've been on the hunt for eons and that's a great price).

This weekend we: dusted, polished, shampooed the rugs, declattered white shelves above the teal chalk board and organized Li'l Ladies' toys that are now in designated Rubbermaid storage bins hidden in the left bottom half of the credenza. The drawers on the right hold her wood cars and various puzzles. Hiding toddler toys in fabulous furniture helps me retain some sense of normalcy. I also parted with a few beloved but severely underused pieces (*sob* Tata, Tulip chair!) and got rid of some clutter - thanks, Craigslist!

We are moving in 2 weeks so I'm trying to not get too attached to any arrangement.

knock off modern furniture

knock off modern furniture

Knock Off (Finley Anderson Tanner Mysteries)

Get ready for a rollicking, wickedly fun new mystery series from USA Today Bestselling Author Rhonda Pollero, featuring the most delicious sleuth ever to solve the crime, get the guy, and save a bundle on discount Gucci, all at the same time. Once Finley Tannera€™s on the case, shopping and murder will never be the samea€¦ Meet Finley Anderson Tanner. F.A.T. to her enemies. Underachiever extraordinaire. This West Palm Beach paralegal hates the gym, still rents her condo, and loves two-hour lunches with her friends. But what really gets Finleya€™s blood pumping is the thrill of the hunta€”shopping for deeply discounted designer goods she can wear at her upscale law firm. Hey, if she holds that Chanel bag just right, no one will ever notice the weird smear on the pale pink lambskin. Too bad work isna€™t all about fashion. Especially when a grieving widow is sitting in your office, convinced that her husbanda€™s accidental death was really murder. Okay, so shea€™s sincerea€¦but crazy. Shea€™s also a close personal friend of the boss, and the boss wants Finley to personally oversee the investigation. Good-bye outlet malls; hello pain-in-my-Asprey. Investigating murder isna€™t really Finleya€™s bag. (That would be Prada, 75% off.) But the deeper Finley digs, the stranger things get. There are an awful lot of a€?accidentala€? deaths out there. This discount shopper knows slightly irregular when she sees it, and this case is clearly not right. Kind of like sexy Liam McGarrity. Everything about the hot, hunky P.I. assigned to the investigation screams, a€?Get out while you still have your underwear!a€? When hea€™s not working the case, hea€™s working on Finley. Who knew crime could be this much fun? Now, for a girl whose biggest ambition was take-out Moo Shu at exactly 5:01, life is taking some exciting, unpredictable, and decidedly dangerous turns. But someone doesna€™t like Finleya€™s new work ethic. And if this paralegal wants to bring home the real goods, shea€™ll have to keep from becoming a killera€™s total knock offa€¦

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