03 studeni 2011

Quality 33 Hotel Oslo - Hotel Miramare Amalfi.

Quality 33 Hotel Oslo

quality 33 hotel oslo

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Flying in to Oslo yesterday afternoon!

Flying in to Oslo yesterday afternoon!

I spotted the Oslo Opera House - the white building to the right of the ferry!

I am back but not fully on Flickr yet as there is always so much to sort out when I have been away for a few weeks. I hope by tomorrow that I will be back in normal Flickr mode and be able to see what you have all been uploading in my absence :-)

Gisle Břrge Styve og Heine Totland

Gisle Břrge Styve og Heine Totland

NSA arrangerte Apen Dag med ca 150 kunder og partnere pa Quality Hotel 33 pa Okern i Oslo torsdag 9. september 2010. Dagen ble avsluttet med en intimkonsert med Gisle Borge Styve og Heine Totland.

quality 33 hotel oslo

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