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How to repair a delta shower faucet. Electronic repair books.

How To Repair A Delta Shower Faucet

how to repair a delta shower faucet

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Delta Goodrem will be on the big Christmas Carrols by candle-light special thingie on the Teev tonight. Let's just hope she does/did better on the night, as this photo was taken during attempt four at remembering the words.

Photoshop Elements seems to be confused by the rotate exif data, which in turn confuses Flickr. Click through to the large image, it's the right way up.

HOU ramp with Delta MD-88 1998 img758

HOU ramp with Delta MD-88 1998 img758

This shot is a bit closer in and catches an MD-88 in a short-lived Delta livery.

how to repair a delta shower faucet

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