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Horizontal Venetian Blinds

horizontal venetian blinds

    venetian blinds
  • A window blind consisting of horizontal slats that can be pivoted to control the amount of light that passes through it

  • A hanging blind with slats that are held together by strips of webbing or ribbon

  • A window blind is a type of window covering which is made with slats of fabric, wood, plastic or metal that adjust by rotating from an open position to a closed position by allowing slats to overlap. A roller blind does not have slats but comprises a single piece of material.

  • Blinds constructed of horizontal strips of wood, aluminium or PVC, Gives a modern look to home or office and a large degree of light control

  • parallel to or in the plane of the horizon or a base line; "a horizontal surface"

  • something that is oriented horizontally

  • (horizontally) in a horizontal direction; "a gallery quite often is added to make use of space vertically as well as horizontally"

  • A horizontal line, plane, etc

horizontal venetian blinds - Energy performance

Energy performance assessment of a window with a horizontal Venetian blind [An article from: Energy & Buildings]

Energy performance assessment of a window with a horizontal Venetian blind [An article from: Energy & Buildings]

This digital document is a journal article from Energy & Buildings, published by Elsevier in . The article is delivered in HTML format and is available in your Media Library immediately after purchase. You can view it with any web browser.

This study examines the effects of the presence of a Venetian blind on the thermal performance of a window. The blind is positioned adjacent to the indoor surface of either a single or double glazed window and the coupled convection and radiation heat transfer problem is solved using a two-dimensional finite volume model. The numerical model is validated with published experimental and numerical results in the literature. The results show that the presence of a Venetian blind significantly improves the energy performance of a single and double glazed window. The blind reduces the overall heat transfer rate through the window by reducing the thermal radiation from the indoor glazing. The improved understanding of the benefits of Venetian blinds may lead to better designs of window/shading systems.

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Kino Eye

Kino Eye

An attempt, although not a very successful one, to use my "Lens in a Cap" to shoot through the viewfinder of my old Soviet Konvas, which is perhaps my favorite filmmaking tool. Presented here for reference only, as all artistic merit seems to have fallen by the wayside.

The Konvas has an interesting viewfinder in that it has horizontal shutters running across the image in the viewfinder. There aren't wires, either. These are like venetian blinds. They're probably an eighth of an inch deep. They're apparently supposed to keep stray light from fogging the film during exposure. When I first started to use the Konvas it was very difficult to ignore them, but in time I got so I didn't even really notice them anymore.

You'll notice the complete lack of information in the viewfinder. No crop lines. No exposure information. Nothing. Very simple. This camera has no electronics whatsoever. If you have a DC motor hooked up to it there's that, but in this hand-cranked configuration there are literally no electronics at all. I find that extremely comforting for some reason.



One of the windows in the study, where I connect on flickr. Most of the time my attention is focused on the computer screen, not the window screen.

horizontal venetian blinds

horizontal venetian blinds

JET 414459 HVBS-7MW 7-Inch 3/4-HP Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaw, 115/230-Volt 1-Phase

UL listed motor; Heavy cast iron bow and bed; Hydraulic downfeed for ease of cut; Hardened and ground worm gear; Roller cabinet with built-in chip tray; Automatic shut-off after cut

Able to power through a range of materials, the Jet HVBS-7MW Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaw is great for your home shop or job site use. With its high capacity, swivel vise, and robust 3/4 HP, 115-volt motor, this bandsaw gets the job done quickly and efficiently. It also includes a complete coolant system, vertical worktable, chip brush, adjustable material stop, and bi-metal saw blade.

Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaw offers:
A UL-listed, 3/4 HP, 115-volt motor for dependability
Speed of 85, 130, 180, and 285 feet per minute
Roller blade guides and an adjustable material stop
The ability to handle a wide range of metals

The HVBS-7MW offers a capacity of 7 x 12 inches and a swivel vise for versatility. View larger.

The 3/4 HP, 115-volt motor delivers smooth, dependable operation.
High Capacity and Swiveling Vise for Versatility and Control
With a capacity of 7 x 12 inches, the HVBS-7MW can handle materials from aluminum to steel. And thanks to a vise that swivels up to 45 degrees, as well as a throat depth of five inches, you gain more flexibility and control over each project.
UL-listed Motor and Manual Speed Set for Robust Performance
The HVBS-7MW owes its robust performance to a UL-listed, 3/4 HP, 115-volt motor, which is balanced by a manual blade set for greater control. You can set the speed at 85, 130, 180, and 285 feet per minute--whichever best suits your materials and job. And a hydraulic downfeed also ensures cutting ease.
Cast Iron Construction and Hardened, Ground Worm Gear for Durability
Designed to provide consistent performance even after years of heavy use, this bandsaw boasts sturdy construction, including a heavy cast iron bow and bed, as well as hardened and ground worm gear for extraordinary durability.
Automatic Shut-Off and Coolant System for Safety
To help prevent accidents or loss of control, the saw automatically shuts off after each cut, while a complete coolant system delivers coolant through the blade guides to prevent over-heating and helps ensure smooth, continuous operation.
Adjustable Roller Blade Guides and Material Stop for Precision
For added convenience, the HVBS-7MW features adjustable roller blade guides and an adjustable material stop to accommodate different materials. There's also a chip tray built right in the roller tray to help keep your workspace free of dust and debris, which helps maintain visibility as you work.
The HVBS-7MW is backed by a two-year warranty.
About JET: A History of Sharing New, Feature-Rich Products
Opened in 1958 after the founder of the company, Leslie P. Sussman, took the first Boeing Jet Airplane trip from Seattle, Washington to Japan, JET began as a small dealer that sold air hoists and trolleys out of a single hardware store in Seattle. Over the years, JET has carried everything from snowmobiles, transmitter radios, and forklifts to nylon stockings, but by the early 1970s, metalworking had become the base of their business line. And by the 1980s, JET had expanded into the realm of woodworking. Today, you'll find that JET offers a wide range of popular woodworking tools that are backed with best-in-class features and excellent service.
What's in the Box
HVBS-7MW Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaw, two wheel axles, four wheels, four split pins, one material stop bar, one material stop, one belt cover, and one vertical cutting plate

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