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Partial shade shrubs - Buy roller shades

Partial Shade Shrubs

partial shade shrubs

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Coprosma repens 'Fireburst'

Coprosma repens 'Fireburst'

Coprosma 'Fireburst' is an evergreen shrub with striking green, cream and pink variegated foliage. The colour changes from cream/pink tones during the summer to fiery red foliage during the autumn and winter. 'Fireburst' is ideal for small hedges and general garden landscaping. It grows to 3 or 4 feet tall and the same in width. Prune to promote bushiness. Performs best on well drained soil and in full sun to partial shade. Hardy to 20F.

Coprosma repens is a shrub or small tree that is native to New Zealand. Common names include Taupata, Mirror Bush, Looking-glass Bush, New Zealand Laurel and Shiny Leaf.

The habit of this species varies markedly with its situation. In exposed situations, such as cliffs, it assumes a prostrate habit, while in more sheltered areas it can grow as a small tree up to 8 metres in height. It has thick and very glossy leaves which vary considerably in size, depending on exposure to the elements. The leaf margins are recurved, occasionally to the extent that the leaf may be cylindrical in cross-section.

Flowers are produced in spring and summer, the male flowers appearing in dense, compound clusters, the female flowers in smaller clusters. Female plants produce orange-red ovoid drupes which are around 8 mm in diameter and 10 mm in length.

The species is native to the North Island, South Island, Kermadec Islands and Three Kings Islands in New Zealand. In Australia it has become naturalised in coastal areas of Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Tasmania.

The species has been popular in coastal gardens due to its resistance to salt spray. Although it prefers well-drained sandy soils, it can cope with heavier soils. There are a large number of other cultivars:
'Coffee Cream' - creamy-yellow leaf margins
'Coppershine' - foliage with a copper-bronze tinge
'Marble Chips' - leaves with white margins and speckles
'Picturata' - leaves with a golden central area
'Pink Splendour'- leaves have pink and maroon shaded margins
'Rainbow Surprise' - a small cultivar with small pink and yellow-green leaves
'Taupata Gold' - cream leaves with green centres
'Variegata' - leaves with a creamy-white margin
'Yvonne' - compact form with dark-green leaves

Wild Gooseberry Shrub - Calavera, San Diego county

Wild Gooseberry Shrub - Calavera, San Diego county

Mount Calavera in the background; is a volcanic plug. One of three in Southern California. A great place to hike, spend a day with California native plants and animals. This Gooseberry is a thorny plant that creates large berries. Birds are attracted to this for food and shelter.

The architecture of the branches really stopped me in my tracks. My camera battery was dying but I managed to get some shots of this amazing plant. I have one in my garden growing in partial shade. It likes the Fall rains and new growth is noticeable at this time.

partial shade shrubs

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