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Signed Hockey Pucks. 2011 World Hockey Championships Schedule

Signed Hockey Pucks

signed hockey pucks

    hockey pucks
  • (Hockey Puck) is a hockey puck figurine with two red cruciate ice hockey sticks as his emblem. He appears briefly in the first movie and apparently cannot talk. He is first seen when Mr. Potato Head says: "What are you looking at, ya hockey puck!" Two standard hockey pucks.

  • (Hockey puck) A puck is a disk used in various games serving the same functions as a ball does in ball games. The best-known use of pucks is in ice hockey, a major international sport.

  • (hockey puck) puck: a vulcanized rubber disk 3 inches in diameter that is used instead of a ball in ice hockey

  • having a handwritten signature; "a signed letter"

  • (sign) a perceptible indication of something not immediately apparent (as a visible clue that something has happened); "he showed signs of strain"; "they welcomed the signs of spring"

  • Indicate agreement with or authorization of the contents of (a document or other written or printed material) by attaching a signature

  • Write (one's name) for purposes of identification or authorization

  • gestural: used of the language of the deaf

  • Write one's name on (a letter, card, or similar item) to identify oneself as the writer or sender



one of the busiest S T A T I O N S in the world
• you guessed it: Grand Central Station, nyc
If you thought your commute home in a car was bad, wait till you go to grand central station around 6:30. People are bustling, running, hustling, impeding, jumping, rolling and sprinting in this place. If you have never been body-checked, pushed, side-swiped without even an ounce of 'care,' then I sest you come on down to grand central. This is where you will feel like you are a puck in a hockey game. This is also the place where 'sitting on the steps is S T R I C T L Y prohibited' and yet never really enforced. Why? Because the sign is only in English and the tourists mainly speak languages other than English. They may be able to read here and there, but when you use big words like 'prohibited,' I think it is out of the question.

I love how tourists enter the station, look up at the ceiling and continue walking. The number of crash course collisions I saw that were barely avoided in a matter of 30 minutes was beyond amazing. I don't think this much actions happens at Daytona or in American Gladiator. I remember now why I find this place so amusing.

Finnish Puck Stopper !

Finnish Puck Stopper !

I took this during the second to last home game when the Rockford IceHogs played the Lake Erie Monsters. This is goalie Hannu Toivonen(33), Dylan Olsen (3) and Jassen Cullimore (5) working to keep the Monster player from scoring. The Ref is keeping a close eye on the puck. The Hogs won 4 - 2 that night.
NO playoffs this year... the Hogs were terrible for most of the year... BAD coaching and a lot of young players...

signed hockey pucks

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