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Food Cooking Games For Girls : Easy Indian Cooking Recipes.

Food Cooking Games For Girls

food cooking games for girls

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Chocolateee <3

Chocolateee <3

My confessions:

1. I'm afraid of butterflies. As stupid as that sounds.
2. I love chocolate! The chocolate-biscuit thing in the photo is called Meiji Horn :)
3. I am absolutely jealous of Tiffany from Girls' Generation. When she smiles, omg my heart could melt. Seriously, google: SNSD Tiffany eye smile.
4. I don't believe in love.
5. I NEVER EVER want to grow up.
6. I don't know how to cook or clean. Man, I would make such a lousy housewife.
7. But I'm REALLY GOOD at computer games and math :D
8. I'm starting to give up on photography. I kinda suck at it. And I have no subjects to shoot.
9. I hate my best friend. I don't even know if we are still friends. We used to hang out before classes but these days, she tells me that she reaches school really late so we can't hang out. But last week, I walked by her class and she was there. And when we do hang out, she talks about her boyfriend 90% of the time. Now, we don't hang out anymore. We don't even talk. I text her and she doesn't even bother replying. This really sucks because she used to be the only person I could trust. And now... I don't know.
10. I am always honest with people. And that makes people hate me. Well, not hate. Dislike. People dislike me for my honesty. That sounds so stupid. One of my friends would tell me something and ask for my honest opinion but when I give them my opinion, they get all pissy.
11. I act like I'm the most confident person when I actually have really low self-esteem.
12. If there's one thing I really hate, it's being lied to.
13. I like to dance around in public when I'm listening to my iPod.
14. I used to be so afraid of mirrors, I made my Dad take down all the mirrors in the house. He put them up again after a week.
15. I hate going to sleep but after I fall sleep, I don't want to wake up.
16. Sometimes I think that I'm psychic.
17. I WISH I'm psychic.
18. I have never watched Titanic. Not even once.
19. I still think that my Hogwarts letter hasn't arrived yet because my owl got hurt and couldn't send the letter to me.
20. I used to hide in my grandma's wardrobe waiting for Narnia to appear.

These have to be the lamest confessions ever.

food cooking games for girls

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