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How to clean bathtubs - Clean and simple cards - Cleaning shower pan.

How To Clean Bathtubs

how to clean bathtubs

how to clean bathtubs - American Standard

American Standard 0139.011.020 Mackenzie Enameled Steel 54" x 30" x 15" Bath Tub with Left Hand Outl

American Standard 0139.011.020 Mackenzie Enameled Steel 54

American Standard 0139.011.020 Mackenzie Enameled Steel 54" x 30" x 15" Bath Tub with Left Hand Outlet, WhiteAmerican Standard is a leading North American manufacturer of bath and kitchen products. American Standard leads the industry in the toilet category and is an industry leader in all other major categories including bathroom and kitchen faucets, fixtures and furniture.American Standard 0139.011.020 Mackenzie Enameled Steel 54" x 30" x 15" Bath Tub with Left Hand Outlet, White Features:; American Standard Enameled Steel Bath Tub with Left Hand Outlet; Mackenzie Collection; Porcelain on Steel Construction; Conventional Installation; Integral Apron; Full Slip Resistant Surface; Fully Bonded Support Pad; 54" x 30" x 15"

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Good Clean Fun

Good Clean Fun

Admiral Lord Nelson famously said, "No captain can do very wrong if he places his ship alongside that of the enemy." The first lesson of the Infamous Girlie Cartoon Artists School is similar: that when devoid of any ideas for a cartoon, no artist can do very wrong if he places his surprised nudie cutie alongside a bathtub. Note that the hair remains perfectly coiffed--a girlie mag gag gal's hair only becomes wet and stringy (to match the angry look on her face) if she is interrupted at her bath to answer the knock of an annoying neighbor, a door-to-door salesman or an unwanted suitor. Note as well that the first thing a spicy humor hottie does when stepping out of the tub, even before reaching for her towel, is to step into her high heels. It is attention to these sort of details that separate the true artist from mere dilettantes such as Titian, Rubens, Ingres, Courbet, Manet, Monet, Van Gogh, et. al. I am perhaps indulging him because he is my favorite, but I feel these other so-called "masters" could have learned a thing or two from pinup pioneer Pierre-Auguste Renoir. No matter how much HIS bathers splashed around, THEIR hair was never wet (or, if it was, it was stylishly so), and if they were barefooted, one is inclined to believe it was not the result of any misplaced devotion to unnecessary realism on the part of the artist, but rather because high heels had simply not been invented yet. Finally, showing mademoiselle's derriere in the mirror is not de rigeur but it is de-lightful, and a trite title is an absolute must.



I've been tagged by HOOR, I changed the term hate to dislike.

10 things I dislike:

1.Ruts, I like change and I like trying new things and taking risks sometimes.
2.People who comment on everything, and think they know it all and their opinion is always right. Ugh.
3.Burns. The oven only lets it out on me for some reason, these days.
4.Being late.
6.Being forced into something and to be lead, or not being able to do something. I'm an independent person.
7.Unfairness. Oh how much I get irritated when someone is being unfair to a person.
8.When people throw their garbage on the floor or on the road, specially while they're driving. I just wish that I could give them a ticket.
9.Cooking smell when it gets stuck on me.

One more dislike: Wasting this holy month of Ramadan on useless things.
I tag the 4 people added to this shot, and the first person who comments. =)

But I'll tell you what I do like right about now. The way the moon looks tonight, It is absolutely gorgeous, you guys go have a look. I posted a photo of it below, just in-case you're trapped inside or something.

how to clean bathtubs

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