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How to keep penis clean - Cleaning micro suede - Environmental cleaning products.

How To Keep Penis Clean

how to keep penis clean

Matilda asleep.

Matilda asleep.

Matilda really gets irritated by the camera, moreso than usual as she is not well. She was showing signs of irritation when she wees, so I tested her urine on 21stJun2011 and it had blood in it and it was slightly alkaline which was causing her pain.

I buy my own strips from the chemist and test their wee whenever they show signs of discomfort. It has saved me a fortune in vet fees. I've put Matilda onto the "Deltameth" which is a urine acidifier. This removes any pain from urinating and stops any crystals forming (charlie is always having to go on it for fear of his penis getting blocked). Deltameth is non- from the vet, so I can get it over the counter.

All my cats this last week have shown signs of distress urinating. I didn't bother to test Josie. When I saw how she was weeing I just put her on the Deltameth. Matilda and Josie go outside, and the boys inside. I keep the kitty litters very clean, so I know it's not me causing it. I know not drinking enough from stress causes it. The boys inside are stressed because they are adapting to inside life. The girls are stressed from the neighbours dogs constantly barking when they go outside. It does upset them, and I think that's what has happened. What causes bladder infection I don't know except not drinking enough and holding their wee. I always have plenty of fresh water around.



the greatest of all time!
Biggie Smalls, the rap genius
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My style is gushy like the hooker's pussy
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Pop 19 to my motherfuckin' cranium
Game tight, gun totin' motherfucker
Niggaz in the grave thought Biggie was a sucker
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I stripped 'em, cause niggaz don't want the friction
Told you before how I bring the dra-ma
Slam Larry Johnson and his Grandma-ma

how to keep penis clean

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