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Wipe Clean Hard Disk

wipe clean hard disk

wipe clean hard disk - New Digital

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After two Macincrashes (kernel panics) in about 4 hours last night, I think Parallels is the culprit...

After two Macincrashes (kernel panics) in about 4 hours last night, I  think Parallels is the culprit...

My MacBook has seen better days. It's a tough old workhorse and has done
almost everything I've ever asked it to. Not too long ago, I was dealing
with almost daily instances of seeing the "International Screen of Death"
which is basically, Mac's answer to Windows' "Blue Screen of Death." It's
"international" because it asks you to restart in different languages.
Anyway, so I got some good advice to verify permissions and the hard drive
in Disk Utility. I did that and things cleared up. I also upgraded to Snow
Leopard which didn't seem to make things worse. Then, back in November of
'09, I experienced a couple ISDs (International Screen of Death) and noticed
that my main hard drive was listed as "failing" in Disk Utility. I prayed
to the Computer Gods that it wasn't a bad hard drive, but Disk Utility was
telling me it was. I thought about anything new I'd installed,
software-wise, that might be causing problems. I'd installed Parallels to
test out Windows 7, but that's all I could think of. I Googled around for
some answers after getting another ISD. Every forum thread I came across
had at least one or two posts explaining it was likely a hardware fault and
that I (or the original poster of the thread) should swap out that hard
drive ASAP. However, when I looked at their crash reports, I noticed most
of them mentioned having Parallels installed. I thought that was a little
bizarre, but I didn't have time to monkey around--I was in the middle of
National Novel Writing Month--I needed to fix solve my problem, FAST.

Luckily, I had a 500GB pocket drive I was using for backup that I was able
to wipe and swap for my MB's original system drive. I did a clean install
of Snow Leo and everything seemed to be fine. Eventually, I got around to
reinstalling Parallels (which I love) and soon after that, I started getting
the ISDs again. Not a lot, maybe once ever week or two. Then, yesterday I
got one. I sat down, verified permissions and verified the disk. Disk
Utility told me my hard drive need to be repaired. I pop in my OSX install
disc and repair the drive. All seemed fine. Then, at 4:18am this morning,
MACINCRASH. Ironically, I was backing up files at the time.

I restart, reset my backup and go to bed. Wake up today and
MACINCRASH--according to the clock on my screensaver, it happened a little
more than 2 hours after I went to bed.


I Google with the phrase "cpu(s) failing to respond to interrupts" and find
a few different posts complaining about the same thing. Once again, virtual
machine apps are mentioned but most everyone seems to think these are still
hardware-related problems. The thing is, each original poster I came across
had Parallels installed. Some of them had Parallels AND another VM app,
like VMware or VirtualBox. It seems that any VM app installs a kernel
extension. I don't know what a "kernel extension" is, but seeing as both
waves of ISDs that I experienced this month and back in November came within
spitting distance of having installed Parallels, I decided it seemed very
likely to be the fault of a kernel extension. So, I decided to uninstall

So, that's where I am now. We'll see if the Macincrashes stop. I'd
understand if the ISDs came during crunching HD video. I'd understand if
they came while Parallels was running Win7 in Coherence mode (Coherence mode
ROCKS--I honestly LOVE Coherence mode!!), but the ISDs came randomly, while
converting files for iPod-playing or, as with last night, during backups.
These are not processor-intensive procedures and the odds of me having two
bad hard drives *in a row* seem slim.

As sad as I am to say good-bye to Parallels (Coherence mode really is
awesome!), I really hope this is the reason for my crashes. I really can't
afford a new laptop (or even a new HD) right now.

Hard Disk

Hard Disk

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wipe clean hard disk

wipe clean hard disk

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