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First home investment - Nyu hotel investment conference

First Home Investment

first home investment

    home investment
  • The HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) is a type of United States Federal assistance provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to States in order to provide decent and affordable housing, particularly housing for low- and very low-income Americans.

My first (home-printed) color film photos

My first (home-printed) color film photos

I used to process my own BW photos some "centuries" ago. I would not even think about digital photography the earlier days. Then I moved out of my parents? house... stopped everything about photography, but re-started about a year ago, after more than a decade had passed. First with a small digicam, then with a mobile phone (-> crap), then with a more serious digicam.

The camera industry tells me that my digital camera is state of the art, at least of the "compact" series. They are selling model nr. 12 instead of the 11, currently, but that is a less than 10% higher model number, so I don?t care :-) Nevertheless, I always feel that good old film is always a reference in terms of quality and the way I think of photography, and ... I love the feeling of holding something similar to a piece of concrete in my hands instead of some plastic. And I didn?t really want to make the investment for a really good digital camera (although I might get weak some day).

Now I have a little revolution: Two days ago I did my first home-processed color photos! And it worked! Color filtering might be a bit tricky, as one starts with a very magenta-yellow photo and needs to find the correct filtering, until the colors are fine. I was really astonished when I had produced these photos you see above. The major difficulty is to cut rectangular pieces of photographic paper in total darkness :-)

Happy home developing myself :-)

My First Real Estate Investment

My First Real Estate Investment

Built around 1890, I paid $12,000 for this house in 1971.

first home investment

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