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Purchase Hidden Camera

purchase hidden camera

    hidden camera
  • A hidden camera is a still or video camera used to film people without their knowledge. The camera is "hidden" because it is either not visible to the subject being filmed, or is disguised as another object.

  • (The Hidden Cameras) The Hidden Cameras are a Canadian indie pop band. Fronted by singer-songwriter Joel Gibb, the band consists of a varying roster of musicians who play what Gibb once described as "gay church folk music".

  • buy: obtain by purchase; acquire by means of a financial transaction; "The family purchased a new car"; "The conglomerate acquired a new company"; "She buys for the big department store"

  • something acquired by purchase

  • The acquisition of property by means other than inheritance

  • the acquisition of something for payment; "they closed the purchase with a handshake"

  • The action of buying something

  • A thing that has been bought

purchase hidden camera - Exit Sign

Exit Sign Hidden Full Color Wired Camera

Exit Sign Hidden Full Color Wired Camera

You get safety and security all in one with an EXIT Sign Hidden Full Color Wired Camera. Universal, easy snap fit installation. AC only, 120 VAC, 12 watts.
This hidden Full Color camera does NOT self record. You will need an external recording device such as a VCR, DVR or your PC. If you want a hidden camera that records to itself rather than using an external recording device, then you will need a hidden camera with built in DVR.

Image Sensor: 1/3" Sony CCD
Resolution: 420 Lines
Min. Illumination: 0 Lux (Color)
Lens: 3.7mm Wide Angle
Power Required: 12 volts

All necessary power supplies and battery packs are included.
The Color Camera requires some ambient light (night light, television)

The standard wired versions record from the camera directly connected to a video imput device (VHS/DVR).

Also available with built-in DVR. Completely self contained. No additional recording device is needed. Video captured by camera is stored on an included 8GB SD Card. Please see item HC-EXITS-DVR.

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Me, myself and I

Me, myself and I

I got tagged. I mean... I assume *we* did. The multiple me(s) that is. We're not just one person, or rarely... so I felt I had -out of honesty to my Flickr friends- to invite a few of my avatars here. It was tough and long, but well... I put my Bombay series between brackets, the time of one single (multiple?) shot, for better or for worse.

I would have preferred to stay in hiding (I don't do self portraits) but I love street photography and enjoy displaying others... it was not really fair to do so while staying hidden behind a camera. So here are a few random facts about me, listed by emotional relevance.

My 10 y/o daughter shot the pictures.

A. As a Man of Adventures...

1. At the age of seven (in 1976), my parents decided to spend a full year in India. We travelled all over the country while they taught me the school's curriculum. Soon after, they created a travel agency here, along with a partner from Kashmir. This brought us to India for 3 months every year (particularly to Kashmir and Ladakh). I have been going to India each year without fail since then, until 1994 when I permanently settled in New Delhi. I got married in 1995 with a girl from Bengal. We have one daughter.

2. At the age of 13, I started working as a local guide in Kashmir and Ladakh during my summer holidays. I loved the job and the extra pocket money I earned.

3. I nearly got arrested by the Pakistani police in Peshawar for transporting a gun-pen that I had purchased in Dara, last village before the Khyber Pass. I was 19, working as a group leader and in those days (long before 9/11) tourists were made to visit this picturesque village, so they could admire its thriving weapons market and try their hands on kalashnikovs and rocket launchers. I had left the gun (purchased for the equivalent of 7 Euros) in my suitcase, without realising it would be (quite) visible in the x-ray machine. Local policemen finally let me go, thinking I was probably too dumb to be a threat to national security.

4. I acted as an extra in a Japanese movie, shot in India. I met the crew at the nepalese border and travelled with them by train to Patna and Benares. While shooting in Patna, I was waiting for my minute of glory when a man walked up to me and asked: "Hello, are you Mel Gibson?"... (as you can see from the picture, I still look a lot like Mel...). To which I -of course- answered "yes", not knowing whether I'd ever get the chance again...

5. At the age of 7 or 8, trying to emulate my daredevil cousin (who was much older), I attempted to perform a summersault while jumping from a height of around 3 metres, into a (rather thinish) haystack. Believing (wrongly) that my body would rotate on its own, I neglected to give the required impulse and landed squarely on my head. Though I appeared unscathed, some say this event explains a few things about me...

6. In spite of having spent most of my life traveling and facing challenging situations, I am wholeheartedly sedentary. I crave a peaceful and repetitive life but, somehow, never seem to be getting any closer to it...

So I must now confess to whomsoever gives a damn... that I definitely am not a Man of Adventures. Quite the contrary in fact...

B. As a Corporate Man

7. I graduated from a French Business School in 1993. I read economic newspapers and I often wear a tie (no cufflinks, sorry).

8. I work as a corporate adviser, helping foreign and local companies develop their business in India and abroad. My core competence is India, with a specific focus on strategic advisory, mergers and acquisitions and market research.

9. I like being on the field, meeting people and finding practical solutions that work in the real world. I don't play golf, I dislike coffee-machine-politics, lengthy power point presentations, neverending strings of meetings and abstract models that look good and lead nowhere.

So actually... I'm not much of a Corporate Man.

C. As a Photographer

10. As you probably guessed, I love photography but... am not a photographer either.

...go figure...

Bronx: Van Cortlandt Lake

Bronx: Van Cortlandt Lake

New York City - Bronx
"View of Van Cortlandt Lake - 2008"

This photo is from a project titled ”Urban Nature: A New York City Landscape Study” which I began in 2005. My goal is to document the beauty as well as the mystery of New York City's remaining natural topography. In doing so, I'm attempting to convey a feeling of how the land might have looked hundreds of years ago. I feel these photographs help expose a mostly hidden and unknown aspect of the landscape that very few people associate with New York City.

© Richard Serviss
Not for publication without written permission

Work Notes:
I began working in the project in the spring of 2005 with a Crown Graphic 4x5 camera shooting Ilford FP4 rated at ASA 125. I continued to use this camera throughout the year, but soon yearned for more camera movements. I then purchased a Shen Hao HZX 4X5-IIA which I use almost exclusively now. Occasionally, when the terrain is too steep or dangerous to set up a 4x5 camera, I’ve used a Kowa Super 66 medium format camera. A few times I resorted to 35mm with fine grain film when I needed a very long lens, but use of this format is very limited. Most of the project was done with a 4x5 camera. The Shen Hao being the camera of choice with lenses being old Kodak Ektars, Graflex Optars and Wollensack Raptars. Probably my latest model lens, as far as year of production, is a Schneider Symmar 210mm "convertible" lens. Focal lengths with these lenses range from 110mm to 360mm. Generally, I shoot with 4x5 Ilford FP4 rated at ASA 125 or with 120 sized Ilford Pan F rated at ASA 50. However, I’ve experimented with several other alternative film brands from Europe.

The exhibition prints from this project are 16x20” and 20x24” sizes with a minimum of one-inch border, depending on the crop and film format, around live image area. Printing paper is Oriental’s Seagull Select VC-FBII paper developed in Photographers' Formulary Paper Developer 130. All prints are toned in selenium for D-Max enhancement and permanence.

Digital folios of ten 8.5x11 inch signed prints are also available.

purchase hidden camera

purchase hidden camera

Wall Clock Motion Detector Hidden Camera with DVR

Keep a visual record of your security needs with this ordinary looking Wall Clock that conceals a hidden color camera and mini DVR with an SD card to record what the camera sees. The Wall Clock plugs into the wall to power the Wall Clock, DVR and the camera.
Our Wall Clock Color Motion Detector DVR features motion-activated recording that starts as soon as motion is detected. With motion-activation, you won't have to fast forward through hours of uneventful footage. Also has Detection Area Masking; which means if you have a dog and don't want it to set off the motion detector, you can mask the lower quarter of the field of vision so its prescense doesn't set it off.
View your recordings by using the included RCA cable to connect to your TV or computer or insert the included 8GB SD card into your computer. Wall Clock is fully functional.

Color Camera Specifications:
Image Sensor: 1/4” CCD
Resolution: 380 Lines
Min. Illumination: 1 Lux
Lens: 3.7mm Wide Angle
Power Required: 12 Volts
DVR features include:
•Motion activated and scheduled recording
Motion Detection Area Masking
Time and date stamp
Remote Control operation
MPEG4 file format
Composite video out

DVR Specifications:
System: NTSC/PAL
Storage Media: SD Card
Frame Rate: 30 fps at 320x240
12 fps at 640x480
Power Required: 12 Volts
12 fps at 640x480
DVR Record Time
Resolution- Frame Rate (640x480) Hi Quality - 12 FPS, Med Quality - 48 hrs, Low Quality - 72 hrs
Resolution- Frame Rate (320x240) Hi Quality - 30 FPS, Med Quality - 16 hrs, Low Quality - 144 hrs

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