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ponedjeljak, 11.08.2008.

Adsense PIN not received? Don't worry:

What is PIN?
This is a part of Adsense payment system.In order to check the address of publisher, Google sends a PIN(Personal Identification Number) number via mail at that address.PIN is sent only if you have crossed $10 mark.It is a card with which a number (PIN) is enclosed.This PIN is to be entered in the adsense account.

PIN not received?
Generally,PIN reaches your address within 2-3 weeks if you are a US citizen.But,PIN mail takes a lot of time to arrive at your address if you are a NON-US publisher.It may take 3 weeks,4 weeks,5 weeks and even 6 weeks ( I got my PIN mail 53 days after request ),depending upon the postal service in your area.

Here is a simple trick which increases the chances of receiving the PIN on time.

***Check and change your address
If you have not received 1st PIN, follow these steps:
1.Find out the post office where your mails arrive (the one nearest to your address)
2.Let's say the name of post office is "xyz post office".
3.Add "xyz" to your original address like this:
...........address............ ,xyz.

Here are a few more choices available for you:
* If you have not received your PIN on time, you can request a new PIN( adsense account-->payment details-->enter PIN).
* you can request for new PIN 2 times.
* All PINs are same( in case if you receive 1st PIN after requesting 2nd, it does not matter because it contains same number).

And last but not least,don't worry if you have not received the PIN mail because Google cares!

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