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Best plush toys : Shrek plush toys : Green science toys.

Best Plush Toys

best plush toys

WDW Shere Khan Plush

WDW Shere Khan Plush

This Shere Khan is From the "Walt Disney World" Theme park and is pretty elusive.

This is the only one I've ever seen, so Naturally Being a Shere Khan Fangirl I had to have it C:

He's really nice an more cartoony than most, Very different from the others I've seen too lol, he's in his typical Shere Khan pose, which is one of the nicest things about him.

He's also Pretty well made features wise, Hes got embroidered eyes and nose and has a small bit of airbrushing going on around his eyes C: which is a nice touch ^^
Certainly not the best shere khan out there but not the worst C:

This plush is New w/ out tag (Tush only)

This plush is NOT For sale.

Originally sold: Walt Disney World Park
Dated: Not really sure D:
Size: 13" long and 6" Tall
Condition: New with tush tag only!
Aquired: Ebay!

Photos (C) "Dunkin"

Not to be used by anyone anywhere at anytime for anyreason! Thankyou!

12" Dodger Plush


12" Tall Dodger Plush

I really don't Know where he came from, I am assuming the Disney store or theme parks, its gotta be one or the other.

He's In good Used condition, Basically New without tags, tush tags only!

This is by far the best Dodger I've seen, And he's not too common either, I lucked out getting this one several years ago. Once I knew of his existance I had to have it, so I searched regularly and lucked out eventually.

He is super soft and got embroidered eyes, and is able to stand on his own even though he's not Poseable, He's sterdy enough to stand upright with little to no help!

This Plush is NOT For sale

New without Tags, Bum tag only!

Not sure of the date
Nor where he was released at
Aquired: Ebay

Photos (C) "Dunkin"

NOT For personal or public use by anyone, Thankyou~

best plush toys

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