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Free Toys Christmas

free toys christmas

day 68-christmas

day 68-christmas

so, every family has their christmas traditions, and my family is no different...but our traditions might be a little different from yours...first of all, my 16 year old sister wakes us all up at 6am, then we go downstairs...usually, there's an open present for each of us, to occupy our time for a while, and we can look at our 7am we're allowed to "wake" my parents who have been pretending to sleep. this year, they didn't bother pretending, they just came down and we started opening gifts almost right away...we do a couple of rounds of "everyone open one gift" and then we switch to free for all... after we've opened everything and played with our toys for a little bit, we have a family breakfast, and start getting ready for our day... we pack our bags and head to indianapolis to spend the next two days with my dad's side of the family...the whole thing... we drive to indy, leaving around 11:30 and arriving around 2 chicago time...we're the first ones there after the aunt, uncle and cousins who live there and my grandparents who spend the week there. as the day goes on, the rest of the family starts showing up. all told, we're 23 people and two dogs (mine stays home). this picture was snapped in the entry way of the house that used to be my grandparent's and now belongs to my aunt and uncle

constructive criticism welcome

Toy market stall - front

Toy market stall - front

For this year's Father Christmas gift I made the little ladies a wee fruit + veg stall.

Like last year's play kitchen, this is another Ikea hack. I started again with the trusty ?7.99 Rast table and added bits of wood donated by friends or that I had left over from other projects to make the frame and trim out the basket area. I used leftover paint from our bathroom refurb - I would have preferred a darker green but was trying to do this on the cheap so I used what I already had wherever possible.

Holding up the awning are shelf supports I found under a desk in the craft room that I'd had for, yes, three years. I knew I'd need those one day - read it and weep, clutter-free minimalists! The wooden boxes underneath are from Ikea and I just screwed a piece of wood into the back of the bottom shelf for the boxes to sit on for that market-friendly tilt.

I made the awning from Ikea fabric but didn't have time to embroider the gals' name into it, too bad. The little veg boxes on top came with a set of Melissa and Doug wooden play food and I topped that set up with extra felt + wooden nature's candy from an online shop. The chalkboard is a piece of cardboard painted with blackboard paint and shoved into a charity-shopped frame.

Not including the play food, this cost under ?20 to make and the girls are gaga for it!

free toys christmas

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