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Alex Toys My Art : Beach And Sand Toys : Star Wars Clone Wars Toys

Alex Toys My Art

alex toys my art

FILE Săo Paulo 2011 | Mídia Arte/Media Art

FILE Săo Paulo 2011 | Mídia Arte/Media Art


Ali Miharbi - Movie Mirrors - Estados Unidos | United States
Anne Save de Beaurecueil + Franklin Lee / Equipe SUBdV (Victor Sardenberg, Andre Romitelli, Lucas de Sardi & Fabricio G. de Oliveira) - High Low - Brasil | Brazil
Annica Cuppetelli & Cristobal Mendoza - Nervous Structure - Estados Unidos | United States
Ben Jack - Elucidating Feedback - Nova Zelandia | New Zealand
Eric Siu - in collaboration with the member of Ishikawa Komuro Laboratory, University of Tokyo, Yoshihiro Watanabe, Ohno Hiroaki & Takeoka Hideki - Body Hack 1.0 - Japao | Japan
Hye Yeon Nam - Please Smile - Estados Unidos | United States
Joon Y. Moon - Augmented Shadow - Coreia do Sul | South Korea
Julian Palacz - algorithmic search for Love - Austria | Austria
Juliana Mori - timeLandscape - wool rhythms - Brasil | Brazil
Karina Smigla-Bobinski - ADA - analoge interactive kinetic sculpture - Polonia e Alemanha | Poland and Germany
Kimchi & Chips - Link - Reino Unido | United Kingdom
Kimchi & Chips - Journey: Seoul - Reino Unido | United Kingdom
Lars Lundehave Hansen - Spiderbytes - Alemanha | Germany
Lawrence Malstaf - Nemo Observatorium 02002 - Belgica | Belgium
Matt Roberts - Waves - Estados Unidos | United States
Ryoichi Kurokawa - rheo: 5 horizons - Belgica | Belgium
Yujiro Kabutoya & Kazushi Mukaiyama - IJIROS - Japao | Japan


Alfredo Ciannameo - Ionesis - sonic plasma - Holanda | Netherlands
Andre Rangel, Anne-Kathrin Siegel & Fernando Alcada - SynDyn - Portugal | Portugal
Eduardo Nespoli, Projeto Aquarpa (Thiago Salas Gomes, Lucas Almeida, Flavio Jacon de Vasconcelos & Leandro Pereira Souza) - Mnemorfoses - Brasil | Brazil
Eduardo Patricio - Zin - Brasil | Brazil
Euphorie - Franca | France
Giuliano Obici - Concerto para Lanhouse - Brasil | Brazil
Nicolas Maigret - Pure Data read as pure data - Franca | France


Alison Clifford & Graeme Truslove - Substratum - Reino Unido | United Kingdom
Fernando Velazquez - auto-retrato - Brasil | Brazil
Fernando Velazquez - the mindscapes suite - Brasil | Brazil
Jaap: Harriet Payer & Jorge Esquivelzeta - Cyberspace Photsynthesis - Mexico | Mexico
Jaap: Harriet Payer & Jorge Esquivelzeta - Dog's Eye View - Mexico | Mexico
Paul O Donoghue aka Ocusonic - Phasing Waves - Irlanda | Ireland
Warsaw Electronic Festival 2010: Przemyslaw Moskal - Digital Sculptures for Analog Sounds - Estados Unidos | United States


Alvaro X - Dead in DUMP - Brasil | Brazil
Bernhard Loibner - Unidentified Musical Subject - Austria | Austria
Claudio Parodi - The things that are missing - Italia | Italy
Joaquin Cofreces - Hamoni Lapude Anan ( "we used to make canoes" in yaghan language) - Argentina | Argentina
The Tiny Orchestra - Time Wounds All Heels - Canada | Canada
Juan Pablo Amato - Duo Encaprichado en alisar rugosidades mentales - Argentina | Argentina
Mauro Ceolin - Spore's Ytubesoundscape and his wildlife - Italia | Italy
Panayiotis KOKORAS - Magic - Grecia | Greece
FaoBeat - Beat'nTime / Lift'nBeat - Brasil | Brazil
Philip Mantione - Fabrics - Estados Unidos | United States
Music For Installations - Braindamage - Belgica | Belgium
Sergio Cajado - Constatac?o?es Urbanas - Passado, Presente e Futuro - Brasil | Brazil
Sergio Granada Moreno - Digital Rainbow (2009) - Colombia | Colombia
Sol Rezza - Preguntas - Questions - Mexico | Mexico


A. Bill Miller - gridSol-precomps - Estados Unidos | United States
A. Bill Miller - gridSol-altar1 - Estados Unidos | United States
Aaron Oldenburg - After - Estados Unidos | United States
Agam (A.) Andreas - La Resocialista Internacional - Holanda | Netherlands
alan bigelow - This Is Not A Poem - Estados Unidos | United States
Alcione Godoy, Camillo Louvise, Bruno Azzolini, Rafael Araujo, Rodolfo Rossi, Marina Maia & Vinicius Nakamura - Hipercepcao - Brasil | Brazil
Alex Hetherington - Linda Fratianne - Reino Unido | United Kingdom
Anders Weberg - P2P ART - The aesthetics of ephemerality - Suecia | Sweden
Anders Weberg - JE SUIS PERE ET MON PERE EST PERE I'm a Father and my Father is a Father - Suecia | Sweden
Anders Weberg - Expose Yourself - Suecia | Sweden
Anstey/Pape: Josephine Anstey & Dave Pape - Mrs. Squandertime - Estados Unidos | United States
Balam Soto - Self Portrait Videos - Estados Unidos | United States
Ben Baker-Smith - Infinite Glitch - Estados Unidos | United States
Brit Bunkley - Pardox of Plenty - Nova Zelandia | New Zealand
Brit Bunkley - Up River Blues - Nova Zelandia | New Zealand
Brit Bunkley - Springfield Paradox - Nova Zelandia | New Zealand
Bruno Xavier, Fabiane Zambon, Felipe van Deur

Toys 05

Toys 05

Alternate reality version of Wonder Woman from the "Kingdom Come" mini-series with art by Alex Ross. She had similar golden armor in some of her stories written and illustrated by Phil Jimenez.

alex toys my art

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Army toys for boys - 2011 transformers toys

Army Toys For Boys

army toys for boys

Dean Martin Grave

Dean Martin Grave

Film Vodvil: Art Mooney and Orchestra (1946) (short subject)
My Friend Irma (1949)
My Friend Irma Goes West (1950)
Screen Snapshots: Thirtieth Anniversary Special (1950) (short subject)
At War with the Army (1950)
That's My Boy (1951)
Sailor Beware (1952)
Jumping Jacks (1952)
Road to Bali (1952) (Cameo)
The Stooge (1953)
Scared Stiff (1953)
The Caddy (1953)
Money from Home (1954)
Living It Up (1954)
3 Ring Circus (1954)
You're Never Too Young (1955)
Artists and Models (1955)
Screen Snapshots: Hollywood, City of Stars (1956) (short subject)
Pardners (1956)
Hollywood Or Bust (1956)
Ten Thousand Bedrooms (1957)
The Young Lions (1958)
Some Came Running (1958)
Rio Bravo (1959)
Career (1959)
Who Was That Lady? (1960)
Bells Are Ringing (1960)
Ocean's Eleven (1960)
Pepe (1960) (Cameo)
All in a Night's Work (1961)
Ada (1961)
Something's Got to Give (1962) (unfinished)
Sergeants Three (1962)
The Road to Hong Kong (1962) (Cameo)
Who's Got the Action? (1962)
38-24-36 (1963)
Come Blow Your Horn (1963) (Cameo)
Toys in the Attic (1963)
4 for Texas (1963)
Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed? (1963)
What a Way to Go! (1964)
Robin and the 7 Hoods (1964)
Kiss Me, Stupid (1964)
The Sons of Katie Elder (1965)
Marriage on the Rocks (1965)
The Silencers (1966)
Texas Across the River (1966)
Murderers' Row (1966)
Rough Night in Jericho (1967)
The Ambushers (1967)
Rowan & Martin at the Movies (1968) (short subject)
How to Save a Marriage (and Ruin Your Life) (1968)
Bandolero! (1968)
5 Card Stud (1968)
The Wrecking Crew (1969)
Airport (1970)
Something Big (1971)
Showdown (1973)
Mr. Ricco (1975)
The Cannonball Run (1981)
Cannonball Run II (1984)

That's Amore
Memories Are Made of This

SwissFlash Memory by Victorinox

SwissFlash Memory by Victorinox

As practical as everything that they produce the new Victorinox Flash Memory comes with a Removable USB flash drive a Blade, Nail file with screwdriver, Scissors, Key ring, LED mini white light and a Retractable Pen... and I just love it!

army toys for boys

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Electric riding toys for kids : Wholesale toys china : Organic toys for infants.

Electric Riding Toys For Kids

electric riding toys for kids



Photo: RIDE

This was just a simple photo taken on a walk the other day with the fiancee. What origianlly attracted me was the staricase, but i just loved the color of the graffiti on the door contrasting with the brick.

Riding FreeBirD

Riding FreeBirD

Riding Riding Riding... Another Day at work.

All you need is some fresh air new spur of life ... just a new photographer...

electric riding toys for kids

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pictures of old fashioned toys

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Boys Toys Uk

boys toys uk

Boy's Toys

Boy's Toys

Found this lovely electric blue coloured Lotus 7 sports car whilst out today, that's me reflected in the back of the chrome headlight. The other car featured here is a Ford Fiesta sports saloon in almost the identical colour.

Exceat, East Sussex UK

My New Toy at last

My New Toy at last

My New pride and joy Nissan Navara Aventura looking nice and clean.

boys toys uk

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Buy Mattel Toys

buy mattel toys

TRU bogo sale !!!!

TRU  bogo  sale !!!!

TRU is having a buy one get one free sale on collector barbies. Thanks Sam for the heads up. I was looking for good old Jack as well but found none. Elvis sold out too. I end up with the last 2 Frankie on the shelves that I need for their body !!!;-D!!!.

Great Shape Barbie from Toy Story 3

Great Shape Barbie from Toy Story 3

May 3, 2010

I HAD to buy this Toy Story 3 Great Shape Barbie because it is an updated of the Great Shape Barbie that I had as a kid. The workout suit is much more shiny, but the leg warmers are exactly the same. The bag is very similar as well.

buy mattel toys

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2011 new toys

dr who toys 2011

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Dallas Cowboy Toys

dallas cowboy toys

Tobie Percival

Tobie Percival

About Me: 5 years! I can hardly believe it! It seems just like yesterday when I was a rookie and getting lost trying to make my way around Dallas. Boy, have things changed! I have a Texas drivers license, my parents say I talk with a little drawl, and I’m officially a resident of Dallas with my own place.

I am originally from Utah where I was born and raised. I have one brother, two sisters, one nephew and four nieces. And don’t let me forget two toy poodles back in Salt Lake City. My parents visit me often and attend as many games as they possibly can!

In my spare time I love hanging out with my boyfriend and friends. We all love to go boating, and I recently learned to surf behind his boat which is so much fun. I’m looking forward to this year and feel blessed to have the opportunity to share with the squad everything that the 2010-2011 season is going to bring. The Superbowl for one, another U.S.O. tour to bring smiles to the faces of our troops, and hopefully to watch our Cowboys play in the big one in February!

Thanks for visiting my page! Go Cowboys!!!!!

Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders

Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders

When I was in the first grade, I wanted to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader for absolutely no reason other than the girls were pretty and sparkly.

In the second grade, I wanted to be She-Ra.

St. Clairsville, Ohio

dallas cowboy toys

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Simple Wooden Toys

simple wooden toys

Giraffe on the "savannah"

Giraffe on the

This hand-carved wooden giraffe was a gift from a nurse who spent time at a clinic in South Africa. I started this shot with the general idea of creating some feel of afternoon on a savannah. I used gift packing for the "grass" and tried a few different backdrops at the house. When none of them worked, I remembered that I had a few sky pictures that may work as a composite. Shot from as low an angle as I could at the time, to feel a little more like I was looking up at the giraffe.

Strobist: Single 430ex in 28" softbox at about 4 or 5 o'clock. 1/2 CTO gel to warm the light. Low angle to give a sunset feel. I initially used a bare flash, to get a more sunlight-like hard source, but the gloss on the giraffe made for too uneven a reflection. My compromise was the softbox and a full-length highlight.

I am by no means a compositing expert (obviously), but it was fun to take a simple wooden toy and give it a different context.

Lessons learned: (1) If compositing is your thing, keep a file of interesting sky and background pictures. You never know when you might use them. (2) The highlight and background light directions need to be aligned in compositing. I didn't quite get that here. (3) Compositing hard edges is much easier than soft edges. (4) A longer lens and a more dramatic upward angle would have helped the illusion.

© 2011 Christopher D. Malin

[3/52] Memories

[3/52] Memories

Memories from my childood

Taken for the "52 of Twenty Eleven" project. Week #3. Theme: memories...

As a child I loved this simple wooden colorful toy, and I still do love it! When I pull it all the balls start moving, rotating, waving... so simple but cool.
This strange "snail" is still with me after so many years. While I was pulling it to take the photo, keeping in my hands the short string, I recognized how small I was!

One more thing!!! I forgot before! My mother says I should add this small story to this photo. So, when I was already about 22 23 years old my mother gave to the kids of the neighbors a box full of old toys from me and my sister. My mother took this "snail" thinking that it was not useful anymore. Biiiiig mistake! I realized immediately that the snail was gone ..and ... in short, I could not resist and I went to the neighbors to get my snail back ... I think they laughed a lot about me ;) :D

simple wooden toys

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Girls And Boys Toys

girls and boys toys

Move Away Brother!

Move Away Brother!

Little girl trys to climb on top of the toy car but elder brother trys to prevent the little girl

My Girl Kylie and I Cuddling up with Our Boy Toy Jonah

My Girl Kylie and I Cuddling up with Our Boy Toy Jonah

My Girl Kylie and I Cuddling up with Our Boy Toy Jonah

girls and boys toys

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Growing dinosaur toys. Old toys games.

Growing Dinosaur Toys

growing dinosaur toys

CEATEC 2008 - Pleo robot dinosaur

CEATEC 2008 - Pleo robot dinosaur

The Pleo is a cute little robot dinosaur which responds to touch. It walks, talks, ‘eats’ leaves, and will happily move when you stroke or pat him. Feedback sensors under the chin, feet and on the body get him walking and wriggling with glee. And a camera inside his head helps him spy dinner.
The Pleo develops his personality as he grows older – so the way you interact with him will affect his behaviour. He has four different states, ‘happy and curious’, ‘playful and lively’, ‘scared and surprised’, and ‘sad and vexed’. To get the best from him you need to ensure that he’s well fed, played with, and comforted when scared.
This robotic pet is delightful, and his movements are completely organic unlike some other robots. He would make a really unique toy/pet. Some of you will be wondering if this is the new Sony Aibo – and we think you’re right.
This was a popular display at CEATEC 2008 and judging by the crowds the Japanese will be buying the Pleo in droves. We’re sure that it’ll be a big hit this Christmas in the UK. If we had the money we’d be at the head of the queue for one - it’s now available online for ?300.

dinosaur jungle #stranglethorn vale

dinosaur jungle #stranglethorn vale

My kids' toys. I don't know why but I like these little dinos. Maybe because it's a mom and baby. They came in a cute Landrover-type jeep. (I had a thing for trucks and hot wheels when I was little. )

Clover is growing in the backyard like crazy. I LOVE clover so much more than grass. But it's also great for filling in the bald spots of a lawn. Sad it doesn't do all that well in our high summer temperatures.

First attempt at creating a fake medium format look. Made with approx 12 images. Had to fudge the fake a little bit. But fun to try anyway.

growing dinosaur toys

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Transformers 2 toys 2011. Fun new toys. Best toys for 2 year old boys

Transformers 2 Toys 2011

transformers 2 toys 2011



MERALCO Toy Town and Paskuhan Village 2010.

Open to the public daily from 6pm till 10pm from December 2 to January 2, 2011 at the MERALCO Compound, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

Transformers Classics 2.0 - Robot modes

Transformers Classics 2.0 - Robot modes

The first wave of Transformers Universe - Classics 2.0 toys. Prowl, Sunstreaker, and Tankor in their robot modes.

transformers 2 toys 2011

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2011 toys for christmas

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Car Toys Locations In Washington

car toys locations in washington

Sixteen Random Things

Sixteen Random Things

Ok, I was tagged by Elizabeth (Shutterfool). So, 16 random things about me:

1) This is my driveway, and I like it best when my car is IN it. (I am a homebody).
2) I have two brothers.
3) My brothers and I are Trekkies.
4) I'm closer to 50 than 40!
5) I've lived in Ontario all my life.
6) My grandmother had five granddaughters, and all have red hair. From strawberry blonde (me) to dark auburn (my oldest cousin) and all different shades in between.
7) My favourite toy, as a kid, was a Baby First Step that I named 'April'.
8) I'm terrible at card games.
9) I like junk food.
10) I don't like heights.
11) A favourite pastime for me is reading on the deck, in the summer.
12) I went to three kindergartens (we moved once, and the school changed locations once).
13) I want popcorn when I go to the movies.
14) I ran in the Marine Corps 10km in Washington, DC.
15) My first cat was named DC (it stood for Darn Cat).
16) I learned to drive standard on a 1977 Volkswagan Beatle.

Miner's car

Miner's car

A nearby sign reads "Triggered by an earthquake the sudden collapse of the mountain's north slope released an explosive force. A turbulent, stone-filled wind silently roared over the land. The steamy, 400 degree Fahrenheit blast cloud raced through the forest at 350 mph. Reaching this location, 8 1/2 miles from the mountain in a little more than one minute. This car was tossed about like a toy, rolled from across the road where it had been parked. Owners of the car were in their cabin at a nearby mine and were killed when Mount St. Helens erupted"

car toys locations in washington

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Chenille Stuffed Toys - Learning & Education Toys For One Year Olds - Hot Toys Dark Knight Dx.

Chenille Stuffed Toys

chenille stuffed toys

Cat Toy

Cat Toy

Our tiniest kitten...that we found in the street a couple of months ago, and had to bottlefeed, still sucks on things...clothes and stuff. So I made her this (very crooked! lol!) little toy with different textures to chew and suck on. It's backed with yellow chenille.

Abby the Albino Hedgehog, front view

Abby the Albino Hedgehog, front view

Abby the Albino Hedgehog is made from cotton chenille, wool felt, vintage buttons, and corn fiber stuffing.
She's about 6 inches long, from nose to bum.

chenille stuffed toys

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best toys of 2011

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Latest Japanese Toys : Vtech Toys India.

Latest Japanese Toys

latest japanese toys

X-Plus Gorosaurus

X-Plus Gorosaurus

Company: X-Plus/RIC
Manufacturer: Plex
Made In: China
Material: Vinyl
Height: Approx 25.4 cm
Length: Approx 40.6 cm
Released: December 2008
Original Retail Price: 19,800 yen
Tax Price Included: 20,790 yen
Limitation: Retail Order Goods
Packaging: Box

Additional Info: The sculpting for this vinyl toy is based off a resin kit designed by Monster Maker 28 with their permission. Highly realistic detail and paint job. Semi soft vinyl. Gorosorus made his first film appearance in the 1967 King Kong Escapes and later incorporated into the 1968 Godzilla film Destroy All Monsters.

Japanese Spinning Toy

Japanese Spinning Toy

This totemic badges spin.

Japanese children, especially boys, are obsessed with spinning (tops, yo-yos, themselves) because, I think, they are attempting to create a three dimensional visual representation of self using the two two-dimensional views they have on the world.

Internalisation of a totemic symbol is another way to achieve self-hood. A spinning totemic symbol has twice the magic. The latest Masked Rider has a device to spin his totem badges on his arm.

latest japanese toys

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handcrafted wood toys

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Plans For Wooden Toys For Children. Popular Toys In 1950. Toys For Boys Age 2.

Plans For Wooden Toys For Children

plans for wooden toys for children

studio 1 with china paint box

studio 1 with china paint box

I chose this room for my studio when we moved in here. It's at the back of the third floor. I thought it was the place where I would be most able to concentrate on work. I have a decent easel bought from my college design teacher and a drawing table. There's a sturdy table Elliot made by one wall, it is stacked with big sheets of Arches paper that may, one day, become drawings. Under the table are bins with ancestral documents that were in a cousins attic a stuff from my mothers house also the architectural plans for Eastern State Penitentiary, another trash find.

My art books are in shelves lining the hall wall just outside of the studio and in shelves lining the adjourning little room along with favorite fiction including lots of Collette, Sarah Orne Jewett, Kate Chopin and Willa Cather.

The room faces west so it gets great light. I don't paint and draw much but I do lots of photo projects here. The window might look familiar.

The studio is filled with a lot of things. Things from my past. Three child size rocking chairs for instance. One belonged to my mother's father one of my only Walters family items, the little black one was mine (one of a pair, my sister Kathy has the other, they matched my mother's big rocker, also in the studio) and the wicker one was from our summer cottage a Hibbard relic.

In the corner by the door to the hallway is a set of deep Ikea shelves. Liza, my mother's doll and a favorite subject of mine, is in a doll crib on the top shelf next to the Japanese lady sent to us by my childhood exchange student Miko's mother.

On one shelf there are all sorts of things from the wooden shoe that was always on my grandmother's mantle with Flanders 1917 written on it to a carved ostrage egg, a gift from a friend in grad school, that encloses one of the last apples from my grandmother's Northern Spy apple tree. The apple is small and studded with cloves just like the first apple from the tree, even smaller than this, that used to be in my grandmother's china cabinet. This apple reminds me of the jars of canned apples lining the shelves in Nanny's basement where we played when we were little.

All of these thing bring back stories, flashes of images, the sound of voices long gone. I could box a lot of this up and put it in the attic but then I wouldn't hear my grandmother's or mother's and father's voices telling the stories.

Under the Ikea shelves are two trunks from my grandmother's attic. When I was in my twenties I would spend days at her house rummaging in the boxes in her attic and basement. when I found something interesting I'd take it to the kitchen and we'd talk about it. For example, I found a china sheep, this was the story about it.

My great grandmother came from Denmark when she was seven and this was the toy cow she brought with her. They sold their farm and all came at the urging of the Christensen family who had settled in Alden PA. They came to work in the mines as did all of my Welsh ancestors.

Their family name was Bush, but not really, it was actually Neilsson but they lived down by the bushes so they became Bush. Bush is the name on their gravestones but not on my great grandmother's marriage certificate which says that Mary Nelson married James Bryan. Her name was originally Bodil Marie Neilsson. She hated the name Bodil.

In the middle of the floor is the box that my great grandmother's brother made for my grandmother's china paints. Uncle Conrad, pronounced Conerd, lived at the lake, was a great turtle hunter, and had one arm. We used to visit him, he had a big conch shell, you could hear the ocean if you put it up to your ear.

Looking at these thing makes me want to tell the stories. Talk about the Benny the Badger stories my father would tell us at bedtime, and the hair wrapped in silk. It's my grandmother's hair, saved when she had it bobbed in the twenties.

If I don't tell the stories no one will know what these things are and why I keep them.
Clearly I'm a little nostalgic.But I know stories that others in my family don't.

I don't have the Welsh stories, just that one of my Welsh my great grandfathers was a powerful coal mine boss and great grandmother taught my Uncle Bill to say mochyn diawl pronounced mochyn jawl meaning devil pig. He apparently was a little red haired rascal, traded my mother for a bicycle!

Roland Jones, 48, mental health worker

Roland Jones, 48, mental health worker

Photo and text from Mind Out for Mental Health's 1 in 4 project, 2002.

It all started to go wrong following a spinal injury when I was in the fire service. I was 35 and spent the next few years trying to prove I was capable of keeping a job - trying to be better than anyone else, in other words trying to be the indispensable man. It led to perfectionism and obsessive compulsive behaviour. I would check things again and again ...and again.

The children were growing up around me but I wasn’t part of it. I wasn’t able to handle simple things like paying the bills; I couldn’t tell anyone because of the shame. My wife will tell you I cried for three weeks continually. Then on February 7th I thought “that’s it, I’m a burden to everyone.” I bought a bottle of spirits and some pain killers and took the train to Conway. I intended to finish myself off but while I made a good job with the bottle I didn’t do much with the tablets.

When my wife came to find me the first thing she said was “Is it something I’ve done?” That hurt a lot. When the psychologist saw me he said it was trauma and I believed him. Back at work I seemed to put myself back together again; the fire service didn’t know I had a mental health problem because I didn’t know myself. Life just felt very uncomfortable.

When I eventually left the fire service in 1992 I planned to make wooden toys in my shed in the garden but then it was broken into and all my tools were stolen. My self-esteem was rock bottom. Rank and position provides you with a niche in life and when that’s taken away you have nothing. People are judged by what they do so suddenly I was nobody.

One day I was tidying the house and getting ready for some exchange students when I sat down on the carpet and cried my eyes out. I just kept saying “I don’t know what to do”. So my wife called the doctor and I spent the next nine weeks as a voluntary patient in the psychiatric hospital. Eventually I came to the Fountain Project as a volunteer and now I have a job there. We all live with and manage mental illness. When we have our down days we support each other.

My wife has been amazing. She had to deal with doctors, lawyers, tribunals, insurance companies, as well as bringing up three children and doing a job. I doubt I’d have survived without her.

Good friends will be good friends no matter what happens, but there are others who shy away from the fact you’ve got a mental illness. It boils down to whether they were friends after all. If you tell them you’ve got a spinal injury they’ll listen, but talk about depression and they switch off.

When I came out of hospital I realised that a person who hasn’t made a mistake has made nothing. Before if I’d cut a bit of wood wrong I’d give up; now I go back and measure again. I realised problems could be put right. In outside relationships it meant admitting to mistakes. Honesty with yourself and others is a primary factor to getting better.

FACT: In a survey by Mind in 2001, 62% of respondents said that the main barrier to recovering from mental health problems was the attitude of the general public. (Mind, 2001)

plans for wooden toys for children

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Top Girl Toys 2011

top girl toys 2011

Monaco Royale Vanessa

Monaco Royale Vanessa

The W Club exclusive Vanessa doll from 2011 has finally arrived! She's an exclusive and limited edition of 810 dolls. Every member was given a chance to purchase this doll for $135.

Monaco Royale uses the revamped "Fauxnessa" sculpt. I think she's gorgeous, but would have to agree with a lot of collectors that she doesn't look a whole lot like the old Vanessa. I think Integrity did start with her old sculpt, however--You can still see her squared jaw. She reminds me some of Vero, and a lot of Anja, too. And she's had some collagen injections in her lips so she can look a little more like Poppy. (I love those lips!)

First, two pet peeves of the doll: The necklace was hard to fasten (it took me forever!), and the hairline looks a little off balance to me.

Those two things aside, I think she is gorgeous. I love the brunette updo, her lavender and peachy facial screening. My doll's lashes are perfect.

The gown is really elegant. The wrapped skirt is super soft and falls just right. The top is meticulously sequined and beaded over lace, and I don't have a single loose sequin out of place. It zips in the back and fits perfectly. I love the gold belt accessory.

Her jewelry is really nice--earrings, very nice necklace with a tiny clasp, nice big earrings (without being out of scale) and three gold bangles. Plus, she includes a cosmopolitan. To me, Vanessa has always seemed more like a a gin and tonic kind of girl.

Her shoes are gold buckled sandals, which slid right onto her foot, no unbuckling needed. Wow.

Anyway, I'm pleased with her.

Check out more photos of her on Flickr!

Tiffany Taylor Dolls

Tiffany Taylor Dolls

* Vintage plastic or vinyl 18" fashion dolls, Tiffany Taylor, Ideal, 1975. This doll has a rotating scalp with white-blonde hair on one side and black hair with bangs on the other. Groovy embroidered bell bottoms with fringed hem made by me. Tank top is cut from 99? store knit cap. In my collection. Jan. 2011.

I need to take a photo with a Barbie next to one so you can see how big this girl is. I know it would ruin the collectible value but I want to do a repaint and replace the hair with a wavy wig.

top girl toys 2011

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Web Toys Games

web toys games

Before the baseball game

Before the baseball game

I made this photo for a contest on the Web. The contest is JorgDotOrg Photo Hunt and the theme was *a megaphone* I won the Humour Prize... :)
Those are MY Barbies, from the sixties....

Giochi "dimenticati"- Games "forgotten"


Da vedere in grande - Attractions in large

web toys games

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Where to sell star wars toys - Best girl toys 2011 - Top toys for christmas 2011 uk

Where To Sell Star Wars Toys

where to sell star wars toys

The Fall of Western Plaza

The Fall of Western Plaza

So Western Plaza is finally being razed. Sunset Center was the first mall in Amarillo. Later (in the late '60s) they built Western Plaza. Growing up it was great. It had a Cinema where I saw many great films for the first time (Star Wars). It had Furr's Cafeteria. It had Toy's By Roy where I went to dream about G.I. Joes. Monkey Ward's.

My uncle had one of his first jobs here working as a night janitor for Woolco. (stories?)

Around 1980 they opened a new mall called Westgate. It was so much better than Western Plaza. Everyone said Western Plaza was doomed. It did change over they years. They tried and tried to come up with new directions for it. Eventually Monkey Ward's just closed. Sevice Merchandisers went out. Furr's held on until the end. The Cinema became a church. Little shops came and went.

Then last year they sold the property and the new owners said they were going to raze it and build new buildings with great new shops.

And so it begins.

Caveat Emptor1

Caveat Emptor1

People! Beware! There are some rotten eggs selling these two "Bootleg" figures on ebay! Mainly from a City country in you know where. Mosu Goji on the left only released in 50th Anniversary set and the tail was glued. This one came with the detached tail with the poor paint job. '74 Goji on the right only issued with a tag and this one never had a tag and the tail also came detached with also poor paint job. I have doubles of originals so I know they are fake! I repainted them like the original and now they look great but they are not genuine. Good for diorama or simply to play with. So beware when you see them on ebay in numbers! They all say "Rare" but so common now! Typical price range for them is around $20. This kind of bad eggs make me sick!

where to sell star wars toys

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toys and games in the 1950s

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Wood Toys To Make. Push Along Wooden Toys. Cheap Party Bag Toys.

Wood Toys To Make

wood toys to make

Folk Toy (lion)

Folk Toy (lion)

This was my first real wood carving I've ever done. it was inspired by a book i found about old children's folk toys. I started this piece in around early november when Stefan Henegar generously gave me a large block of wood, thanks buddy. The first half of carving consisted of making four legs (subtracting between them). I was inspired to finish it so i could submit it with my portfolio along with one other 3-D piece. We were not allowed to submit the actual sculpture, but rather photograph it, and submit the results. I'm most proud of these two pictures.

WaddleBot blank wood toy

WaddleBot blank wood toy

work in progress of a toy I designed. I'm planning on making 30 of the little bars. All will be hand painted and will be bundled with a 2 color print. Price and paint scheme to be determined. *edit* I'm going to make these guys till I get tired of making them. Could be 30 could be 100. Then I'll go on to a new robot design.

wood toys to make

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Roary The Racing Car Toys United States. Battery Powered Riding Toys For Boys

Roary The Racing Car Toys United States

roary the racing car toys united states

United States Air Force - Northrop Grumman E-8C Joint STARS (J-STARS) - USAF 94-0284 - Aviation Nation 2010 - Rehearsal - Nellis Air Force Base (LSV) - November 12, 2010 1 158 RT CRP

United States Air Force - Northrop Grumman E-8C Joint STARS (J-STARS) - USAF 94-0284 - Aviation Nation 2010 - Rehearsal - Nellis Air Force Base (LSV) - November 12, 2010 1 158 RT CRP

United States Air Force - Northrop Grumman E-8C (Boeing 707-338C) Joint Stars - USAF 94-0284 (c/n 19293/546/P-5)

This J-Stars aircraft began life as a standard passnger carrying Boeing 707 (707-338C) in 1967 when it was delivered brand new to Qantas Airways as VH-EBT "City of Bendigo." Then it would move on to British Midland Airways (BMA) as G-BFLE. While operated by BMA it would be leased by Air Algerie, Pakistan International Airlines Cargo (PIA Cargo), Arianna, and DETA - Direccao de Exploracao de Transportes Aereos (DETA - Linhas Aereas de Mocambique).

Burlington Air Express would be the aircraft's next operator (as N861BX) beginning in 1985 and into the early '90s, when it was also operated by Southern Air Transport. The last civilian registration it wore was N2178F, before the US Air Force purchased the airframe for conversion by Northrop Grumman into an E-8 Joint STARS (Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System) aircraft in 1994.

United States Lines ss United States

United States Lines ss United States

Vintage postcard of the United States Lines ss United States (53,300 tons). Published by Steelograph Co., One Broadway, New York.

roary the racing car toys united states

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