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Simple Wooden Toys

simple wooden toys

Giraffe on the "savannah"

Giraffe on the

This hand-carved wooden giraffe was a gift from a nurse who spent time at a clinic in South Africa. I started this shot with the general idea of creating some feel of afternoon on a savannah. I used gift packing for the "grass" and tried a few different backdrops at the house. When none of them worked, I remembered that I had a few sky pictures that may work as a composite. Shot from as low an angle as I could at the time, to feel a little more like I was looking up at the giraffe.

Strobist: Single 430ex in 28" softbox at about 4 or 5 o'clock. 1/2 CTO gel to warm the light. Low angle to give a sunset feel. I initially used a bare flash, to get a more sunlight-like hard source, but the gloss on the giraffe made for too uneven a reflection. My compromise was the softbox and a full-length highlight.

I am by no means a compositing expert (obviously), but it was fun to take a simple wooden toy and give it a different context.

Lessons learned: (1) If compositing is your thing, keep a file of interesting sky and background pictures. You never know when you might use them. (2) The highlight and background light directions need to be aligned in compositing. I didn't quite get that here. (3) Compositing hard edges is much easier than soft edges. (4) A longer lens and a more dramatic upward angle would have helped the illusion.

© 2011 Christopher D. Malin

[3/52] Memories

[3/52] Memories

Memories from my childood

Taken for the "52 of Twenty Eleven" project. Week #3. Theme: memories...

As a child I loved this simple wooden colorful toy, and I still do love it! When I pull it all the balls start moving, rotating, waving... so simple but cool.
This strange "snail" is still with me after so many years. While I was pulling it to take the photo, keeping in my hands the short string, I recognized how small I was!

One more thing!!! I forgot before! My mother says I should add this small story to this photo. So, when I was already about 22 23 years old my mother gave to the kids of the neighbors a box full of old toys from me and my sister. My mother took this "snail" thinking that it was not useful anymore. Biiiiig mistake! I realized immediately that the snail was gone ..and ... in short, I could not resist and I went to the neighbors to get my snail back ... I think they laughed a lot about me ;) :D

simple wooden toys

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