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Growing dinosaur toys. Old toys games.

Growing Dinosaur Toys

growing dinosaur toys

CEATEC 2008 - Pleo robot dinosaur

CEATEC 2008 - Pleo robot dinosaur

The Pleo is a cute little robot dinosaur which responds to touch. It walks, talks, ‘eats’ leaves, and will happily move when you stroke or pat him. Feedback sensors under the chin, feet and on the body get him walking and wriggling with glee. And a camera inside his head helps him spy dinner.
The Pleo develops his personality as he grows older – so the way you interact with him will affect his behaviour. He has four different states, ‘happy and curious’, ‘playful and lively’, ‘scared and surprised’, and ‘sad and vexed’. To get the best from him you need to ensure that he’s well fed, played with, and comforted when scared.
This robotic pet is delightful, and his movements are completely organic unlike some other robots. He would make a really unique toy/pet. Some of you will be wondering if this is the new Sony Aibo – and we think you’re right.
This was a popular display at CEATEC 2008 and judging by the crowds the Japanese will be buying the Pleo in droves. We’re sure that it’ll be a big hit this Christmas in the UK. If we had the money we’d be at the head of the queue for one - it’s now available online for ?300.

dinosaur jungle #stranglethorn vale

dinosaur jungle #stranglethorn vale

My kids' toys. I don't know why but I like these little dinos. Maybe because it's a mom and baby. They came in a cute Landrover-type jeep. (I had a thing for trucks and hot wheels when I was little. )

Clover is growing in the backyard like crazy. I LOVE clover so much more than grass. But it's also great for filling in the bald spots of a lawn. Sad it doesn't do all that well in our high summer temperatures.

First attempt at creating a fake medium format look. Made with approx 12 images. Had to fudge the fake a little bit. But fun to try anyway.

growing dinosaur toys

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