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Grand Country Inn Coupons

grand country inn coupons

    country inn
  • A public house, informally known as a pub and sometimes referred to as the 'local', is an establishment licensed to serve alcoholic drinks for consumption on the premises in countries and regions of British influence.; Subscription Required. Retrieved 03-07-08.

  • Limited service. Guest rooms are decorated with an at-home feeling, and specialized decor may include antiques. May lack some modern amenities such as TVs or phones. Offers a dining room which reflects the ambience of the inn. At a minimum, breakfast and dinner are served. Parking may be limited.

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Grand Canyon Watchtower at Desert View

Grand Canyon Watchtower at Desert View

The Watchtower at Desert View was built in 1932 by the Fred Harvey Company and Santa Fe Railroad. The architect was Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter. Primarily an observation station and convenient rest stop for Grand Canyon visitors, it was also intended to bring about a better understanding of the American Indian and his life in past and present.

The Watchtower is not a restoration or copy of any particular Indian building, but a re-creation of the strange prehistoric towers found scattered over large areas of the Southwest. Months of research by Mary Colter preceded the actual construction, which took three years. The finest examples fo masonry and design found in prehistoric ruins went into the structure. Built in harmony with the eroded canyon walls, as well as with the legendary lore of the land, the Watchtower seems a part of the rocky promontory from which it arises.

The ancient towers were used for the storage of food and for protection in times of war. By way of an inside ladder, the tribe could climb up to the several landing and, by removing the ladder, foil the attempts to storm the citadel. Attackers were forced to replace the ladder and to climb single-file through the small floor openings - not an easy feat if the defenders were waiting, tomahawk in hand.

Fred Harvey Trading Company - "The Watchtower Guide"

Grand Opening Haul n' Swag

Grand Opening Haul n' Swag

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I was unable to afford to go to Brickworld this year. However, part of the compensation for volunteering at the giant Yoda build for the Grand Opening festivities at the new Baybrook LEGO store was a 30% discount. Spending some of the money that would have been spent on Brickworld for more LEGO than I would have gotten otherwise was a good second prize.

They had sold out of Dwarf Mines, Battle Wheels, and Beach Houses, but I shall yet prevail.

grand country inn coupons

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