Find Lowest Hotel Rates

find lowest hotel rates

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Day 1: Pelling. Rabdentse Residency Hotel

Day 1: Pelling. Rabdentse Residency Hotel

Lonely Planet recommends this place. They were right about the service. The people who work there are very accommodating. The guy who worked the front desk always made sure My breakfast, lunch, and dinner was served at the exact time I specified, and even had his "man" find me fruit when my stomach couldn't handle the curry anymore. The first meal I ate in the restaurant downstairs, but it was awkward having the "in house servant" and manager watching and waiting on me hand on foot to the point of being uncomfortable. I ended up eating my meals in my room from then on. The manager also arranged a private driver for me at a lower rate than most were charging and always did everything with a smile on his face.

Crowne Plaza Springfield King Room

Crowne Plaza Springfield King Room

The Crowne Plaza - Springfield has newly upgraded bedding in all guest rooms, featuring plush comforters, feather pillows, and pillow-top matresses. Reserve your room now and have have the confidence you are receiving the lowest rate you can find on the Internet guaranteed. Crowne Plaza Hotel - Springfield Hotels Website

find lowest hotel rates

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