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Mom Baby Movies

mom baby movies

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mom baby movies - Great Sex

Great Sex for Moms: Ten Steps to Nurturing Passion While Raising Kids

Great Sex for Moms: Ten Steps to Nurturing Passion While Raising Kids

The only book from a physician-mom with warm, practical, and medically sound advice that will help moms reclaim their passion for sex
There's one thing that almost every mother knows but won't discuss: Sex drive diminishes after a baby is born, and it's a strle to reclaim passion in the years that follow.
In Great Sex for Moms Dr. Raskin brings the problem out into the open -- at last. From her fifteen years as a psychiatrist she knows that mothers silently rationalize that sex will return "after the baby sleeps through the night," then "when the children start having sleepovers," and then "once the kids go to college." And she believes that eighteen years is an awfully long time to wait.
Dr. Raskin reveals the reasons that women's bodies and minds betray them, resulting in a sleepy libido. The great news is that it's easier than you might think to wake it up. Insisting that a healthy parental sex life is in the children's best interests, Dr. Raskin shows you how to:
Overcome the feeling that you're the only one in America with a boring sex life
Leave your mother persona at the bedroom door to rescue your sexual self
Banish the inner censor and talk about sex with your partner
Stop frenzied, on-demand mothering so you can nourish your libido
Great Sex for Moms is perhaps the most important book a mother can read for nurturing her marriage, her children, and above all, her own sexuality.

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Bronx, NY - October 2010

My mom is the sweetest person on the face of the earth, and I hope that comes through in this photograph. She lost the love of her life 38 years ago and never remarried, although, that has never dampened her love of life and people.

I can remember being in a crowded movie theater when I was about eight years old. The movie, "It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world" was showing; her favorite. My sisters and I were about 10 rows in front of my mom and dad, and I can still remember her laughing so hard. She has a very distinct laugh.

She lost her eyesight gradually over the last 15 years to macular degeneration but that didn't stop her. Today she leads several organizations to bring awareness to age related vision loss.

Recently, she had sinus surgery to correct for a deviated septum which was causing sinus infections and adversely affecting the quality of her life. At 81, her doctors were both nervous to perform surgery, and impressed at her tenacity to go through with it. She had to visit so many specialists in order to get them to agree to perform surgery. Well, she did it, and she is so much happier now.

I'm happy that she's found a great place to live and be in NYC. I love to spend time with her, but must report that I resent the fact that I have to pass Yankee Stadium on the "4" line to visit her. And if you have a problem with that... BRING IT ON! Let's Go Met's!



Uncle WN brought his DV along to record the proceedings. Unfortunately videocams don't like low light much. A little iMovie massaging helps.

mom baby movies

mom baby movies

The Method - Baby & Mom Pre-Natal Yoga [VHS]

Relaxing, strengthening, and allowing oneself to feel rather than think have long been associated with ancient yoga practice. Instructor Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa expertly ties this essential combination of physical experiences together in a gentle exercise video for pregnant women of all fitness levels. Prior to the 45-minute routine, Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa discusses the role of yoga in helping with pregnancy; the calm and security that develop through guided breathing and gentle movement are transferred from the mother's body to her growing baby. The nonimpact routine itself provides ample warm-up, toning, and conditioning portions, as well as a deep, head-to-toe relaxation and visualization segment. Ten pregnant students (all pleasantly unrehearsed) stretch, bend, and learn along with the viewer, to the peaceful sounds of a live band consisting of wood flute, bass, quiet drum, and shimmering bells. Every bit as enriching for the soul as it is for the body. --Liane Thomas

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