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Chief Air Ticket

chief air ticket

    air ticket
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chief air ticket - Chief



To some modern country artists, the words critics are using to describe Eric Church's third studio album may seem off-putting, but to the trailblazing mutineer and his equally passionate fans, the terms: "strange," "aggressive," "wild," and "rare," couldn't be more complimentary. Church's third studio album, Chief, has been buzzing as the most experiential, head-turning country album of the year.

"I have a theory that all of us [artists] only get a small window of time to make records when people will really listen and care," said Church. "It's up to us to move the needle. People like Waylon and Cash or Garth and Strait,-- they all took the format and said, We're going over here,' and they each changed the direction of the music a little bit-- helping to make it what it is today."

That desire to move the needle is the very reason Church has chosen to use the successes of six Top 20 country singles ("How Bout You," "Two Pink Lines," and "Guys Like Me" from his 2006 critically-acclaimed debut, Sinners Like Me; "Love Your Love The Most," "Hell On The Heart," and "Smoke A Little Smoke" from his sophomore release Carolina) and an ACM Award for New Solo Vocalist of the Year to push the creative envelope even further with Chief. Church took a month off and went to a secluded cabin in North Carolina to reflect and write the entire album which he later recorded in Nashville with producer, Jay Joyce (Patty Griffin, Cage the Elephant), who also produced his previous two releases.

The songs that resulted from the diversion illustrate Church's impressive range and infinite creative canvas. Songs like "Drink in My Hand" and "Hungover & Hard Up," illustrate his ability to connect with a rowdy audience. Other songs like "Springsteen" and "Like Jesus Does," reveal a deeper emotions complemented by sophisticated song structures; and then there's "Homeboy" the provocative lead single and Church's fastest-rising career single to date-- that's already turning heads and causing critics from USA Today and Billboard to champion the release.

The "alive and breathing" feel of the new music inspired Church to name the album, Chief, after a nickname given to his grandfather, and one he has consequently adopted over the years out on the road. "When it's show time, I put on the sunglasses and the hat, and that's how people know it's game time. This album was made from a live place; we recorded it with the live show in mind, so it just seemed right to make that the title," he adds.

With the release of his third studio album, Church hasn't forgotten the true captains of his career his loyal fans. "More than anyone else, we have built are career on the backs of the fans," he says. "We have not had a lot of TV exposure or number one songs, but we have had music that stirs passion, we put on shows that stoke the flames of that passion, and our fans have carried the torch. Our music belongs to them."

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Archer County Fire

Archer County Fire

There is rule in medivac flying that states that the pilot is not to know who the patient is (or their condition) prior to making the decision as to whether the weather is suitable for flying. On this day, we were yellow for weather due to turbulence, high surface winds, and high winds aloft. None of it was forecasted to be over our limits, but was going to be near limits the entire last half of my shift. Well, thanks to my flight medic, that rule went out the window this day.

Lewis is the Assistant Chief of a local Volunteer Fire Department and routinely had his fire radio turned on in his room to keep up to speed on what was going on in the local area. We were all aware of the fact that there was a large grass fire burning in Archer County and were spring loaded to respond to a call in case something happened. As I was relaxing in the pilot's room, Lewis came in and with all the excitement that he could muster, said, "We gotta go, there's been an accident and a firefighters injured!!!!!" (Yes, he did speak with five exclamation points). What he should have done was come in and ask for a weather check for Archer County so that I would have been able to check the current conditions. If things had happened as they should have, I would have turned to flight down as not only was the surface winds right at my limits, the winds at 500' above the surface was in excess of 40 knots with moderate turbulence. Instead, I quickly donned my shining armor and we all ran to the helicopter to defy gravity and save his life!

Almost immediately upon getting airborne, Jim (a highly experienced flight nurse) said, "Doug, if this is too much we can go back and land." Looking back, I think that was his way of saying that this may be too much for his comfort level. While we were getting our backsides bounced around pretty good and I don't think that neither Jim nor Lewis would have been disappointed if I had gone back to the pad, I said that things were manageable and that, "We are going to go and get this guy."

I've been a pilot for more than thirty years and have thousands of hours of flight time in both airplanes and helicopters...can I tell you that I've never had a rougher ride than I did that day. While we were in no danger of an accident happening, I had my hands full from the moment we took off until the second that we landed. I had to keep our airspeed down to reduce the effects of the turbulence, but we got there quickly due to a high tailwind. Unfortunately, that meant slow going back to the hospital as that tailwind became a headwind on the way back.

I started thinking about the approach and landing while on the flight back and knew that we were looking at a potential problem. The pad is a ground pad on the north side of the six story hospital and the winds on the surface was a good 30 knots straight out of the north. This would require a very steep approach from the south right over the hospital. Because of the airflow over and around the building, the turbulence created by this alone may make the required approach path unusable. I had Lewis call and have an ambulance on stand by at Kickapoo Airport in case we needed to divert.

I shot what had to have been my slowest approach that I have ever done and stayed right on my approach path all the way to the pad. As soon as the skids touched the ground, I rolled the throttle to idle and stated, "I need a beer!" As Jim and Lewis got the patient to the ER, I briefed the oncoming pilot (it was now the end of my shift) about the weather conditions and advised that he wait before going to the airport to refuel (he readily took my advice).

While I was taking care of things from the flight, Jim returned from the ER and handed me a five dollar bill. I asked him what it was for and he said, "First beer's on me tonight." I thanked him for the thought and after finishing my paperwork went to the ER to see how our patient was doing. Everyone that I saw there said that they were shocked that we were flying in the wind that day. I told them all that while it was an E-Ticket ride, it was one that I never really would want to do again.

I found out later that for all his years as a flight medic, Lewis said that was the only time that he was ever afraid in a helicopter. I told him that is what he gets for not following protocol and asking for a weather check!

In this shot you can see the smoke from the fire and the ambulance where is patient and medcrew is located as they prep the patient for the flight back to United Regional Healthcare in Wichita Falls, Texas. I had to twist around in my seat and reach my arm back with the camera in my hand and shoot through the open litter door of our trusty Bell 206 LongRanger IIIE.

The New Archer Fire burned in excess of 7,400 acres in both Archer and Young Counties.

This image is © Douglas Bawden Photography, please do not use without prior permission.

Enjoy my photos and please feel free

An Evening with Midian's Finest

An Evening with Midian's Finest

Mitz and I harassing some MPD. Had good fun with this scene :)

[6:44] Ashur Kentoku walks up to Jazon and pokes him in the chest with a claw...` I hear ya been messing with my Mitzy here!` she mews, grinning. `Seems you accuse her of blowing up the MPD. Is that right?`

[6:45] Jazon Checchinato nods "Indeed I have, because it's true..."

[6:45] Ashur Kentoku snorts...`So wheres your evidence, mm?`

[6:45] Mitz Xi walks up too as she looks at his tail..."Yeah he come in to TZ and hit on me... like a dog in heat"

[6:46] Jazon Checchinato turns some so his tail is out of view "My evidence is the chief nearly being killed, and her behavior when we brought her in for holding"

[6:47] Ashur Kentoku laughs....`Typical MPD response. I should have expected no less. Pathetic. Well, shes here. So why not arrest her?`

[6:47] Ashur Kentoku tilts her head, eyebrow raised...

[6:47] You: `Well? If you`re SO RIGHT, why not arrest her?`

[6:47] Jazon Checchinato shrugs "Because I ain't as stupid as many people think I am, for one.. I'm out numbered"

[6:47] Ashur Kentoku laughs again...

[6:48] You: `Aww.....` she mews. `But Iz jus a liddle girl! Surely I cant hurt ya!`

[6:48] Mitz Xi: "Lets see... I walked into the station.. on my own.. with no cuffs on... and your bitch chief swings a baton at me? Is that how you question people nowadays.. then maybe I should be beating the shit out of you now"

[6:49] You: `They thugs, Mitz. Its an MPD thing...`

[6:49] Jazon Checchinato looks to Ashur "Once more.. do you really think I'm stupid?"

[6:49] Ashur Kentoku looks back at Jazon...`Actually yes, I do.`

[6:49] Mitz Xi: Oh... so MPD is not real cops

[6:49] You: `Cos your so-called evidence is a joke, and so are you.`

[6:49] Jazon Checchinato shrugs "Don't see why ya do... I seem to recall helping your family when you were a Commander in the Catwalker pride.."

[6:50] Mitz Xi: "Ooooo he didn't just go there!"

[6:50] You: `What would you know about me? I never seen you around until recently`

[6:51] Jazon Checchinato blinks "I was the one who helped your family find out who murdered Chisaki.."

[6:51] Mitz Xi: Chi Chi?

[6:52] Ashur Kentoku makes a face...`Well good for you. Is that supposed to vindicate you?`

[6:52] You: `And the whole MPD is a joke actually. I dont think Ive ever seen them complete a police action successfully in the years Ive been here.`

[6:53] Mitz Xi: Wait.. I know what we will do... how about.. we lock this officer into a a tiny room.. with three of us.. and see how long he lasts...

[6:53] Jazon Checchinato quirks an eyebrow "Three of you?"

[6:53] Ashur Kentoku grins...`Well, I already know the answer to that...but its an entertaining thought...`

[6:54] Mitz Xi: you have no idea who you are fucking with... and with Chang comes... ....

[6:54] Artika Muliaina stops and stares at the amazing cafe-on-wheels that has appeared by the taxistand.

[6:54] Mitz Xi shivers at the thought of Chang

[6:55] Ashur Kentoku blinks at Mitz words, looking uncomfortable at the mention of Chang, the name she hasnt heard for so long...

[6:55] Jazon Checchinato narrows his eyes and stares at Mitz "You honestly think a wannabe cat can intimidate me? I've dealt with people twice your size, been smacked around by a biomech, curbstomped by the fookin' Warden..."

[6:56] Mitz Xi: You think that impresses me? I fought a bio-mech war machine for six hours... I held my own against that wWrden.. have I fought two others before him... and you are a wannabe cop

[6:57] Mitz Xi: run about whimpering like a dog... writing tickets... that is all you are good for

[6:57] Ashur Kentoku sighs...`See? I was right ARE dumb! Thinking you can dismiss Mitz like that!?`

[6:57] Jazon Checchinato laughs "I actualy think another thing I was quite good with was putting bullets in you as you were being carried off"

[6:58] Mitz Xi smiles as she clenchs her tiny fists... her eyes narrow on Jazon...

[6:59] Mitz Xi: "You don't want to see me pissed off... six one three will not stop until you are not breathing"

[6:59] Ashur Kentoku recognizes Mitz`s behaviour and relaxes subtly as she watches....

[7:00] Artika Muliaina half listens to Mitz and Ashur and Jazon as she walks to the entrance as if drawn there... she isnt really hungry, and not for anything the cafe would sell anyway, but it would just be... cool to sit in the back, she thinks, stepping up to the ramp with a smirk. "Hello," she says to Zoe, stepping on. "This is your cafe, yes?"

[7:00] Zoe Calvert: "Tat's right! Pleased to met you"

[7:01] Jazon Checchinato shrug again "Righto... now.. how about them Packers?" he smirks, not realy in a mood to prove why he's ben entrusted with as many opperations as he has been

[7:03] Artika Muliaina looks arou

chief air ticket

chief air ticket

Modern Rituals

In 2008 the members of Chief finished school, left New York City and returned home to the west coast with their suitcases stuffed full of soaring melodies, shimmering guitars, lovelorn lyrics and heart-stopping harmonies. Their debut album, Modern Rituals, is as rich and expansive as it is personal and intricate. This is a record so teeming with joyful desperation that youa TMll want to hold onto it with all your might. Modern Rituals is not only a radiant, cohesive and effortlessly captivating introduction to a formidable new band, ita TMs a contender for most contagious album of the year.

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