Kids Makeup Sets

kids makeup sets

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kids makeup sets - Pink Junior

Pink Junior Physician Outfit with Lab Coat, Scrub Set, and Stethoscope, Size 6/8

Pink Junior Physician Outfit with Lab Coat, Scrub Set, and Stethoscope,  Size 6/8

Aeromax Pink Junior Physician Outfit with Lab Coat, Scrub Set, and Stethoscope, Size 6/8

Looks and feels like the real deal!
Includes realistic lab coat, working stethoscope, scrub set with hat, mask, top, bottom, and shoe covers
Pink scrub set has that sterile look that is perfect for the operating room!
This suit is size 6/8, weight 48-62 lbs, and height 42-50"
Pretend play encourages creativity, role playing and imagination in children of all ages!
Get Real Gear - Dress Up for Kids! The Doctor will see you now! Or pretend you are a real surgeon!

Product Measures: 0.0 IN x 0.0 IN x 0.0 IN

88% (14)



foto di scena sul set de "L'imprevisto", cortometraggio di Nicola Martini - produzione Laboratorio Creativo MUD

backstage photo on the set of "L'imprevisto", a short film by Nicola Martini - produced by Laboratorio Creativo MUD

Kids' Consumables Swap

Kids' Consumables Swap

I'm sending this one out today too. My swap partner's daughter is 13 and likes fun, funky, girly things and making jewelry. :)

kids makeup sets

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