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Cheap Fly To Greece

cheap fly to greece

    to greece
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cheap fly to greece - The Rough

The Rough Guide to Greece 12 (Rough Guide Travel Guides)

The Rough Guide to Greece 12 (Rough Guide Travel Guides)

Make the most of your time with The Rough Guide to Greece, the ultimate handbook to the Greek mainland and islands – right down to the tiniest one-village outcrops. Flick through the full-colour section for an overview of all of Greece''s highlights, from Mount Pilio''s lush countryside and Prespa''s beautiful lakes to the fish market in Thessaloniki and the famous oracle site in Delphi. There are three full-colour sections: Greek cuisine, Wild Greece and Orthodox Festivals, hundreds of reviews of all the best places to eat, drink and sleep, for all budgets, plus practical tips on a wide range of activities, from bird-watching and windsurfing to hiking and cycling. The guide also takes a detailed look at the country''s history, culture, mythology and wildlife and comes complete with maps and plans for every region.

85% (14)

My new Italian Stallion

My new Italian Stallion

Unlike in southern European countries like Italy and Greece, scooters are not the number one way of inner city transportation here in Holland. Quite a shame, since they are a whole lot faster than cars in the alley-rich European city centres, cheaper in fuel consumption, and easier to park. Off course Holland is an exception, since 99% of the population also rides a bicycle.

In Holland, scooters are usually associated with 16-year olds, making a lot of lawnmower-like noises and ignoring other traffic.

Ever since the fuel prices have gone beserk, scooters are gaining in popularity. It's stylish Italian scooters like retro Vespas that rule the sales charts now, since these beauties not only look great but also are low on fuel (1 litre for 40kms is no exception). Unfortunately, they're expensive as hell.

I bought myself this 2007 Piaggio Fly 50cc 4-stroke scooter, as an alternative for city transportation when we will move to rural Lisse within 4 months from now, besides my bicycle and our car. Ever since I picked it up last week, I grab every oportunity to drive it around to any place, anywhere. I love it! It has one downside however - my fysical condition goes down the hill even faster than my brandnew scooter...

20th June 2011: First Mythos!

20th June 2011: First Mythos!

And so to Greece. We didn't fly till the afternoon, so we spent our morning wandering around London before we headed for Gatwick. Again. A few hours later we were in Corfu, at our cheap and cheerful hotel across from the port. A quick trip out to find sustenance and then we were back on our balcony with some cans of Mythos and a couple of Gyros. Then it was off to bed, because the next morning we would be catching that ferry that you can see in the distance there to head for the tiny island of Paxos.

cheap fly to greece

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