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Circulation Pump For Hot Water : Ministry Of Sound Pump It Up Workout

Circulation Pump For Hot Water

circulation pump for hot water

Hot Water Cornbread

Hot Water Cornbread

I’m not going to go into the history of cornbread here but I would like to share some things I think are important. Cornbread is comfort food that goes with everything southern. It is a staple down here like buttermilk, purple hull peas, okra, and sweet tea. When I was growing up my mother made cornbread in a large cast iron skillet or in the cast iron cornbread pan that made individual sticks in the shape of an ear of corn—they were baked in the oven using bacon drippings and oil as grease....but sometimes she made these little hot water cornbreads. However they are made they should be crunchy on the bottom and crumbly inside, not sticky or cake-like.

It is sad to me that there are so many recipes on the internet that are called ‘Southern’ Cornbread that aren’t really southern and my northern friends won’t know the difference if they haven’t been here for it. While there are a gazillion ways to make it real Southern Cornbread does NOT HAVE SUGAR in it….none of us would do such a thing. Cornbread down here is made to accompany a meal --We save all that sugar for our Iced Tea and dessert. I think another difference between Northern and Southern Cornbread is the amount of flour added…southern cornbread has much less if any is used at all.

Hot water cornbread is super easy to make and the ingredients are simple. It’s best to get the oil in the skillet good and hot so they’ll be crisp on the outside…have it heating before you mix the batter.

2 Cups cornmeal, preferably white
Dash of salt
1 ? Cups boiling water

Vegetable oil (or bacon drippings plus oil) for frying

Put your cornmeal and salt in a heatproof bowl and add the boiling water and stir. When it is mixed and cool enough to handle but still warm form it into little patties a couple of inches across. Test the oil by adding a drop of the batter, if it sizzles it is ready. As you make the patties slide them into the hot oil and fry till golden brown, turning once. Drain the excess oil on layered paper towels.

~Remember, I never said this was healthy. We normally use white cornmeal but I was out so I used yellow here

hot water bottle

hot water bottle

Machine pieced and machine quilted hot water bottle cover. I can't remember how many years ago I made this and it's now looking a little worse for wear. The woollen wadding means that this baby keeps my toes warm all night and is still warm to touch in the morning.

circulation pump for hot water

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