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Hiring Flight Instructors

hiring flight instructors

    flight instructors
  • (Flight instructor) A flight instructor is a person who teaches others to fly aircraft. Specific privileges granted to holders of a flight instructor qualification vary from country to country, but very generally, a flight instructor serves to enhance or evaluate the knowledge and skill level of

  • (FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR) Der Timenbuilder mit less den 1000 Hrs Multienginefliegen. Teachen Dummkopfs to Fliegen vile Waitenwatchen fur der Letter mit der Joboffering von United

  • Make oneself available for temporary employment

  • engage or hire for work; "They hired two new secretaries in the department"; "How many people has she employed?"

  • (hire) rent: hold under a lease or rental agreement; of goods and services

  • Employ (someone) for wages

  • Employ for a short time to do a particular job

  • (hire) a newly hired employee; "the new hires need special training"

hiring flight instructors - Flight Instructor

Flight Instructor Flight Maneuvers

Flight Instructor Flight Maneuvers

Our latest edition of our Flight Instructor Flight Maneuvers book is completely updated to contain all the revised FAA Practical Test Standards for the Flight Instructor practical test. Don't get caught with old information. Also included in this latest edition is the Gleim practical test Oral Exam Guide. This includes a listing of the most common questions asked by Pilot Examiners during the oral portion of the practical test. This is all presented in the easy-to-study Gleim question/answer format.

84% (19)

Perry Young, Airline Captain, Aviation Trailblazer

Perry Young, Airline Captain,  Aviation Trailblazer

Perry H. Young Jr., an aviator whose career spanned more than 50 years and who was the first African-American pilot for a commercial airline in the United States, died on Nov. 8 at the Horton Medical Center in Middletown, N.Y. He was 79.

Mr. Young, who lived in Pine Bush, N.Y., had cancer, said his wife, Shakeh Young.

His historic flight occurred on Feb. 5, 1957. With Mr. Young as the copilot, a 12-passenger New York Airways helicopter rose three feet, hovered gently for a moment, then soared straight up from La Guardia Airport. Nine minutes later, the snub-nose helicopter landed at Idlewild Airport, ending the racist notion ''that blacks could not fly,'' said Perry Jones, the former chairman of the Organization of Black Airline Pilots.

Up to that point, commercial airlines had refused to hire blacks in any on-board capacity, even though African-Americans had distinguished themselves as capable aviators during World War II.

During the war, Mr. Young had also been one of the first black flight instructors in the United States Army Air Corps. Assigned to the 99th Pursuit Squadron, a black unit, he taught more than 150 pilots, many of whom saw action during the war. The squadron was highly decorated and went on to become part of the Tuskegee Airmen.

''Very few of us knew anything about flying -- few blacks did -- and we thought our instructors were going to be white,'' said Lee A. Archer, 77, an African-American fighter pilot who destroyed more enemy planes than any other in the squadron. ''When I saw men like Perry Young, I was surprised and proud. They were like minor gods to me.''

After the war, when the commercial industry was unwilling to open its doors, Mr. Young went to the Caribbean to fly. Over the next 10 years, he was in Haiti, Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands, working in various capacities: the owner and operator of his own commercial flight service, a contract pilot and a flight mechanic. During that time he earned his helicopter pilot's license.

In December 1956, 17 years after he had earned his first pilot's license, Mr. Young was hired by New York Airways in an aggressive campaign to break the color barrier in the commercial airline business. Within months, he rose to captain and flew with the company for 23 years until it declared bankruptcy in 1979.

''He was both an airplane and helicopter pilot,'' said Mr. Jones, 63. ''He would have preferred to fly planes. But at that time, if your skin was dark, so were your chances of becoming a pilot of any kind.''

After Mr. Young was hired by New York Airways, other men became emboldened to challenge the status quo. Marlon Green, a former Air Force captain, took Continental Airlines all the way to the Supreme Court in 1963, winning a landmark judgment that opened interstate commercial airlines to black pilots.

Mr. Young took his first airplane ride in July 1937 in his hometown of Oberlin, Ohio, just days after Amelia Earhart had disappeared while trying to fly around the globe.

After that first ride, Mr. Young began taking flying lessons. He worked odd jobs while attending courses at Oberlin College, earning $9 a week to pay for flying lessons that cost $5.25 for 20 minutes. He earned his private pilot's license in 1939 and dropped out of college a year later to pursue a career in aviation.

''It was not easy,'' Mrs. Young said. ''There was a lot of hurt but he never wore it on his sleeve.''

Besides his wife, Mr. Young is survived by a son, Perry H. Young 3d of New York City; a daughter, Linda Young Ribeiro of Accra, Ghana, and three grandchildren.

"When you see a hot-air balloon going by, you immediately turn and look in awe. No matter what you're doing, you just want to look at them. Balloons have always been a great attraction" ~

~Frank Ferraro ~

Flying hot air balloons at the Balloon Fest at the airport in New Smyrna Beach ~



In the United States, a pilot of a hot air balloon must have a pilot certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and it must carry the rating of "Lighter-than-air free balloon", and unless the pilot is also qualified to fly gas balloons, will also carry this limitation: "Limited to hot air balloons with airborne heater". A pilot does not need a license to fly an ultralight aircraft, but training is highly advised, and some hot air balloons meet the criteria.

To carry paying passengers for hire (and attend some balloon festivals), a pilot must have a commercial pilot certificate. Commercial hot air balloon pilots may also act as hot air balloon flight instructors. While most balloon pilots fly for the pure joy of floating through the air, many are able to make a living as a professional balloon pilot. Some professional pilots fly commercial passenger sightseeing flights, while others fly corporate advertising balloons.

In the UK, the person in command must hold a valid Private Pilot's License issued by the Civil Aviation Authority specifically for ballooning; this is known as the PPL(B). There are two types of commercial balloon licences: CPL(B) Restricted and CPL(B) (Full). The CPL(B) Restricted is required if the pilot is undertaking work for a sponsor or being paid by an external agent to operate a balloon. The pilot can fly a sponsored balloon with everything paid for with a PPL unless asked to attend any event. Then a CPL(B) Restricted is required. The CPL(B) is required if the pilot is flying passengers for money. The balloon then needs a transport category C of A (certificate of air worthiness). If the pilot is only flying sponsor's guests, and not charging money for flying other passengers, then the pilot is exempted from holding an AOC (air operator's certificate) though a copy of it is required. For passenger flying, the balloon also requires a maintenance log.

In Australia, a commercial operation must operate with a nominated Chief Pilot and under an Air Operators Certificate from the Australian Civil Aviation and Safety Authority (CASA). Pilots must have different levels of experience before they are allowed to progress to larger balloons. Hot air balloons must be registered aircraft with the CASA and are subject to regular airworthiness checks by authorised personnel.

hiring flight instructors

hiring flight instructors

Flight Instructor's Pocket Companion

Hone your teachning skills, power-up your expertise, and turn out better, safer pilots with this long-awaited expert guide to effective flight instruction. It thoroughly covers beginning flight instruction, advanced flight instruction, and instrument instruction. Drawn from years of flight training experience, it gives you complete lessons in flying essentials, coverage of all important maneuvers; powerful tools for teachning technical knowledge; help with teaching stall and other emergency procedures; a wealth of point-making examples and case histories; and much, much more. There's no other flight training manual as thorough, as authoritative, as comprehensive, or as useful as this one. For enriching, updating, expanding, and polishing your teaching style and knowledge base, this is one reference you'll turn to again and again.

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