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Charter Flights To Italy - Flights From The Caribbean - Sell Airline Tickets Online.

Charter Flights To Italy

charter flights to italy

    charter flights
  • A charter airline, also sometimes referred to as an air taxi, operates aircraft on a charter basis, that is flights that take place outside normal schedules, by a hiring arrangement with a particular customer.

  • A flight by an aircraft chartered for a specific trip, not part of an airline's regular schedule

  • (Charter flight) flights organized directly from the departure location to the destination without any intermediate  stops, usually these flights don't operate on a previously fixed schedule and have less room inside for passengers

  • (italian) of or pertaining to or characteristic of Italy or its people or culture or language; "Italian cooking"

  • A country in southern Europe; pop. 58,057,000; capital, Rome; official language, Italian. Italian name Italia

  • a republic in southern Europe on the Italian Peninsula; was the core of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire between the 4th century BC and the 5th century AD

  • (italian) the Romance language spoken in Italy

charter flights to italy - Italian Survival

Italian Survival Guide: The Language and Culture You Need to Travel with Confidence in Italy

Italian Survival Guide: The Language and Culture You Need to Travel with Confidence in Italy

Italian Survival Guide is a down-to-earth, bare-bones introduction to Italian that aims to make a trip abroad as smooth and enjoyable as possible. This information-packed mini-course concentrates on preparing readers to travel in Italy in a limited time by focusing on what is most useful or interesting to travelers and cutting out unnecessary vocabulary and grammar.
This Survival Guide helps readers communicate in the Italian language and culture. It prepares travelers for what to expect and how to deal with it, what to say and when to say it. It's like three books in one--a phrase book (so you know what to say), a grammar book (so you know how to say it), and a culture book (so you understand daily social expectations)--all focused on a traveler's needs.
Learn how to greet people and introduce yourself in Italian, how to line up lodging, order food and pay properly, how to shop and ask for directions in Italian, how to drive a car or take the train in Italy, how to get help in an emergency or talk about your family or discuss the weather, and much, much more!
Get key insights into Italian social conventions: how to talk to people, how to avoid taboo subjects, how not to look like a tourist, how to tip, how to have good table manners, how to be a gracious guest, how to discourage unwanted admirers, how to overcome poor customer service, how to avoid petty crime.
Discover the fine points of city buses, grocery stores, train stations and coffee shops. Read how to achieve la bella figura--the style and classiness Italians prize. Learn gestures and geography and how to pronounce Giorgio.
Italian Survival Guide is packed with culture notes, study tips, travel hints, and reality checks galore. It includes optional exercises for practicing material from the lessons, Italian-English and English-Italian dictionaries, and inside-the-cover Survival Summaries travelers can use on the spot. In addition, Italian pronunciations are written throughout the book, so users always have guidance on how to pronounce new words and phrases. Includes an extensive index to help readers find the topics they want, fast. All this packed into one volume small enough to tuck into a bag and take along.

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9/2010 "On the road to " Diafani


9/2010 "On the road to " Diafani... what an incredible landscape....Olympus.

...ja sitten noin 40 minuutin ajon jalkeen kippuraisella, teravakivisella vuoristotiella nakyi kaupunki vuoren rinteella...Olympus.

Hieman ennen Olympuksen nakymista tosin tie parani ja sinne tuotiin autokuormittain maa-ainesta Diafanista....kuorma-auton ajaessa polyyntyi koko tieosuus ja nakyvyys oli...0.
Kylla taman tien henkiloautollakin ajaisi...en tosin omalla, kivien teravyys ja kuopat vaativat hiljaa ajamaista.

Tietyo eli huonokuntoinen tien osuus valilla Spoa - Olympus on 18 km.

Jos haluaa nauttia polyttomasta, ilmastoidusta kulkemisesta....joku kovakattojeeppi, kuten Grand Vitara tms olisi ehka paikallaan. Toisaalta polyt voi huuhdella illalla myos kurkusta pois...."miso kilo aspro krasilla....paragallo." Tai vastavalla.


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Coordinates: 35°35?N 27°08?E? / ?35.583°N 27.133°E? / 35.583; 27.133
Island chain: Dodecanese
Total isles: 7
Area: 324.800 km? (125 sq.mi.)
Highest mountain: Mt. Lastos (1,215 m (3,986 ft))
Periphery: South Aegean
Prefecture: Dodecanese
Capital: Pigadia
Population: 6,511 (as of 2001)
Density: 20 /km? (52 /sq.mi.)
Postal code: 857 00
Area code: 22450
License code: ??, ??, PK
Karpathos (Greek: ????????) is the second largest of the Greek Dodecanese islands, in the southeastern Aegean Sea. The island includes the municipality of Karpathos plus the community of Olympos. Part of Olympos also extends north to the neighboring Saria Island. From its remote position Karpathos has preserved many peculiarities of dress, customs and dialect, the last resembling those of Crete and Cyprus. The island has also been called Latin: Carpathus, Italian: Scarpanto, Turkish: Kerpe.


Olymbos, the traditional "Chora" of KarpathosThe island is located about 47 kilometers southwest of Rhodes, in the part of the Mediterranean which is called, after it, the Carpathian Sea (Latin: Carpathium Mare). Karpathos comprises 10 villages. All villages preserve intensively the traditional style of the island. In the southeast of the island you can find Pigadia (Officially: Karpathos City), capital and main port of the island. The capital is surrounded by the villages of Menetes, Arkasa, Aperi, Volada, Othos, and Pyles. In the North one can find Mesochori, Spoa and Olymbos the last village in the North of the island, of great folkloric and architectural interest. There are two ports in the island; one is in the town of Karpathos and the other in the north of the island next to Olympos named Diafani.

[edit] History

The building of the district administration of the island of Karpathos in PigadiaThe island was both in ancient and medieval times closely connected with Rhodes. Its current name is mentioned, with a slight shift of one letter, in Homer's Iliad as Krapathos (?? ?'??? ??????? ?'????? ???????? ?? ????? ??). Besides, the island is mentioned by Virgil, Pliny the Elder and Strabo. Karpathians fought with Sparta in the Peloponnesian War in 431 BC and lost their independence to Rhodes in 400 BC. In 42 BC the island fell to Rome. After the division of the roman Empire the island joined the Byzantine Empire. By 1304 Karpathos was given as fief by the Emperor to the Genoese corsairs Andrea and Lodovico Moresco, but in 1306 it fell under Andrea Cornaro, a member of the noble Venetian Cornaro family.[1] The Cornaro controlled Karpathos until 1538, when it finally passed into the possession of the Ottoman Turks. Under the Ottomans the island decayed deeply.[1]

In the years 1821-22, during the Greek War of Independence, the island could free itself, but afterward it fell again under the Ottoman rule.[1] In 1835 Sultan Mahmud II conceded to the island the privilege of the Maktu tax system, that is its tax burden was calculated as an annual lump sum, and not on an household basis.[1] The Ottoman rule ended on May 12, 1912, when the Italians conquered the island, together with the whole Dodecanese, during the Italo-Turkish War of 1911-12. On that day sailors of the Regia Marina ship Vittorio Emanuele and the destroyer Alpino landed in Karpathos.[1] With the Treaty of Lausanne of 1923 Karpathos joined the other islands of the Dodecanese in the Italian possession of the Isole Italiane dell'Egeo,[1] and was ceded by Italy to Greece with the Paris Peace Treaties of 1947. The island formally joined the Greek State on 7 March 1948, together with the other Dodecanese islands.

Despite such a scattered past, the last half century has been pivotal in the development of the island's character. A war-ravaged economy sent many a Karpathian to the U.S. eastern seaboard cities; Karpathos today has a significant Greek-American constituency who have returned to their beloved island and invested heavily. As a resu

UNHCR News Story: Thousands of people flown home from Tunisia as evacuation begins

UNHCR News Story: Thousands of people flown home from Tunisia as evacuation begins

UNHCR has been erecting tents at a new transit camp for those arriving at the border post of Ras Adjir. These provide shelter from the cold while they wait for onward transportation.
UNHCR / A. Duclos / 28 February 2011

Thousands of people flown home from Tunisia as evacuation begins

GENEVA, March 3 (UNHCR) – An operation to evacuate tens of thousands of people from the Tunisian border and fly them home was under way on Wednesday. Under a programme led by UNHCR and the International Organization for Migration (IOM), more than 50 flights were planned on Thursday to take migrant workers, mostly Egyptians, back home. UNHCR flew home 177 people to Egypt on a first flight Wednesday evening.

Egypt was organizing about 30 of the flights. France, Italy and the United Kingdom were all contributing to the airlift, while UNHCR and the IOM are both chartering flights. The Tunisian government had said on Wednesday that some 25,000 people at the border were in urgent need of onward transport.

UN High Commissioner Antonio Guterres, describing the evacuation as a "logistics nightmare," told the British Broadcasting Corporation on Thursday. "Rich countries have brought home their nationals. Now it is time to help people from poor nations to return home."

Since anti-government protests in Libya descended into violence in mid-February, more than 90,000 people are believed to have fled from western Libya into Tunisia and some 80,000 to Egypt. In the 24 hours up to 8am on Thursday, an estimated 9,000 people crossed into Tunisia.

UNHCR staff at the border said the inflow was continuing on Thursday, but at a greatly reduced rate. It is not clear whether people were being prevented from leaving Libya.

Most of the arrivals have been from Egypt in a country where some 1.5 million migrant workers were employed before the violent split in Libya. Although about three-quarters of the Egyptians have been repatriated, some 12,000 Egyptians remain in Tunisia. UNHCR staff have seen people from more than 20 other countries at the border, including more than 5,300 Bangladeshis who have crossed in the past 24 hours. .

Guterres on Thursday reiterated his concern for people of concern to UNHCR inside Libya. More than 8,000 refugees and 3,000 asylum-seekers are registered with UNHCR in Libya, but the real figure is believed to be higher.

The High Commissioner said UNHCR was talking to resettlement countries to try to find solutions for the refugees in Libya as well as those who had managed to flee the country, including civilians from Somalia and Eritrea. People from sub-Saharan Africa have been arrested in Libya because of rumours that they could be mercenaries.

Meanwhile, UNHCR continues to move tents and other relief items to the border, where a tented camp has sprung up at a new transit centre established by the Tunisian authorities. At least 10,000 people stayed in the camp on Wednesday night. "We hope to double this capacity in the coming couple of days," said UNHCR spokesperson Sybella Wilkes in Geneva.

On the other side of Libya, people have also been crossing to Egypt since the crisis erupted, but the scenes at the Libya-Egypt border are far more orderly. About 6,000 people crossed into Egypt at the Sallum border post on Wednesday, according to UNHCR staff.

They included a large convoy of Egyptians who came from western Libya. UNHCR, with help from the military, distributed 400 food packages to people stranded at the border. UNHCR staff have heard several accounts from Tunisians and Egyptians that they feared being targetted in Libya.

UNHCR is expected to launch a supplementary appeal later this week for US$18 million to fund its emergency response programme for Libya.

charter flights to italy

charter flights to italy

100 Places in Italy Every Woman Should Go (Travelers' Tales)

It s an undeniable fact that traveling to Italy is a dream for many women. While many travel guides offer dry lists of facts and can only guide travelers toward cookie-cutter tours, this female-centered guide allows women to create a personalized, fulfilling journey. Written in lively anecdotes and organized by vacation type, this book offers a range of possibilities for any budget, interest, and level of travel experience. A godsend for women looking to finally fulfill their Italian fantasies, vacation types include Hepburn s Roman Holiday and Venetian Carnevale, as well as additional information on great shopping, the best beaches, and culinary-themed jaunts. With passion, humor, and helpful details, 100 Places in Italy Every Woman Should Go inspires travelers to discover masterpieces, sensual delights, and adventures in bell Italia.

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