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Flight ticket to las vegas - Flight time from new york to paris - Cheap flights to croatia split.

Flight Ticket To Las Vegas

flight ticket to las vegas

    flight ticket
  • An airline ticket is a document, created by an airline or a travel agency, to confirm that an individual has purchased a seat on a flight on an aircraft. This document is then used to obtain a boarding pass, at the airport.

    las vegas
  • A city in southern Nevada; pop. 478,434. It is noted for its casinos and nightclubs

  • largest city in Nevada; located in southeastern Nevada; originally settled by Mormons but is now famous for entertainment and gambling and general excess

  • McCarran International Airport is the principal commercial airport serving Las Vegas and Clark County, Nevada, United States. The airport is located five miles (8 km) south of the central business district of Las Vegas, in the unincorporated area of Paradise in Clark County.

  • The Las Vegas Amtrak station is located at Railroad Street & Lincoln Avenue in Las Vegas, New Mexico. The station is near the Hotel Castaneda, a former hotel built by Fred Harvey for the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad.

flight ticket to las vegas - Cirque du

Cirque du Soleil: Kŕ

Cirque du Soleil: Kŕ

The soundtrack of the show KA is the most ambitious musical project produced by Cirque du Soleil to date. While remaining firmly rooted in Cirque du Soleil musical tradition, the recording features a symphony orchestra and a 40-member choir, as such creating a unique musical universe both epic and lyrical.
The powerful percussion and distinctive sound invites comparisons with classic movie soundtracks creating "a rich soundtrack that lives up to the overarching eye-candy on display", says Variety. To create this sound, KA was recorded at the renowned Paramount Studios in Los Angeles and in Montreal, where Cirque du Soleil is based. Hollywood veteran Simon Leclerc, the conductor for Star Trek: Voyager and Enterprise and the play Les Miserables, conducted the orchestra in Los Angeles.
Composer Rene Dupere has been part of Cirque du Soleil since the very beginning. KA is the first work Dupere has composed for Cirque du Soleil since 1994’s Alegria, the best-selling Cirque du Soleil recording to date. "We pulled out all the stops in the making of this album, and the result is, I believe, a record of the highest quality," says Dupere. The album KA is worthy of the show that Time magazine called "bigger than Vegas."
Both the stage production and the soundtrack called for highly innovative use of musical technology. Says Martin Lord-Ferguson, co-producer of the recording: "Technological innovation, artistic audacity and technical prowess are all features of KA that the soundtrack had to reflect."

88% (17)

Why did you roll your dice, show your cards

Why did you roll your dice, show your cards

Look at me actually doing an upload two days in a row! As busy as I am I want to try to keep uploading even if they arent super good photos.... well I have some exciting news. I waaas going to start saving for a new camera (Canon 60D) beginning with the $300 I just put in my savings but instead I am using that towards a flight to LAS VEGAS TO SEE BRANDON FLOWERS. Much thanks goes to Mackie though, one of my old Green Day friends who goes to school there and is letting me stay with her and coming with me to the show. If she wasnt there I probably wouldnt be going.

Yeah yeah judge me, but to me travel is such an important thing in my life. Nothing compares to the feeling of seeing a new city for the first time live in person, feeling the different vibes and comparing it to your own home. As much as I want a new camera, that will always be there and I figure that Las Vegas is a city I'd like to see eventually, so why not go when one of my favorite artists is going to be playing (a hometown) show! This was an impulse decision and I just bought the concert tickets (plane tickets are to come next week when I get paid) but I have the same excited feeling as I did when I bought my Green Day San Francisco tickets. I love to travel. Especially when its to see great friends and music.
57 days til Las Vegas! :D

Random fact of the day is obviously:
I LOVE TO TRAVEL. Always will, I will never stop. Whether it's monthly roadtrips to Dutchess county, spantaneous trips to Boston or other northeastern cities or annual trips to Florida to see my cousin or random spur of the moment decisions like this one, I love it. It keeps my life exciting and gives me new places to see and new experiences and nothing compares to that feeling of seeing new places.

Why did you roll your dice?
Show your cards?
Jilted lovers and broken hearts
You're flying away while I'm stuck here on the ground


2; black and white

Vegas by night (or early early morning)

Vegas by night (or early early morning)

So my silly idea was, I'd get another evening of fun in, fly out in the morning, get to work pretty much on time.

So I got a 7:35 flight. That means I'm supposed to be at the airport at 6:35. I have a round-trip ticket from Local Airport Shuttle Co. I call LASC to schedule a pickup. They say they'll pick me up at 4:35.

Whiskey tango foxtrot, over?

I guess they figure it's best to leave a bunch of time and not risk people missing their flights. And they do have to pick up other folks. But two hours to get from downtown Las Vegas to Las Vegas International seems excessive...

In retrospect, I should've paid ten bucks more for a cab and gotten another hour's sleep. Ah well. On the road now, and adrenaline & caffeine should carry me through the day.

Pretty moon out tonight!

flight ticket to las vegas

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