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Cleaning Fiberglass Tubs

cleaning fiberglass tubs

cleaning fiberglass tubs - Bondo Home

Bondo Home Solutions 20122 All Purpose Fiberglass Resin, 1 Quart

Bondo Home Solutions 20122 All Purpose Fiberglass Resin, 1 Quart

No matter what the repair job is, Bondo Home Solutions All-Purpose Fiberglass Resin is the right choice for making small to very large repairs to any fiberglass, metal, wood or masonry surface. Using this All-Purpose Fiberglass Resin results in a completely waterproof, non-shrinking and durable repair. When added structural strength is needed, All-Purpose Fiberglass Resin can be used with Bondo Home Solutions Fiberglass Cloth or Fiberglass Mat.Use for small to very large repairs to any fiberglass, metal, wood or masonry surface.1 Quart Can

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Wood fired tub, part II

Wood fired tub, part II

Dom loves kooky projects. Which means I'm exposed to kooky projects too. I quite enjoy this. And, although not every project works out perfectly, there are some that make possible mishaps totally worth it. Enter: wood fired hot tub.

The part I of this story is, in my opinion, much more exciting than part II. Part I involved delivery of a wood fired hot tub by this guy in Shelton. This guy was a real character - in a good way. However, I won't lie, getting the wood fired tub off of his small pickup truck was downright scary. I thought for sure we were moments away from an emergency room visit. But, utilizing boards as ramps and pallets as a heightened base, we managed to push, rotate and shove the tub off his pickup without getting injured.

We had every intention of fixing up that tub. But after further inspection and more though, we realized it might just be easier to buy a new tub.

Then, another ad on Craigslist. This time from a lady out in Port Orchard. Her tub was in better working order. Oh and did I mention? The first tub didn't have a stove. This one did. A really nice Snorkel stove.

We went to look at this one before committing to purchase. Deciding this was a good deal, picking up/delivery was made much more easy by help from our friends/neighbor. So, you see, much less dramatic than the first tub.

Cons about the second tub? It does have a few leaks. But not enough to stop us from enjoying. We fired it up the first night we had it. It was my first experience in a wood fired tub. I was immediately hooked, even if our first soak was in water that looked like a mud puddle (we used clay to stop the leaks: it worked).

The past two nights we've enjoyed this new addition. This will not be it's permanent location, though I see benefit it being out in the open for star gazing alone. I've felt inspired by this new experience - something I can't help but define as 'earthy'. Soaking in warm water as a cool rain falls. The occasional waft of pine smoke. No chemicals. Surrounded by nature. Total relaxation.

The Hot Tub

The Hot Tub

Jackie and Jim's new pool is about 84 degrees, which is still pretty chilly. After riding the ATV, Paige and dad made a trip to cool off. We showed off some of our favorite tricks, like getting thrown out of the water and caught again by dad as we splash down. We also hammed it up for some photo opportunities. Eventually Paige and dad were too cold and it was time to get out.

Jim has wanted a hot tub for a long time, and along with the pool, they got one this past year. Jim keeps the temperature of the hot tub pretty mellow at around 96 degrees. It seemed like a great place to get warm after the pool.

We had tried hot tubs with Paige before, but they were inevitably too hot for her. With Jim keeping his hot tub at a more cool temperature, we thought we'd give it a try. At first, with the cold of the pool still on her, Paige was somewhat tentative. Pretty quickly however, she got used to it, and quickly started exploring.

Paige loved playing with the jets, the bubbles and the lights (which can cycle through a variety of colors). Initially we only staying in for ten minutes. Later in the evening, during a family barbeque, some of the other kids hopped into the tub. We put her floaties on and let Paige play with them. She was in for a while with the kids, but the outside temperate had dropped significantly, so we're hoping that was alright.

cleaning fiberglass tubs

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