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Cleaning Your House Schedule

cleaning your house schedule

cleaning your house schedule - Absolutely Organize

Absolutely Organize Your Family: Simple Solutions to Control Clutter, Schedules & Spaces

Absolutely Organize Your Family: Simple Solutions to Control Clutter, Schedules & Spaces

Strle Less and Savor More
Managing a family is no easy task. There are school projects to supervise, a constant deluge of laundry and toys to deal with, and after-school activities to drive to every night. It makes you wish you had an instruction manual to help you keep it all together—well, now you do!
Absolutely Organize Your Family is full of practical and effective solutions for all of your family’s organizational challenges. Debbie Lillard, professional organizer, mother of three and author of the popular book Absolutely Organized, offers all new “Absolutes of Organizing Your Family” tips to help you gain and maintain order in three key areas of your family life: Schedules, belongings and spaces. Inside you’ll find:
• Solutions for overcrowded and out-of-control schedules
• Advice on establishing morning, evening, and bedtime routines
• Strategies for organizing toys, collections, artwork, photographs, and more
• Ways to keep closets and dressers in order even in the midst of growth spurts
• Help for your child’s schoolbag, desk, and locker
• Methods of keeping bedrooms organized
• Ideas for creating a homework area to improve study habits.
Spend less time strling to keep up and more time savoring everyday moments with your family. Start your family’s organizational makeover today.

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126/365 If you really knew me PT V

126/365 If you really knew me PT V

I should start by saying I feel naked - your lucky I didn't post that. The Nikon is in need of a little TLC / tune up and won't be home till Monday. Phone photos for me - this is the part where I complain that I don't have an iPhone and your thankful because all you would be getting is histamatics.

If you have visited my blog or are a facebook friend you know that this year I have been on a crazy house cleaning - really purging - kick. I read something somewhere about how physical clutter can cause mental clutter, which we all know I don't need any more of. All items in our house have been evaluated and either I love it or I don't. Those that I don't found new homes. My den is a happy place, where I am surrounded by the tools that help me work out my creative frustrations and brilliant ideas, and well - things I love. These are a few of the things in the den that survived the cut.

If you really new me you would know that I have tried almost every art and craft known to woman and scrapbooking is the only one that I stuck with; that part of the reason I fell in love with our house is that there is an extra closet where I can store all of my craft supplies that don't live in the den - it is called the magic closet. I don't why - it just is.

If you really really knew me you would know that I have made great friends through my scrapbooking, that I actually schedule time with myself to scrapbook, that I have a weakness for all things alphabet (when scrapbooking), and love the full story a scrapbook versus a photo album tells.

If you really really really knew me you would know sewing and crafting has been something special that I have shared with my grandmothers; that I am not that great at most of the things that I love to do most (gardening, singing, photography, and scrapbooking),that I don't care because they bring me joy just doing them.



Last week, I worked pretty much 16 hours a day.

Some of you might already know, that I'm working for 3 companies now: Monday and Friday I work for Company A at the office, Tuesday I work for Company B at the office, Wednesday and Thursday I work from home for Company B. I work all week flexible hours from home for Company C, and Monday and Friday after Company A I go to Company C to pick up/drop off paperwork.

Crazy schedules.

I love working from home. But there is one big problem: you don't stop working because your home is your office. You LIVE in your office. One night Song asked me, when are you coming over (to bed)? I looked at the time, holy shit, it's already 12:30am? No wonder I'm so sleepy. I dropped the files and fell on the bed and fell asleep right away. I worked nonstop that day.

Telework 101: Know when to start working and when to STOP

It's been a rainy weekend. Didn't want to go anywhere, just want to relax. So I pull out this Sylvanian house to put everything back. Last year we had our roof fixed. The banging shook the whole house , including them. When I got home everything just fell all over the place. But I haven't had time to fix them til now.

Next week I will get another new laptop from Company C. I've cleaned my craft table for the laptop (reluctantly). Song said, you haven't sewn or painted for a while, might as well use it as a work desk.

He's right. Sadness.

I always look for balance in life. Right now I lost my balance.

cleaning your house schedule

cleaning your house schedule

31 Words to Create an Organized Life: A Simple Guide to Create Habits That Last - Expert Tips to Help You Prioritize, Schedule, Simplify, and More (39 Words to)

Books about organizing the clutter that plagues most people can be as daunting as the clutter itself. 31 Words to Organize Your Life streamlines this process to its essence by tapping the power of a single word. Drawing from a variety of spiritual traditions, ancient wisdom, and contemporary psychologists, the book helps readers uncover and cultivate their own hidden powers of focus, determination, and concentration to eliminate clutter in their lives. Each entry includes a single word, an accompanying essay, along with three thoughtful tips or exploratory questions, plus an affirmation or meditation. Whether the challenge is in time management, office clutter, or disorganized closets, 31 Words to Organize Your Life shows how to harness the power of a single word to transform a project — and a life — from the inside out. Designed for portability, the book helps even the most disorganized person conjure peace and order from chaos.

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