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How to clean felt fabric - How to set up a cleaning business.

How To Clean Felt Fabric

how to clean felt fabric

?By Linda Hansen St. Paul, MN ? Title-"Mom's Prayer To Me"

?By Linda Hansen St. Paul, MN   ?  Title-

?By Linda Hansen St. Paul, MN

? Title-"Mom's Prayer To Me"

Dream Theme - Health/Peace

Materials & Techniques Used: Fabric Pieceing & Quilting; Cotton, Mohair,
Permanent Ink, and Buttons.

?The Story-"How does one find peace? How does one find peace after loss?
How does one trust medicine, morals/values, a higher power, emotions and life - death? Is it through trust? Is it through memory? Or is it because you have known, or know, love. Perhaps, love between a mother and daughter?

For me, love is the shelter and protector of dreams. My Dream Rocket piece reflects more questions then answers, but it is through these undefined statements that I feel my dream for global peace, inner peace and an over arching peaceful dream for beauty in life can best be expressed.

Can science love?
Do most religions truly love?
Can you trust human beings?
What is your memory of a serious illness? Should humans have to suffer?
Is strle and pain inevitable?
Do you value human life?
Should a life be put into someones hands? Whose hands?

?My dream is to trust a healthy and peaceful world. My dream is that universally all humans can feel connected - physically/spiritually. My dream for all is health and not to take that for granted. Unfortunately, all to often, you lose someone or something. In reality, until it happens to you, you don't learn or
understand the lessons.

?My Mom's prayer to me --- you will dream and believe. You will love. You have already learned my valuable lessons and will continue to face more challenges ahead. You have a beautify life. I trust you already know that and it will bring you peace."

?Did you enjoy this project?
"Yes very much. I enjoyed playing with fabrics & themes as well as what is on the surface' For me as a Dream. I also enjoyed the e-communications from Jennifer."

?What else could the IFC do?
"I say keep going - getting universal, so to speak, involvement for this project
is a tall number to out do. However, persevering is the key. Something to calm the world perhaps!
Get heads of states involved (peace keeping; apprreciation for the arts; all human involvement with boundries, boarders & political agendas) or maybe a political agenda would be good?"


As the leading voice for collaborative public art projects around the world, the International Fiber Collaborative is dedicated to promoting understanding and appreciation of contemporary art & craft through educational experiences. We are committed to developing vital education programs that elevate, expand, modernize and enhance the image of collaboration and education today.

The Dream Rocket Team is collecting nearly 8,000 artworks from participants around the globe. The artwork will be assembled together to create a massive cover in which will wrap a 37 story Saturn V Moon Rocket at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. We will also be displaying submitted artwork in dozens of national venues prior to the wrapping of the Saturn V. Additionally, we are posting images of submitted artwork & their stories on our Website, Flickr, and Facebook.The Dream Rocket project uses the Saturn V Moon Rocket as a symbolism of universal values of the human spirit. Optimism, hope,
caring for our natural resources, scientific exploration, and harnessing technological advancements for a better quality of life while safeguarding our communities, are all common desires across national and international boundaries. Participants are able to express and learn about these values through this creative collaboration. With the completion of each artwork, participants are asked to write an essay explaining their artwork, and the dream theme in which they chose.

?How can I Participate & Have my Artwork Displayed?
The Dream Rocket project would like to challenge you to ‘Dare to Dream’. To dream about your future and the future of our world through dream themes such as health, community, conservation, science, technology, space, peace, and so on. We would like you to use your selected Dream Theme to express, explore, and create your vision on your section of the wrap. We hope that you are able to express and learn through this creative collaboration. With the completion of each artwork, you are asked to write a brief essay explaining your artwork, and the dream theme in which you chose.

“The Saturn V is the ideal icon to represent a big dream. This rocket was designed and built as a collaboration of nearly half-a-million people and allowed our human species to venture beyond our world and stand on ANOTHER - SURELY one of the biggest dreams of all time. ENABLING THE DREAMS of young people to touch this mighty rocket sends a powerful message in conjunction with creating an educational curriculum to engage students to embrace the power of learn

Massage, clean one

Massage, clean one

After lunch at the basement of MBK, we set the women free to explore the shops of Siam Square. My wife had a serene Zen-like smile on her face as she floated in and out of the many shops in Bangkok, accompanied by Jo, Mike's hardcore-shopping wife (who only becomes a hardcore shopper when she is overseas).

That's how you tell the shopping is good in Bangkok. A happy smile on your wife's face.

We husbands had to look back and check on the wives often, because they had a tendency of ducking into shops without a sound or any warning. Silent Commando Shoppers were they.

Blogging is a fun way for me to pass the time while waiting for the wives and sitting in cabs stuck in traffic jams. Gotta love GPRS and megapixel mobile phones, man.

Actually, to answer Ah Lim's comment on shirt colours at the tailor's this morning, I did pick a salmon pink fabric for one of shirts I was getting made. Living life on the edge, that's me.

The women left us with the shopping bags and set forth empty-handed, fueled by lunch. This is a dangerous thing, because it resets the girls' morning shopping spree to zero, the hands free to be filled with more shopping bags.

Mike and I had to lug the morning's load with us, which is what good husbands do. Our fingers had no feeling from the loss of blood circulation.

Faced with another afternoon of sitting in a coffee place, this time Gloria Jean's, we decided to look for something to do. The free BK magazine, the Bangkok equivalent of our IS magazine, gave me some inspiration to check out the city's night scene. Maybe groove to some hip-hop and house at one of their cool night spots, when the ladies go to their spa appointment tonight. Relive our wild party-animal Fire Disco days (yeah right).

Our numbed shopping-bag-carrying fingers and aching feet were crying out for relief. And we found it at the stretch of shops at the Square where there were Foot Massage joints.

We picked the one with the brightest looking shopfront. We wanted maximum undodginess. When in Rome... so we decided to have a full Thai massage.

We were asked to take our shoes off to get our feet washed. You can see the pail being whisked away in the photo above.

We were then led to the second floor where there were small rooms, each slightly larger than the mattress in it, with curtains hanging over the door, and very thin walls.

I put on the plastic-wrapped pajamas placed on the mattress and waited for my masseuse to come in. When she did, I suddenly had a panic attack. Was I supposed to wear this? Or her? You can tell I am a first-timer.

She started the session and I got twisted in ways my body has never been twisted. I got stepped on, elbowed and knee-ed. But I tried not to grunt or groan too much because I didn't want to be impolite in front of a stranger who was pummelling my back.

The guy in the room next to mine had no such hang-ups though. Between loud groans, he was chatting up his giggling masseuse, and trying to invite her out.

At one point, when my masseuse said something to her friend who was massaging Mr Sleazy next door (maybe "your customer damn sleazy hor" in Thai?), he remarked very loudly, "Wah lau eh, the ger next door eh voice seebei seksee leh."

Mike was luckier. His neighbour just snored.

how to clean felt fabric

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