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Patio heater reflectors - Catalytic heater how it works.

Patio Heater Reflectors

patio heater reflectors

    patio heater
  • A patio heater (also called a mushroom or umbrella heater) is an appliance for generating radiant heat for outdoor use.

  • A reflecting telescope

  • (reflector) reflecting telescope: optical telescope consisting of a large concave mirror that produces an image that is magnified by the eyepiece; "Isaac Newton invented the reflecting telescope in 1668"

  • An object or device that reflects radio waves, seismic vibrations, sound, or other waves

  • (Reflector (cellular automaton)) In cellular automata such as Conway's Game of Life, a reflector is a pattern that can interact with a spaceship to change its direction of motion, without damage to the reflector pattern.

  • A piece of glass, metal, or other material for reflecting light in a required direction, e.g., a red one on the back of a motor vehicle or bicycle

  • (reflector) device that reflects radiation

Reflector (1)

Reflector (1)

Reflector is one of THE most popular requests I get. I wanted to modernize the Generation 1 toy, but put the Generation 1 cartoon feel to him/them. Sort of a "hybrid" of G1 cartoon fused with the G1 Toy. Reflector now has tons of details and articulation

New features/articulation/point of interest:
- New heads
- Shoulder articulation
- Elbow articulation
- Wrist articulation
- Hand articulation (Spyglass)
- Hip articulation
- Knee articulation
- Glass lens on Viewfinder has hologram Decepticon faction symbol inside it
- Alt mode (camera) has light up lens

Transform and combine all 3 robots to form "camera" mode. Perfect for spying on Autobots.

Debatable "Masterpiece Class" considering he scales well with several Masterpiece figures (see images)

Kacey Reflector 4136

Kacey Reflector 4136

Close up Back View
Strobist.... AB800 w/ LargeSB camera right

New Kacey Beauty Reflector shown with optional Speedlight mounting bracket.
Finally, a professional dish for location work. It can be used without bracket with virtually any studio strobe…. AB/WL, Profoto, Speedotron, Elinchrom…..

Reflector is molded out of high quality thick impact resistant plastic and can take all the abuse you can dish out. It is very light and the most versatile reflector of it’s kind on the market today.

patio heater reflectors

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