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Cheap flight tracker - Flight from london heathrow

Cheap Flight Tracker

cheap flight tracker

    flight tracker
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cheap flight tracker - Zelocity Pureflight

Zelocity Pureflight Radar Velocity Speed Gauge

Zelocity Pureflight Radar Velocity Speed Gauge

PureFlight Brand new in box including Battery!

Golf ball flight monitor with integrated Doppler-radar transceiver;
Patented technology Made in USA
Shot data displayed on unit and transferable to user's personal computer via serial connection
Outputs: Ball Velocity, Club Head Speed, Carry or Carry + Roll Distance, and Power Transfer Ratio %
Computer software available for personal practice, club fitting, and golf instruction
PureFlight Practice software uploads practice results to PC for improvement tracking

Serious and Avid Golfers, Club Fitting, Golf Instruction, Event Rentals, Driving Ranges Performance: For use with right-handed and left-handed golfers?
Setup time less than 1 minute?
External microphone for club head speed measurement at impact? C
Portable, compact design; Comes complete with carry bag, cable, mic, instructions
Operates using Battery or AC power outlet;
Recharge 10 - 12 hrs; Avg. Life 3 - 6 hrs?
One (1) year factory warranty
Construction: Red steel case, Touch-sensitive keypad
Serial connector; AC power connector; external display connector
Power: Rechargeable internal 12V DC Ni-Cad batteries
120V, 25W AC Power Transformer provided for recharging or AC operation?
PureFlight Practice software size = 164K; Dimensions: (H x W x D): 4 x 5 x 8 Weight: 3 lbs?
Compliant with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) product regulations

88% (11)

I was bored...

I was bored...

I got bored today, and flying the pattern in the 172S at dusk last night was a blast, so I decided to take a quick cross-country to Lexington, KY since I could use some cross-country hours. It was fun, but it was so damn hot in that plane. The OAT indicator was showing 81 degrees at 3,000 feet. Opening the window would have probably helped but it's just too damn noisy. I did a touch and go at LEX (I bet the controllers love it when people do that" and headed up to JVY for cheap fuel. I finally used the autopilot in that thing on the leg back. I'll admit it, I was being lazy :P. It's pretty cool, but I'm sure the novelty will wear off. I can't wait until I can get a new headset too. My $120 ASA headset is like sticking my head in a vice for 2 hours.

this is by far the best airline i have ever experienced. they gave us warm cookies (!), had a tv on each seat (granted, you had to pay to watch during the flight, but you still have like 30 minutes in the beginning and end of the flight for no charge, plus a flight tracker during), are ALWAYS on time, and had an animal on the tail and wingtips of each plane that they announced. I flew with chloe the faun coming back.

oh, and did i mention it was the cheapest??

cheap flight tracker

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