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Aquarium filter material - Anti glare screen filter.

Aquarium Filter Material

aquarium filter material

aquarium filter material - AquaClear 70

AquaClear 70 Zeo-Carb

AquaClear 70 Zeo-Carb

AquaClear 70 Zeo-Carb Insert removes and controls harmful ammonia and is ideal for new or heavily populated aquariums. It works to absorb liquefied impurities and reduce stress on fish. The AquaClear Zeo-Carb Insert has immense surface area for beneficial bacteria to populate and the intricate pore structure removes chlorine and heavy metals. This insert combines Activated Carbon and Ammonia Remover to remove odors, discoloration and impurities in freshwater aquariums. The insert prevents the build up of toxic ammonia and nitrite reducing stress on fish.

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20110624 016

20110624 016

A Living Filter
Filtered for Free
Sewage treatment plants, river dams and shoreline bulkheads are all ways that we attempt to duplicate some of the services provided naturally by wetlands in the Delta. Broad, gently sloping expanses of wetland vegetation absorb and contain rain and flood waters. Waters are then slowly released back into the watershed over extended periods of time. This spares the downstream properties from rapidly rising waters.

As the flood waters slow, sediments and pollutants drop to the bottom among wetland plants.

The bacteria in the soil help to purify the water. Plant roots and stems help hold the sediment, stabilizing the shorelines and absorbing nutrients.

The amount of sediment and nutrients trapped by young vegetation is more than double that of older plants. This is equivalent to trapping 25 tons of sediment per acre each year. A site approximately 55 acres in size and 10 years old, traps over 10,000 tons of sediment, or 625 dump truck loads of soil. Younger vegetation traps more - an additional 320 dump truck loads or 5120 tons of sediment and nutrients. This means cleaner water for Mobile Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.


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Pic at right corner depicts water flow amount (with and without wetlands) over time.
Caption reads: Flood waters arrive much sooner and at higher levels when wetlands are absent. Wetlands hold water longer and release it slowly.

Antwerp Cathedral Water Tower Close-up

Antwerp Cathedral Water Tower Close-up

I propose to use water in large aquarium tanks built if structural glass as the primary structural element of the tower. In this way, the cathedral can be open from the bottom to views of the sea and sky. The form of the tower takes some elements from the older tower but in order to symbolize modern construction, it is built primarily of glass and liquid and open to the sky. This design relates to Antwerp by symbolizing a diamond of water in the sky. Like a diamond, the water containers will filter the sun and cast light patterns on the surrounding streets, in a similar way to how stained glass is used. The water also relates to Belgium being a low-lying country and works with a material that is symbolic and plentiful.

The primary elements in this construction will be the aquariums, an M.C. Escher-inspired glass staircase that circles around the tanks, and a glass hydro-electric elevator that travels up through the vortex center of the water tanks. As you ascend or descend the stairs, you get a spectacular view of the city. On the second water tank level there could be a place to swim, so you would see people floating in the sky much like Rene Magritte’s painting, “Golconda.” This new tower would be an open eco-friendly illuminated space that would require no electricity during the day. And at night, it could be lit up simply with bioluminescent marine life.

aquarium filter material

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