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Oak Floor Register

oak floor register

  • An official list or record, for example of births, marriages, and deaths, of shipping, or of historic places

  • record in writing; enter into a book of names or events or transactions

  • (music) the timbre that is characteristic of a certain range and manner of production of the human voice or of different pipe organ stops or of different musical instruments

  • file: record in a public office or in a court of law; "file for divorce"; "file a complaint"

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  • A particular part of the range of a voice or instrument

  • The lower surface of a room, on which one may walk

  • a structure consisting of a room or set of rooms at a single position along a vertical scale; "what level is the office on?"

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  • All the rooms or areas on the same level of a building; a story

  • shock: surprise greatly; knock someone's socks off; "I was floored when I heard that I was promoted"

  • a deciduous tree of the genus Quercus; has acorns and lobed leaves; "great oaks grow from little acorns"

  • A tree that bears acorns as fruit, and typically has lobed deciduous leaves. Oaks are common in many north temperate forests and are an important source of hard and durable wood used chiefly in construction, furniture, and (formerly) shipbuilding

  • A smoky flavor or aroma characteristic of wine aged in barrels made from this wood

  • the hard durable wood of any oak; used especially for furniture and flooring

  • An Oak is a tree or shrub in the genus Quercus (; Latin "oak tree"), of which about 600 species exist on earth. "Oak" may also appear in the names of species in related genera, notably Lithocarpus.

07a 2308-2312-1/2 Scarff St - Powers Apartment #3 (E)

07a 2308-2312-1/2 Scarff St - Powers Apartment #3 (E)

St James Park National Register Historic District No. 91001387, 09/27/91
Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument No. 607, 608, & 609, 11/01/94
University Park Los Angeles Historic Preservation Overlay Zone (HPOZ)

Powers Apartment #1, 1908, HCM-607
2327-2329 Scarff St, Los Angeles CA
Ellis Tract, No. 87

Powers Apartment #2, 1908, HCM-608
2326-2332 Scarff St, Los Angeles CA
St James Park, No. 25

Powers Apartment #3, 1914, HCM-609
2308-2312-1/2 Scarff St, Los Angeles CA
Ellis Tract, Annex, Lots C & D

University Park
George H Wyman
John Zeller, Contractor

Here is yet more proof that George Wyman was a prolific and popular architect in Los Angeles, after designing the well-known Bradbury building. Here in St James Park he created three handsome brick apartment houses for John R Powers. Although all three are Prairie Style in form, they employ different design elemnts -- #1 has is faced with a Wright-like arched entrance; #2 has the appearance of an Italian Villa; and #3 (the latest built) has a Colonial theme.

In such a tony neighborhood, the buildings were made to look from the front like large single-family homes. They included the same amenities which could be found in any high-class home, such as: quarter-sawn oak floors, telephone hook-ups, and live-in domestic quarters. In fact, the Powers family actually lived at 2327 Scarff (#1), and often entertained the more notable (and wealthy) figures from St James Park (proper) and Chester Place. Mr. Powers was a wealthy businessman involved in the Inglewood Cemetary project and the Arizona-Utah Oil Company.

Chicago - Streeterville: John Hancock Center and Drake Hotel from Oak Street Beach

Chicago - Streeterville: John Hancock Center and Drake Hotel from Oak Street Beach

View from Oak Street Beach.

Affectionately called “Big John” by Chicagoans, John Hancock Center stands out as a bold feature of the Chicago skyline. When completed in 1969, it was just the third building in the world to be taller than 1000 feet tall (and the first outside of New York) and the first trussed-tube skyscraper ever built. The 100-story, 1,127 foot tall skyscraper has 18-story-long steel braces criss-crossing the tapering obelisk tower like stacked Xs. These braces eliminate the need for inner support beams by and allowing the skin to function as part of the tubular system, granting additional floor space for use. The building tapers on all four sides, narrowing by a total of 105 feet on the east & west sides and 65 feet on the north & south. The slope of the windows helps to reduce the feeling of vertigo for people looking out of high floors.

The Drake is one of just two United States hotels owned by Hilton International (which owns the Hilton brand outside the United States). Overlooking Lake Michigan, it was founded in 1920 in the Italian Renaissance style and soon became one of Chicago's landmark hotels, a longtime rival of the Palmer House. It has 537 bedrooms and 74 suites, a six-room Presidential Suite, several restaurants, two large ballrooms and the "Palm Court", a club-like secluded lobby.

The East Lake Shore Drive District was designed a landmark by the Chicago Department of Planning and Development on April 18, 1985.

oak floor register

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