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Agricultural Water Pumps. Rechargeable Air Pump. Jet Pumps Oil Wells.

Agricultural Water Pumps

agricultural water pumps

Bewl Water setting sun

Bewl Water setting sun

The Bewl Water story

Bewl Water is the largest inland water in the southeast. With a perimeter of 17 miles, the reservoir lies in a gentle valley within the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty between the villages of Lamberhurst, Wadhurst and Ticehurst.

Built during the 1970s, the careful landscaping of the scheme, plus the consideration given to access and conservation, helped create a reservoir that was not just a water supply facility capable of storing 6,900 million gallons when full, but also a living area of countryside that visitors and many thousands of wildlife species could share side by side.

Today Bewl Water is one of the top tourist destinations in Kent and Sussex. With a range of popular attractions and activities, it also provides a home to well over three thousand different wildlife species whilst continuing to fulfil a water supply function that is of ever-increasing importance within the area.
Bewl Water was created to help meet the growing demand for water in the southeast. Rapid growth in housing, combined with greater use of water for industrial needs such as paper making and electricity generation, led to the identification of the clay-lined Bewl Valley as a suitable site for a reservoir.

Construction commenced in 1973 with a dam, 900m long and 30m high, which turned the former agricultural valley into a vast bowl capable of holding 6,900 million gallons of water when full; this coincidentally equates to 1 gallon (4.5ltrs) each for every man woman and child in the world!

The scheme, a joint partnership between Southern water and Mid Kent Water, was completed in 1978 and now supplies water to numerous areas including the Medway Towns, north Maidstone, the Hastings area and local villages. The reservoir is filled when water supplies are plentiful – usually during the winter months – by pumping from the R.Teise at Goudhurst and the R.Medway at Yalding.

Water Pumps Arrive in Marjah

Water Pumps Arrive in Marjah

USAID, through its Afghanistan Vouchers for Increased Produc-tion in Agriculture Plus (AVIPA Plus) program, has delivered the first batch of 4,000 irrigation pumps to Marjah District in Hel-mand Province, Afghanistan. The pumps will benefit rural farm families by bringing much needed water to fields that will soon see a distribution of red onion, spinach, turnip, radish, carrot, and cauliflower seeds, and fertilizers.
The AVIPA Plus pumps, maintenance supplies, and tubes are the first agricultural aid inputs to be taken out to Marjah District, which continues to be plagued by insurgent-initiated violence.
The voucher pumps, combined with the vegetable seed and fertilizer, will help wean the population off the production of poppy, a crop that helps fund the insurgency.
Over the coming months, the delivery of AVIPA Plus agricul-tural inputs and small grants, as well as the initiation of agricul-tural training and quick impact cash for work programs, will gradually help to turn the tide in Marjah.

agricultural water pumps

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