subota, 21.06.2008.

'What is the saddest thing?' is the new 'What can change the nature of a man?'. But really, what is the saddest thing? That which could have been, but is not? Or that which was and will never be again? Or that which could never, and will never be? A headless child in a basket is a sad thing. A rubber ball with dinosaurs. Losing it is a sad thing. Stepping on a snail is a sad thing. The one goal I couldn't save was a sad thing. It haunts me to this day. It is sad thing, that I remember all these sad things.

Fireworks as circenses. Fireworks are basically dickwaving. Obviously, there's a lot of skill involved in the various shows. Timing, range, size, et cetera. But there's very little about it that's aesthetically pleasing, outside of the bright lights. The one with the biggest explosions wins. To detonate in rythm, to exchange colors in a meaningful way, to control the intensity. Fireworks should be music in the sky. Instead it's Finnish death metal.
(that said, the last day of the fireworks festival was pretty nice)

Really it is not that hot at all, hardly even warm, I mean it is not even likesay humid which is the real problem, because when it is humid it is pretty hard to breathe, and you sweat even more, but the heat here is pretty dry and all that does is make you kind of warm but it is not an entirely bad warmth you really only have to remember how cold it was something like five months ago and you will be totally 'wow this warmth isn't entirely bad.' and besides if you quit your job and went swimming you would be a much happier person, at least until your money runs out and you become homeless and have no money and winter sets in and you die. speaking of homeless people there is a joke i have heard and will tell it to you. what is the best thing about dating homeless girls? you can drop them off anywhere. it is humorous because it is true (not really).

seeing as how all i do really is play video games, it should come as a suprise when i tell you that i have only recently played the game civcity:rome, a suprise because it is a rather old game that came out some time ago. the reason i did not like this game was because it was not made by anyone i recognised and i believed that the quality of the game was sub-par and boy was i ever right. i mean okay, there are no collapsed/igniting buildings which is kinda okay, and no walkers and instead each house has a radius in which you must place shops which to be quite honest is pretty sweet, but the graphics are atrocious, the maximum game speed is about as fast as a dead baby (dead babies are funny because the mention of dead babies is always in bad taste and really putting it to the man, and fighting the power, and that's what it's all about), and i have no idea what is going on in the game i have this town hall and i have a bunch of homeless people who are working and some not-homeless people working and some homeless people not-working all in all it is not very good and i did not enjoy it. also diablo3 is going to come out and even though i do not like diablo1 or diablo2 like most people do (its not like i don't like them it is just that i like them like most people like rollercoasters whereas most people like them like they like chocolate) i am very excited. you may ask why, and if you are asking why you will know the answer now it is because there is a person working on this project and that person's name is Leonard Boyarsky. the reason this is important is because this man was a lead man on fallout, and arcanum and most importantly vtm:bloodlines. also, here is a quote that i found rather funny it is about skeletons in diablo.

Perhaps the implausibility of its own existence makes the skeleton think it hilarious to hide in a barrel, cackling intermittently for some three hundred years until a victim happens by?

also i do not even know what sort of man pulls down his pants to urinate but here is some erotic bestiality literature with a dog and a man, pretty gay if you ask me but hey who am i to judge.

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