Agences immobilieres

srijeda, 23.10.2013.

Main sources of recruitment

Individuals: Given the considered strategy for our business, is it more collective will nurture the portfolio of flats. With occupancy levels between 80% and 90 %, the business of renting apartments for short lasted is able to double the income earned for the owner with the traditional rental. Taking into account that many properties have been bought at the peak and, therefore, expensive housing boom, mortgages linked to these properties are often very high, coupled, in turn, to low activity in the sector, this source can be considered as the most suitable collection for both owner and manager.

Debt: In the current economic climate, getting a loan to purchase a property, it is mission impossible. The banks have reduced credit, grant making really difficult one. It is clear that current interest rates are very favorable for debt, but banks do not aspire to fund more acquisitions of land. Their balance sheets have a large range of the product and do not want to risk increasing their stock. That is why if the strategy is to have proprietary product, the best way to achieve this is through an application of capital or the incorporation of new members who donate product to the company.

Banks: At the moment, banks, apart from lending, are able to offer very favorable conditions if you decide to purchase any property they have on their balance sheets. It is unlikely that the yield management, but if there really is a building that meets the needs of the company, is a unique possibility to grant a mortgage, and also has very favorable conditions, as banks will facilitate, as far as possible, the acquisition of property to help them clean up or improve their balance sheets.


All apartments offered by berlin immobilier location in Berlin, being located at strategic points in the city and with good access by public transport.

The customer will have a personalized service that will help you choose what is the accommodation that best suits your needs.
Given the varied nature of our target clientele, you will need to have a strategic portfolio of apartments to encompass all the possible needs of these. The location of these are determined by different variables and who is addressed, although of course there is no reason why one type of client cannot access an apartment intended for another. All apartments will have some qualities in common:
- Good access by public transport
- Proximity to strategic points in the city (Tourist spots, hospitals, business schools etc..)
- Location in nice areas of the city

In order to implement the defined strategy we have identified a number of potential areas where our apartments will be located, the map below shows in green the main areas defined, but in order to have a comprehensive offering will complement the other portfolio of apartments located in different areas of the city.

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