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After Effects Photo Slideshow. Photo Competition 2011 Australia. Photo Art Competition.

After Effects Photo Slideshow

after effects photo slideshow

    photo slideshow
  • A slideshow is a display of a series of chosen pictures, which is done for artistic or instructional purposes. Slideshows are conducted by a presenter using an apparatus, such as a carousel slide projector, an overhead projector or in more recent years, a computer running presentation software.

    after effects
  • Adobe After Effects is a digital motion graphics and compositing software published by Adobe Systems. Its main purpose is for film and video post-production.

Not exactly switched, but...

Not exactly switched, but...

I've long thought I should be using both OSs in order to learn more about interface design. And, as a side effect, decide what my next computer will be.

I got a Mac Mini as a media center, after investigating a whole range of options. It lives in the living room, and serves as stereo, photo slideshow and video player, all served wirelessly from the PC in the study. Getting another computer in the bargain seemed worth the price premium.



Best viewed large or in slideshow on black background.
©All Rights Reserved Dorella Rosi.

It was originally a bad shot of a coconut shell. This is what I came up with after half a day of photo manipulation. The inspiration and title, came from the thought of how to turn a disaster into an opportunity.
I was pleased with the result.

after effects photo slideshow

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