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Remove blood from carpet. Horse rug washing machine. 2011 academy awards red carpet

Remove Blood From Carpet

remove blood from carpet

  • remove something concrete, as by lifting, pushing, or taking off, or remove something abstract; "remove a threat"; "remove a wrapper"; "Remove the dirty dishes from the table"; "take the gun from your pocket"; "This machine withdraws heat from the environment"

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Life of Imam Hassan al Mujtaba

Life of Imam Hassan al Mujtaba

On the 15th day of the Holy month of Ramazan, 3rd A.H, the first son of Ali (A.S) and Hazrat Zahra (A.S) was born. kafi: vol=1; pg.461

The Kunyat of Imam Hasan (A.S) was Abu Mohammad. Al - Irshad : vol = 2; pg 5

His laqab (title) has been narrated as Sayyed, Sebt, Hujjat,Taqi, Zaki, Mujtaba, Zahed, Amir and Wali.Manqeb Ibn Shahr Ashob; vol=3; pg.192/ Taarikh Ahlul Bait; pg. 130

The growth and development of Imam Hasan (A.S) was in the company of the Holy - Prophet of Islam (S.A) for seven years. And for thirty years, he was in the company of his holy father, Hazrat Amiral Momeneen Ali (A.S).Taarikh Ahlul Bait; pg. 74&75

After the Shahadat ( martyrdom) of Imam Ali (A.S) in the year 40 A.H, Imam Hasan (A.S) undertook the responsibility of the reins of the government as per the request of the Muslims. Al- Kamil: vol= 2; pg 443

He sent his personnel’s to different cities Murooj - uz - Zahab; vol=3; pg.4

as the Bani Ummayya harboured deep enmity and vendetta against Bani Hashim. They conspired and hatched several plots to snatch the Khilafat from Imam Hassan (A.S) and to take over the control of the Muslim affairs for themselves. Thus, Moawiya sent several spies and secret agents to several cities so as to lay the ground for weakening the government of Imam Hasan (A.S) Al - Fusool - Ul - Mohemma; pg= 161.

He prepared an army to assault Iraq Al- Kamil; vol= 2; pg. 445.

After being informed of the happenings, Imam Hasan (A.S) sent many warnings to Moawiya. sharh Nahjul Balagah ; vol = 16; pg .31.

Then he called the Muslims to prepare themselves in the combat against Moawiya. With a mighty army, he prepared himself for the battle Ibid; pg. 38&39

Before facing the army of Imam Hasan (A.S), Moawiya decided to resort to trick and deceit.

On one hand, he falsely implicated Imam Hasan (A.S) and spread the rumour amongst the people about the peace treaty with him sharh Nahjul Balagah ; vol = 16; pg. 42. Moawiya resorted to this trick so as to weaken the morality of the army of Imam (A.S).

On the other hand, he resorted to bribery, debauchery and promising big government post, he seduced the top army officers of Imam Hassan (A.S) in to submission.

In this way, they joined the ranks of the army of Moawiya one after the other sharh Nahjul Balagah ; vol= 16; pg 22.

Disloyalty and treason had penetrated in the army and companions of Imam Hassan (A.S). They devoured his tents, unfastened his button, pulled the carpet from beneath him and slit his thigh leg with a dagger. sharh Nahjul Balagah; vol= 16 pg. 4 ; Moruj Az _ Zahra ; vol = 3 pg 9

Seeing his army resorting to such dubious methods and his companions being in disturbed and agitated mood, Imam Hassan (A.S) thought it advisable that for stopping the disunion and the killing of the Shiahs, he accept the proposal of the peace treaty with Moawiya but with special conditions.

As per the writings of Ibne Khalka, the peace treaty was concluded on 25 Rabiul Awwal 41 A.H. wafyat - ul - Ayat; vol= 2 pg. 66.

The most important conditions of the peace treaty were:

1. Moawiya would not call himself as Amir - ul - Momeneen ( leader of the Believers) Alal -us - sharai pg 212 ; Tazkerat - Khawas pg 206

2. From thene onwards, Imam Ali (A,S) would not be cursed or abused in bad language Al - Ibhadi vol2; pg 14.

3. The life, wealth and chastity of the female members of shiahs would be secured and protected.

4. All the rights and privileges of the Shiahs would be granted to them.Al - Irshad; vol 2 pg 14

5. Moawiya would not appoint anybody as his successor Insabul Ashraf; vol 3 pg 42

As can be seen from the conditions of the peace treaty, Imam Hassan (A.S) while showing Moawiya as a usurper and tyrant allayed the flames of disunity; saved the Islamic society from total annihilation and safeguarded the rights of the Shiahs.

It can be rightly said that the biggest achievement of the peace treaty was the discernment of the truth from falsehood. Neither truth could be introduced as lowliness and abject nor falsehood could be pretended to be right.

The holy Imam, through his behaviors and action made the people realize that Moawiya is the pillar of falsehood, deceit and treachery while the right of khilafat belonged to the true Awsiya of the Holy Prophet of Islam (saww). They do not want to rule over the people by resorting to force, bribery and deceit. The same matter was pursued during the events of Kerbala.

After the signing of the peace treaty, some of the people found fault with this important and wise work of Imam Hassan (A.S). They slandered him and used abusive language against his holy personality. Tohaful Oqool ; pg 308 It was as if they had ignored his divine gifted position and unmistakable personality.

In their reply , Imam Hassan (A.S) said;

“Am I not the Hujat of the Almighty, being his remembrance upon his creatures. Did not the Holy Prophet of Islam (S.A) said, “Hassan and Hussain are two Imams, whether they are sitting or standing? If

Is it my soul that calls me by my name? 255/365

Is it my soul that calls me by my name? 255/365

It is my soul that calls upon my name:
How silver-sweet sound lovers' tongues by night,
Like softest music to attending ears!

I've been trying to play more with lights & shadows. Hopefully I'm getting better. =)

I stayed up til 7am reading last night, so I didn’t get up til quite late. I remember my Dad coming up a few times to get me up, & he told me it was lightly snowing. Then at 3.30pm he came in again & told me to get up. My Mom came in & sat on my bed & brought Benny with her, so I stroked him for a while as I woke up. Then my Dad said I should get up & look at the snow because the sun (as it was getting closer to setting!) was making it look really pretty. So I did, & then I took my book downstairs & read.

I made some toast later, & had some sherbet lemons. I basically read until it was time to watch David Tennant’s last episode of Doctor Who, at 6.30pm. My Dad had to start cooking dinner then, so my brother & I watched it in the kitchen with him. My brother & I were distinctly unimpressed with the first half of the episode, & my Dad said (jokingly) that we were being unnecessarily critical & that if we didn’t stop it we would have to leave. But seriously – the time lords & that crazy lady? That was just tacky. & the green people. & then that assembly room with the time lords was like something out of Star Wars. & the spaceship battle scene was like a bad bit from Star Wars, I mean, come on. I expect better. But then, after the time lords are gone (I really saw them as quite pointless) & DW was realising he was alive, I just knew what was going to happen. & then Bernard Cribbins knocked on the glass, & my heart melted. & I started crying during that scene. I think Wilf is a wonderful character. I was just so sad. The tears were rolling. & then when he was saying goodbye to all the characters . . . *sniff*. & when he said “I don’t want to go.” Well, that just had me in tears again. I was wrapped in my blanket (my brother was in the chair next to me, sharing it) & Emmy was on my knee, & I just held onto the blanket & cried. It was so sad. & I think Matt Smith pulled an unfortunate face when he was regenerating. & I was upset to find that his catchphrase was “Geronimo”. DT’s catchphrase was much better. But anyway, it was a sad episode. & the second half made up for the shocking first bit.

We had dinner after that (quorn & dumplings) & then I read my Mom’s manifesto that she’s writing, before she & my Dad went to work on it, & I watched part of DW: Confidential. & totally cried again at the ending. We watched Big Fat Quiz of the Year, & I drew with my Dad. (17 points, 17 points, 14 points). My Mom was annoyed to lose, but I didn’t even bother including Hugh in the quiz, as I knew how few he’d get. That should have made her feel better. We ate Pringles & sherbet lemons, & my Mom had some of my Roses, while we watched. Then we all headed up. My parents are watching TV, Hugh is playing his game, & I am checking flickr, & finishing reading the last True Blood book I have.


Edit: At about 4am I wanted to take a shower. There was a big spider in the shower. I freaked out, & told my brother that if he would move it for me I wouldn't tell my Mom about something I had on him. I asked nicely at first, but he wouldn't, so then I resorted to blackmail. & so we tried to get it. We put a glass over it, & then I went to get a piece of paper to slide under it. Unfortunately the spider got out & ran to hide behind the shampoo bottles. So Hugh removed all the shampoo bottles & tried to get it. I did think at one point it would be easier to just stamp on it & kill it, but I am really not about the killing. I just wanted it outside. When the spider ran towards us we both freaked & I ran out of the room, with my brother running after me. He screamed like a girl. It was hilarious. So, we crept back into the room, & the spider was on the carpet at this point. It eventually went & crawled behind the bath, & I had an amazingly quick shower. I was too afraid to relax.


remove blood from carpet

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