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Australian Mining Equipment

australian mining equipment



Rambling Pontificator- Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland-

DIOGENES24 SAYS IT'S" Ciaron O'Reilly is long time Catholic Worker, nonviolent resister and Christian anarchist. O'Reilly took part in the 1980s civil rights, social justice and free speech movement in Queensland, Australia against Joh Bjelke-Peterson.[1]

During the 1991 Gulf War, O'Reilly was a member of the 'ANZUS Ploughshares' group which attacked a B-52 Bomber which was on 20-minute scramble alert, at Griffiss AFB near Utica, New York. Their actions put the aircraft out of action for the next two months at the height of the US bombing campaign in Iraq. Together with the other members of the group, he was arrested and sentenced to 13 months in the US penal system.[2] After his return to Australia, O'Reilly took part in the 'Jabiluka Ploughshares' group action which disabled uranium mining equipment in the Northern Territory of Australia in 1998.[3]

Together with other members of the Brisbane Catholic Worker, he took an active role in highlighting the involvement and complicity of the Australian government, corporate and military sectors in supporting Indonesia's brutal and illegal 25-year occupation of East Timor.

On July 5, 2006 O'Reilly went to trial at Ireland's Four Courts for a third time for disarming a US navy warplane at the civilian Shannon Airport, in the early hours of February 3 2003.[4] This group action became known as the Pitstop Ploughshares. Two earlier trials in 2005 ended in mistrial.

O'Reilly and four others, Deirdre Clancy, Nuin Dunlop, Karen Fallon and Damien Moran were acquitted by an Irish jury on on 25 July 2006.

3|52, one-of-a-kind

3|52, one-of-a-kind

Not at ALL the picture I wanted and the quality is shot. My plan for this week will have to wait till week four--and I couldn't get any shots of the duo doing agility like I intended for Plan B. So, you'll just have to enjoy the story that goes with this one.

Indigo is not a dog's dog. He's hardly a person's dog (mine only). He does not play. At the park he runs and he watches his various toys. The dark-haired dynamo on the left is Scout--and Scout DOES play. He is a social butterfly and despite the extra weight which you can't see here, he moves like a bullet. Scout is everyone's best friend and he owns the agility course like no overweight dog I have ever seen. He is completely unflappable. Scout is Indigo's only play friend. I mean, in the right mood he can be convinced to chase after some other dogs, but Scout is the only buddy he will chase and rough-house with at any given moment.

They wreak havoc on the other dogs (and there's a hearty collection of Malinois, some Border Collies, a Smooth Collie and a handful of shepherds that come to these little practice sessions). It is one of the highlights of my week to watch these two rocket through the tunnels and over the equipment in hot pursuit of one another. Considering that Scout's owner is only a friend of a friend of my mother's , they'd never see each other except for their weekly jaunt at practice. Scout makes me think that maybe Indy is a real dog after all. ;)

australian mining equipment

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