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Mining equipment repair. Equipment rental indiana.

Mining Equipment Repair

mining equipment repair

mining equipment repair - Equipment Management

Equipment Management Workbook

Equipment Management Workbook

Equipment Management Workbook is a companion to the highly acclaimed text, Equipment Management: Key to Equipment Reliability and Productivity in Mining, Second Edition.

The Equipment Management text, regarded as essential reading for mining professionals, outlines a proven and practical strategy for ensuring the profitability of mining operations through quality maintenance management.

This workbook provides an easy, effective way for readers to review and confirm those valuable lessons presented in the text.

Its step-by-step approach focuses on the most critical aspects of a successful maintenance management program. Each chapter challenges the reader to recall the real-world experiences and recommendations from the text. Engaging multiple-choice, true/false, and yes/no exercises reinforce every key concept.

You'll benefit from Tomlingson's more than 35 years of direct, worldwide maintenance consulting experience in the design, implementation and evaluation of maintenance programs for heavy industry.

The textbook and workbook comprise a "how-to" guide that will enable mining organizations to implement a comprehensive equipment management strategy that ensures equipment reliability, as well as work force productivity.

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Harris' Navigation Colliery - 1875

Harris' Navigation Colliery - 1875

Top highlight.
Later to be named Deep Navigation Colliery. As can be seen, this was a very rural area at this time.
Minerals leased from Colonel Lockwood & others - 4000 acres.
Sinking commenced 1873 by Messrs. Dixon & F.W. Harris and was still in progress at the time of this survey, the celebrated Four Feet seam not being reached until early 1879 at a depth of 700 yds.(6'-0" thick). The two shafts were 17ft. dia.. The contractor was Messrs. Brown & Adams, Cardiff, the chief mining engineer being Mr. T. Forster Brown, the local manager Mr. Rees Jones & Mr. W. Beith (Blackwood) the resident Mechanical Engineer. - 7 men were killed during the shaft sinking - the colliery closed 1991. At it's peak in 1923 this mine employed some 2,328 men & boys together with over 100 horses.
The south pit downcast headgear was of wrought iron and stood some 81ft. high to the spindle of the 20ft. dia. sheave wheels. The downcast winding engine, by Messrs. John Fowler & Co. had two 54 inch cylinders with a 7ft. stroke and a spiral drum from 18ft. to 32 ft. and wound four drams per cage on two decks from 693 yds. in one minute on rail guides.
The upcast shaft headgear was constructed of pitch pine and stood 51ft. high to the spindles of the 12ft. dia. sheave wheels and the shaft was capped with conical wooden flap seals which were raised and lowered by the cage. The winding engine at the upcast had a cylindrical drum of 18' dia. which raised two drams per cage on one deck from the 6ft. seam on rail guides.
Pumping was by means of a massive Cornish Beam pump from the Perran Foundry, Cornwall - the beam alone weighed 40 tons and the cylinder 100" dia. with 11ft. stroke - and required 4 No. Lancashire boilers to provide steam.
Ventilation was by a 14'-6" dia. Schiele fan later increased to 16ft. dia..
The colliery derived it's name from that of the main shareholder of the Harris Navigation Steam Coal Co. and hence was given to name Treharris (Harris Town)

Note the two rows of huts just below the railway (lower highlight) - these were living accommodation for some of the senior shaft sinkers and miners and their families due to the lack of local dwellings at that time. They were constructed simply of timber & corrugated sheets and under construction at this time - they are still there almost forty years later and named as Twyn-y-garreg after the local farm - see map of 1914.
In 1874, during the sinking of this mine, trials were conducted in the use of the new method of diamond drilling to speed up the process. Most of the drilling used for the sinking was by hand driven methods although the use of compressed air drills such as the Beaumont and Ingersoll models were also used.
November 1882 - many cottages were in progress of being built by the Company for the workforce and the men could elect to have 10 shillings (50p) a month deducted from their wages for a period of 10 years whereupon they would own the house for the grand sum of ?60.
April 24th. 1884 - a large gathering of workmen attended an open-air meeting to present the manager, Mr. Evans, with a testimonial - the meeting was also attended by Mr. Harris who congratulated them for their strike-free record but chastised them for the fact "that the men do not keep good time and that the mine is still not paid up" - up to ?500,000 had been invested up to that time.
He also stated that between 500-600 tons of coal a week were required simply to power the machinery. Steam for the colliery was supplied via 28 No. 30' x 7' dia. Lancashire boilers

Friday 12th. December 1884 - five men had just commenced descending the No.2 upcast shaft in a bowk when the flat rope snapped. Four of the men fell over 700 yds. to their deaths but one, Thomas/John Dodd(s), managed to grab a guide rope and lower himself gradually to within hailing distance of the shaft bottom from where he was rescued after seven hours - this event caused "great excitement" in the area.
May 1887 - during a hearing to have their rates reduced the owners claimed that it cost them ?3,000 to ?4,000 a year to repair the deep shafts due to excessive squeeze.

September 1889 - a report states that " since 1883 speed trials for H.M. naval ships have been conducted using coal from Harris' Deep Navigation colliery due to it's uniform and excellent quality"
By 1895 there were 7No. air compressors sited on surface (Messrs. Fowler & Co.) with the compressed air taken down upcast shaft to underground haulage engines via. 12" dia. pipes.
In 1895 the general manager was Mr. William Jenkins and the resident manager Mr. Jonah P. Gibbon.

1897 - the timber upcast headgear and shaft seals were replaced by a latticed steel frame and steel airlock casing.
The new frame was 66' high to the spindle of the 16' dia. sheave wheels (2 No.) and a 10' dia. sheave for heavy lifting of equipment - the new frame was designed so that it fitted around the origi



[Enter Name Here] today I write to you with special worry but as well with pleasure
and hope. I really hope that everything that I will tell you today will
make you happy. Last time when I wrote you my honest letter I had the big
sadness in my heart, and even though I tried to not show it, I think you
have noticed it. [Enter Name Here] I was sad because the boss informed me that
approximately in two weeks the laboratory will be closed for full
re-equipment and repair. And when he have told me it, I thought my heart
will stop, because when it will take place, I will not be able to
communicate with you again for months! And it has brought infinite sadness
into my heart. But after my boss informed me about close of the cabinet,
the accounting department informed me that approximately in two weeks I
will get my vacation! When I thought that I can lose you for some months,
inside my soul I at once have felt that I can't simply accept it.
And I have felt that together with sadness in my heart has appeared an
other feeling - feeling of confidence, desire to make new steps instead of
simply waiting for something. I have understood that our relations are
important for me much more than I thought. And it so wonderfully.
But a thought that I will not be able to communicate with you, to receive
your letters and to write mine,- all these thoughts has brought a pain to me,
pain that I can't endure. I talked with Maria and she asked me what I think
to do. And when she has asked me it, I have understood that inside my soul
I already know the answer to this question. And I have told that I do not
want to spend such a vacation in loneliness. I can't accept a thought
that I will not talk to you during of month or two. And I have told that
I want to meet you [Enter Name Here]! I have told her that I want to spend my
vacation with you [Enter Name Here]! I can come to you, and we can spend time
together if you want. And first I was afraid that if I will tell you
about it in the letter, you will write me that you do not want to see me or
can not meet me. And it would hurt my heart. But Maria have told, that you
[Enter Name Here] and I are such a good friends, our relations are built on sincerity,
therefore you will be happy to spend time with me. And I really think that
it would be delightfully. So, what you will say [Enter Name Here] if I will offer
you a meeting? Would you be happy to see me and to spend with me several days?
I cannot imagine at all how it would be wonderful. You would show me your
life, we would learn each other in a real life. We would look into the eyes
of each other, we could hold our hands, tell each other silly stories,
laugh and tease each other, watch the stars in the night sky and have
romantic evening, go to the movie or we could simply sit on a bench in the
park, and who knows what else we could do together... I would be happy to
do all this together with you, instead of again be lonely without you and
our friendship. I simply want to meet you.
I know all I need to do to come to your country. I have the passport.
But I must visit improbable quantity of the departments, to collect
improbable quantity of documents, for travel and probable work in your
country, find as many as possibly of other official legal persons,
institutions and people for support; to get petitions. But if I will
quickly collect all necessary documents. I will get the all papers in two weeks!
And being the doctor I will have support and guarantees from Ministry of
Health of Russian Federation, and it is certainly the best guarantor.
If the applicant have official recommendations and directions to various
sorts of conference, seminars, - it will relieve of necessity to wait for
some weeks the decision of the commission. But as soon as I shall be in
your country, I shall have an opportunity to work, also there will be an
opportunity, at desire, to prolong the visa or even to receive citizenship,
If I shall want :) ... [Enter Name Here] with happiness and with hope that you
will be happy to spend some days with me! I do not ask you about anything.
I will make everything by self. It is my vacation and I will not be a
burden. Would you be happy to spend some time with me soon, [Enter Name Here]?
Anyway, we must meet. It is possible to wait eternally. But I believe that
I will get my vacation not accidentally; and I believe that the laboratory
will be closed at the same time not accidentally as well. It is not
coincidence! It is time to make a choice, to make the decision, to take new step.
Maybe such opportunity will not be repeated again. What can be better than a
meeting of two friends? The first meeting. It is simply delightful and I
thank destiny that I have got such an opportunity, - an opportunity to meet
my dear friend, the opportunity to learn each other in real life, the
opportunity to enjoy time which we can spend together. And I believe that
it can become the beginning of something new in our lifes and in our relations.

mining equipment repair

mining equipment repair

Mining Equipment Reliability, Maintainability, and Safety (Springer Series in Reliability Engineering)

From its origins in the malachite mines of ancient Egypt, mining has grown to become a global industry which employs many hundreds of thousands of people. Today, the mining industry makes use of various types of complex and sophisticated equipment, for which reliability, maintainability and safety has become an important issue. Mining Equipment Reliability, Maintainability and Safety is the first book to cover these three topics in a single volume. Mining Equipment Reliability, Maintainability and Safety will be useful to a range of individuals from administrators and engineering professionals working in the mining industry to students, researchers and instructors in mining engineering, as well as design engineers and safety professionals. All topics covered in the book are treated in such a manner that the reader requires no previous knowledge to understand the contents. Examples, solutions and test problems are also included to aid reader comprehension.

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