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17.05.2009., nedjelja

SEO BlackHat Method

Google makes it clear that it disapproves of certain SEO tactics, such as hiding keywords with invisible text, or showing one page to Google's spider and another to actual human visitors.Methods that conform to what the search engines like are called White Hat SEO, and disapproved methods are called Black Hat SEO. There is a lot of controversy about whether Black Hat SEO is really "bad" in the ethical sense. White Hatters say that Black Hatters are unfairly trying to manipulate the SERPs. Black Hatters counter, "What constitutes 'fair'? Isn't any change you make to your page for SEO purposes an attempt to influence rankings? Why is one method less pure than another when we're all just trying to get our pages to rank higher? Further, if an engine is ranking a bunch of irrelevant sites above mine, what's so wrong about using any method at my disposal to get my relevant site ranked above them? Doing so doesn't benefit just me, it benefits the searchers because it gives them what they're searching for. And it also benefits the engine, because searchers will think better of the engine for giving them more relevant results than it would have otherwise."

Adding to the controversy about Black Hat SEO is the fact Google does allow a certain select few sites to operate contrary to its own stated policies. Danny Sullivan complains that Google's cloaking policy is inconsistent (more on cloaking below), and that the policy wording should be updated. He further notes that the reason Google allows some cloaking is that it improves searching rather than hinders it, and that it's therefore inappropriate to think of cloaking as synonymous with "bad".

Whether you think Black Hat SEO is bad or not you should avoid it anway, because it can get you banned from the search engines, or at least reduce your ranking. Google has been known to remove sites it felt weren't playing fair. Granted, this isn't likely, but why take that risk? Also, much Black Hat SEO involves some fairly technical work. If this article is your introduction to SEO, you likely don't have the skills to be a successful Black Hatter anyway -- at least one who doesn't get caught.

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09.05.2009., subota

More backlinks will increase PR and traffic

Backlinks are very important for SEO and to increase traffic for your site.
Submit your site to free online directories having high page rank rather than submitting to hundred of directories not having a good Page rank.

Sumbit your rss feeds to rss directories having high page rank.

Submit your rss feeds to top syndication services which will give you backlinks to your posts.

Post comments on blogs having high page rank which are do-follow enabled. Search in google as “do follow blogs with high page rank” and get the list of sites to make comments.

To find do-follow blogs you can also use Fast blog finder softare,you can search up to 50 do-follow blogs in the limited version.If you want to find more blogs,you have to upgrade.

Exchange links with other blogs having good PR which are similar in topic with your blog.While exchanging link with blogs having PR higher than yours,add their link first and then ask them for a reciprocal link.

Join forums and participate in hot discussions by using your site URL(a link pointing to your site) as your signature and let others t know that you are looking for link exchange.

Use Comment sniper ,a software which is now available free to download for a limited time.Comment sniper helps you to monitor high PR blogs and lets you know when any new posts published in those blogs.Whenever you receive alerts for new posts,be the first commentator to give a quality comment in those posts.

Join automated link exchange systems such as link vault and recieve links which helps you to get deep backlinks to your site.

Get Royalty free templates from free blogger templates providers and include your URL while customizing it and let the visitors to download it free from your blog.

Use Backlink checker software to keep tracing your backlinks and reciprocal links which now more websites offer to check it online.

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02.05.2009., subota

Powerful Twitter tools for traffic

Traffic Rank of Twitter in alexa ranking is now 54 and hope it will decrease more because Twitter is becoming more Popular now.Adding your Twitter profile link to other social Networking sites will brings you traffic such as facebook,Blogcatalog ,friendfeed,linkedin,mybloglog,plaxo and tumblr etc.., I listed some twitter tools which helps to enhance twitter more.

1.Twitterfeed is a service which will automatically twitter any post that you publish on your blog and you can get some followers and visitors from it.

2.Retweet is nothing but when you come across an interesting tweet and you want to republish it so that people who follow you can see it too.Add retweet button to your blog posts ,so if any visitor like your post ,they retweet it and their followers can see and you can get some traffic.

3.Twittercounter make visitors get attention which shows that how many people are following you in Twitter.Get the code from and edit the username with your Twitter profile name and add it on your blog, website and in forum signatures.

4.Tweetbeep helps you to get Twitter alerts in e-mail with often updates when any conversations mention you and those who’s tweeting your site or blog.

5.Twitterholic shows the statistics and ranking of Twitter Users and it ranks the most popular twitter users based on the followers and you can check your ranking in twitterholic too.

6.Tweetlater helps you to Schedule Future-Dated Twitter Tweets.

7.TwitResponse is a auto-responder in which you can Setup unlimited messages to be delivered to your twitter page when you want.

8.Socialtoo will help you to keep track of all those Twitter users who followed or unfollowed you.

9.MrTweet is a personal networking assistant which will help you to find your relevant Twitter followers.

10.Whoshouldifollow will helps you to find other interesting people who are similar to those you already follow and then to follow them in twitter.

11.TweetManager helps to setup the Auto Follow, Send Message to Followers, Auto Reply, Auto Post and Tweet RSS Feeds.

12.TwitterKarma can manage your friends,followers and mutual friends and you can un-follow those twitter users who are not following you on twitter.

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