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18.04.2009., subota

Search Engine Otimization Mistakes

If you want to achieving good ranking in various search engine than must be follows these rules:
1) Don’t use hidden content for your web page.
2) Don’t use directory submission software

1) Hidden content is the content which not shows to the viewer but search engine spider can read it. Some seo experts use this concept for keywords stuffing. By using this concept it give good ranking but for short time. Various search engines does not support this concepts such as yahoo, google and msn etc.
2) Directory submission software is a web application through this application you submit your website in various website and various search engine but it is help full for very short time after that it goes down your website ranking as well as page rank.
Use meaning full as well as distractive content for your web page which is gives complete information to the viewer. Directory submission is very important process search the directory list and submits the directory manually.

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11.04.2009., subota

Get in Google News to get more traffic

There are some technical requirements you need to meet in order to be accepted, Barry Schwartz covers them excellently.
Secondly, you actually have to run a news website then make a ‘request’ for acceptance, according to Google News’ Daniel Meredith. I do recall Danny Sullivan stating that Search Engine Land was included automatically without him having to do anything though.
Meredith also stated that the main things the team looks for before including a site are:

* Original content
* Multiple Authors
* Proper Attribution
* Response time (website speed)

You may need to request to be included multiple times which was the case of Search Engine Roundtable and is probably the same for most publications. I was quite surprised about the fact that numbers need to be in a URL which you will find in the technical requirements.

Paid Press Release:

Thankfully, just because you don’t write a daily news source, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be indexed in Google news.Multiple websites such as PRWeb allow you to send out a paid press release that is likely to be picked up by the news source (and others) and get as many eyeballs as possible on your content.Make sure your press release has main keywords in the title and also includes them in the copy. Theres some other great information about this over at Web Pro News.While I’m not saying you should buy a press release about the term Facebook, it is interesting to note the volume of traffic the blended results are sending to individual articles. Can you think of any other high volume keywords that have blended news results near the top of the listing?.

Google news

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